Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dinosaur Dracula Sept 2017 Funpack Unboxing Video!

What a title lol. So I made an unboxing video of this month's Dinosaur Dracula Funpack. It's a rather long video as I gush about how much I adore his website lol. So skip to 8:40 if you want to just see the "goods".

If you guys like this, please let me know here or on Youtube. I'll do monthly unboxing videos if you guys really like them, otherwise I'll just stick to Sept and Oct unboxing videos.


Friday, September 22, 2017

First Halloween Haul of 2017!

So I've been not really feeling this year. There's not a lot of decorations I'm after and the food I've seen is mostly repeats of last years foods. There are a few new foods mind you but they're harder to find and are so-so on taste. I started my mood table but even it's half finished. As if it's a statement about this meh season.

That's the main reason I haven't posted much this month...just lack of stuff. And a very meh feeling.

But I do have two videos worth of items so...not horrible.

Here's the first video.

Random stuff from Dollar

Friday, September 1, 2017

The Start of Autumn and Nostalgia Bites?

In something new, I took pictures. Easier then making a video but I'm wondering if it's as interesting?

Anyways here's some pictures of the first Autumn/Fall/Halloween decorations I saw at my Fred Meyer' well as a blackberry pie me and my mom made from blackberries in our backyard (the heart was my idea!).

Doesn't look great but tasted amazing!

Some outside decorations.

These were hidden back in the empty housewares the mat says...spooky.

Random Autumn items. Liked the glass blown pumpkins.

The Foxes were adorable and I wanted one!

More Foxes!

And the first Halloween magazine!

So hopefully that was of interest?

I also had an idea...when I'm not reviewing my normal weird limited edition foods...why not try my hand at reviewing food that I ate when I was a kid...that's still around in some shape/form? Like Lunchables or Kid Cuisine? Going to call it Nostalgia Bites. Bought a load of Lunchables actually because I didn't realize how cheap they are (great for a snack!) so's happening!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Last Days of Summer

So it's been awhile! Lot of stuff has happened...not all of it good.

The good would be I joined a local D&D group! Who would have guessed. I was never really into that part of the geek universe...but I wanted to get out of the house and practice talking to people and this helps. I also wanted to make friends's not going that way. No one is interested in that sadly. Group isn't that friendly...but I like the game so I stick with it.

The bad would be house troubles...and money troubles...not mine...but my parents and in some ways mine as it effects me.

But not much I can do to change that so...I have been working around the house helping my parents...long days...up at 9 am and stop for an hour of lunch then back at it till'd think we would be done with all that time invested but's endless.

Anyways, enough doom and gloom. Just saying why I haven't been able to really update...that and I haven't had a lot of food hauls as I said in my last post.

But to bring in Autumn, I want to send off Summer with my Summer food finds. I've already recorded my first Autumn/Halloween pickup so...plan on seeing that soonish.

For now, enjoy.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Unboxing Breath Of The Wild Master Edtion

So back when the Master Edition was up for pre-order, I ordered it. I shot a video of myself unboxing it because why the heck not. This was and still is my first and only Switch game. I still haven't gotten a Switch...waiting this Winter, I think they might make some sort of bundle deal for Christmas. Maybe bundle a game with the system or something. I was hoping they'd make a Zelda edition console but since they're selling console "skins" to put on the consoles...I doubt they're going to make limited edition consoles. Shame.

And with that, I'm all caught up on my video backlog. No more videos...I haven't been getting any food hauls, just random foods...usually holidays are when you end up getting a lot of limited edition foods. I'm thinking about doing a summer food haul if I can get enough weird foods together.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring and Easter Hauls (late I know)

Late to the party but I shot them so here you go!

Spring Food Haul:

Easter Food Haul:

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Candysan "Moe" Treats

Speaking of Candysan, I got a package of "Moe" themed treats from them a while back and shot a video of it...and never put it up on here. So here it is!

A little info on "Moe". Moe is a slang term that basically means strong feelings of attraction to characters in anime/manga/video games. Moe can also be used in the sense of sexual attraction. Which is what these packages are trying to provoke in people.

As I say in the video, I'm not into the sexual side of Moe stuff. I'm transgender and gay which means I'm into men not women. So this stuff doesn't "excite" me like it's meant to. It's made for male consumers, not female (unless your gay) and straight males at that. I just think Moe stuff is super cute.

If you want to learn more about Moe I suggest Googling it lol.