Monday, May 28, 2018

Not dead, just undead.

Life as usual gets in the way of things. I made up for it by posting all the videos I shot over the last few months at once on Youtube lol. Several of the later videos (so newer) have audio issues where the audio doesn't sync up with the video and it's...annoying. I don't know how it happened nor do I know how to fix it or don't, up to you.

I have mainly Dinosaur Dracula Funpack unboxing videos, but there's two hauls in there as well. I'll start with oldest first.

Trying out a lot of different camera setups so tell me which ones you guys like...I like the one seen in the later two videos the most.

Hope you enjoy the videos. I'll try to get back to posting at least once a month for the unboxing videos if nothing else...this site doesn't get busy until Fall honestly.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Forgot to upload these before Christmas hit

So you're going to get a lot of with it.

Another Wal-mart haul.

This one is interesting! I placed an order with NapaJapan for the first time!

Dinosaur Dracula Dec 2017 Funpack!

One more time to Trader Joes.

What I got for Christmas and an experiment with my camera, tell me if this is better then me holding it?

I know I'm being lazy but

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yearly Christmas Mall Haul!

My biggest event next to my Halloween mall haul.

This year while I didn't find much limited edition items, I did find tons of cute bath bombs at Target of all things...really scored on those.

So I split the haul into two videos this year as it was a big haul. First part is Bath and Body Works and Daiso. Second part is just Target! Tells you how much junk I bought at Target lol.

Here's part one:

And part two:

Hope you enjoy them!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dollar Tree and Trader Joe's hauls

Since I've been lazy, here's a two for one. I filmed these a bit ago but just never bothered to put them up on here.

First one is Dollar Tree. If you're looking for last minute gifts/stocking stuffers hit up the Dollar Tree! They have tons of cool stuff. A lot of really great things for kids like DIY science kits. I show some off in this video.

Then Trader Joe's...I hit it up one more time in hopes of finding everything, still didn't find it all...


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thrift Store Holiday Mystery Bags

I was out in a city I don't often go to for a craft fair when I thought I should swing by one of the thrift stores to see their holiday items. This store had some large bags filled with random holiday items for a few bucks each. I got two that I thought might have some good items. So I show that off in the video as well as some other finds.