Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Resolutions

Because everyone does these...

1. Eat healthier/lose weight
2. Exercise
3. Learn to drive
4. Work on getting GED
5. Learn how to "adult" lol

This years been...interesting. Finally figuring out whats wrong with you and getting help for it really makes life a little easier. Currently in the long and hard battle that is getting disability in this country...they don't make this easy for people who struggle to live life normally! Anyways to go in depth of my resolutions...

1. Eat healthier/lose weight - This is self explanatory I think. While I don't believe the people who say that eating healthier improves your mood, I do feel that losing some weight would make me feel better about how I look and hate myself a little less. I expect I'll be even more grumpy though, because I won't be eating the things I love.

2. Exercise - Again self explanatory. Exercise and healthy eating seem to go hand in hand when you want to lose weight...and maybe this'll keep me from being winded going up stairs and keep me from being tired and sore all the time because I never use my muscles.

3. Learn to Drive - Ok so...I have a fear of driving. Being in control of a two ton death trap is scary...and I don't trust myself behind a why the hell should I be driving?! But...I can't rely on my parents to drive me's not working out, I don't get to go to places I want to go and I have to constantly wait for them to be ready to go to the store. I could always learn to take the bus but...that opens up a whole new can of worms.

4. Work on getting GED - Dropped out of high school, never hard. I freeze up on tests and I don't understand things that I can't see myself doing this...I see failure in my future. Maybe if I fail enough, my parents will just give up on making me take it.

5. Learn how to "adult" - This needs some explaining. I don't know if I said it on here yet or not but I have Autism. As such I never really...progressed like a normal person. I didn't learn things people usually learn. to take care of myself (how to cook, how to clean things, how to handle on and so forth.). So picture...a kid and you'll have where I am right now. But in other instances I'm my normal age. Like I can read and comprehend things, I can write, I can talk and I can do basic BASIC things (make a sandwich, load a dishwasher, use an ATM). So some skills are completely non existent while others are basic. So learning normal skills to help myself be an adult would be great. This is my biggest resolution in the long run because it covers a lot of things I'll need to learn.

Hopefully by the end of the new year I'll be able to say I did at least one of these things!

Holiday Themed Treats Review Part 1

Since my video of my Fallout stuff is having issues uploading, I thought I'd get the treat review out of the's a lot of treats, I expect 3 parts since I have yet to try some things! Man companies really go crazy over Christmas themed treats...

Little Debbie Red Velvet Christmas Tree Cakes - Being a fan of snack cakes and red velvet I thought I'd like these. But I was slightly let down. They look cute but there is no "red velvet" taste. It's just chocolate too. Red velvet has a...tang to it because of vinegar. This didn't. The "icing" on it is horrible. Coats your mouth with this nasty film. The cream is...tasteless. All in all 3/10.

Chips Ahoy Hot Cocoa Cookies - Now I'm not a huge fan of Chips Ahoy...I think their cookies are tasteless and dry but...these ones are great. Very rich and fudgy almost. The middle is soft and slightly gooey? I like that in a cookie. But I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them. 6/10

Biscoff Santa Cookies 3 pack - If anyone has had Trader Joes Cookie Butter, then you'll enjoy these cookies. They share the same sort of spiced flavor. Very yummy. They have a gingerbread like taste but without the I really like them. 8/10

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream bar - Just the normal cookies and cream bar but with a "holiday" look to it...still tastes great though! I just really like that stupid looking nutcracker on the packages lol. 8/10

Toasted Coconut Cookie Pop - Not much coconut flavor. The cookies flavor (whatever it is) is over powered by the white chocolate coating. The cookie is pretty hard and not enjoyable to eat. 3/10

Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Apocalyptic/Fallout Christmas Tree

I am very happy with my tree. Took a long time though! In the picture you can see my Fallout shrine/table/thing. I'll have a video up about all the little goodies later...maybe tomorrow? I'll also show my tree off better in that. I just wanted to post a quick pic since I'm pretty tired.

But for now I'll try to focus on what I did to make the tree. Starting at the bottom we have a can I rusted using hydrogen peroxide and salt (I followed this tutorial: It took FOREVER. That 5-6 times? BS. I had to do it multiple times and I didn't get anywhere near as rusty. I'd say the cans in that picture have been enhanced with paint. What sped the process up a tiny bit was using a old pan, filling it with hydrogen peroxide, salt and water. I used a ton of HP and salt...way to much for this project.

Inside the can I have floral foam that I stuck the sticks in and it's being weighed down by rocks I found in my yard.

The "tree" is made up of dead branches I found in my yard. I just scrubbed them clean with some rain water I had in a bucket and dried them near our stove.

The ornaments are the Vault Boy Christmas ornaments (which you can find at Thinkgeek right now on sale) and Fallout 3/NV food I made out of cardstock and printed images. The images are here if you want to make them or full size ones yourself:  Sadly he hasn't finished making all of them and I doubt he ever will...I think he stopped making props. Also some of the designs are...well stupid. They're a hassle to put together because he didn't put all the fold lines on the images. It's a work it out as you go along thing. I had to end up cutting part of the design out on two of them just so they could fit together. Frustrating. I used paper clips for the hangers.

The "star" is a Nuka Cola spinner key chain from Gamestop. I love Nuka Cola so I had to top it with something Nuka Cola related. I was going to try to make a Nuka Cola bottle paper craft I saw but I ran out of time and it looked difficult.

But I had fun making this and I think I'll keep the tree up and around. I like my idea of an apocalyptic's fun, different and it's something I can really enjoy. I think I'll do this next year...I just have to start in on it sooner!

I'd like to make more ornaments and maybe a bottle cap garland next time well as that Nuka Cola paper craft. I'd also like to make my village...

Since I have no idea if I can finish it in time...I doubt it...and I'm also making one because I ran out of time...I might as well tell you what I was going to make. I was going to make a shack village. Think shacks you find in the wasteland. Or this:

For lack of a real tutorial I had to sort of make a guess at everything. I cut out some walls and such out of that corrugated cardboard, hot glued it to a thicker piece of cardboard, hit it with some black spray paint as a primer and then used a spray paint that looks like hammered metal. And that's about where I am now...waiting for it to lose that spray paint smell...I'll hand paint details and grime on after a while but for now I need to get the stink off of it before I can work on it. But I just ran out of time for it. I was planning on making at least three different shacks, a normal one, a rounded one and possibly a two storied one. But for now just a normal one will be made to see if I like it. I'm making it big enough to fit the Fallout mystery minis from Funko. I own two of them as well as a "walker" from The Walking Dead that sort of looks like a ghoul...? I wanted to get more of the minis but...costs to much lol.

Anyways next on the list is to finish up my food that video of the Fallout stuff and...that's it. I think...?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

My 1950s inspired Putz house!

So this is the craft that I was doing that was unrelated to my apocalyptic Christmas. I've been wanting to do a retro Putz house for a few years but never jumped into it. I finally did's not as simple as the tutorial makes it out to be.

The tutorial I used is here:

I did the A-Frame one because it jumped out at me. I also thought other then the windows it would be easiest because of the shape...not really.

The unlit version (with the flash on because the flash wasn't letting the light come through on the picture)

I followed the directions they give but maybe I messed up because instead of tracing the pattern I glued it using a craft glue...well that made a mess and it ended up bending the cardboard for some reason? I used actual gift tissue paper, but what they don't tell you is it's freaking hard as hell to do that part! It gets nasty with glue and it's so rippable...

If I was to do this again (which I might next Christmas or maybe make a non holiday themed one...) I would use a better glue or trace it. I'd also use an actual craft knife and not a knife thing out of my dad's tool box. That thing can't cut worth a damn. I'd also use hot glue glitter sticks...saw them after the fact today at the craft store...maybe less messy then glue and glitter. I HATE glitter.

I did my own spin on it of course...made it more Christmas themed then theirs. Added a hot glue icicle, a snowman and a retro-futuristic bike. I wanted to put a 1950s car there but dad couldn't find any small enough in his collection...oh well...I'll just have to keep my eyes open.

Lit version with a flameless LED tealight inside that flickers like a fire.

What you can't see because my camera that the white felt on the ground and on top the roof is sparkly...I bought it thinking it looked more like glittery snow in the sunlight then plain white felt.

So even if it's not perfect (and it really isn't...the front of the house is bent...and the windows look blah), I'm still fairly proud of myself. I made this, by myself with no help. I can make things!

Now about those apocalyptic crafts...again, I blame the weather. I might not have them done tomorrow...might be after Christmas before I get them done, but I think I'll at least be able to show you the tree I made...possibly.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Two Retro Christmas Recipes!

Consider these two recipes my gifts to you, my readers. I'm a very picky eater so when I say these two are great...they're great.

Oyster Cracker Crack:

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 teaspoon dried dill
  • ¼ cup vegetable oil
  • 1 16-oz. box oyster crackers
  • 1 1-oz. packet Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix
  • ¼ teaspoon lemon pepper, and/or garlic powder

Recipe Directions

  • Preheat the oven to 250°F.
  • In a small bowl, add the oil, Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix, dill, and lemon pepper and/or garlic powder. Stir until mixed through.
  • In a 1-gallon-size zipper bag, add the crackers and oil mixture.
  • Seal the bag and toss until well-coated.
  • Arrange the crackers on an ungreased half-sheet pan in a single layer.
  • Bake the crackers for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden. 
It's really really addictive, so be warned. I'd go easy on the garlic powder, maybe only a light sprinkling...adding the amount in the recipe made the crackers very salty...but still super good. And they are good without needing to be baked but 10 times better when you bake the flavors in.

I originally found the recipe on Dinosaur Dracula:

I was interested in it because it was "retro"ish (from the 1980s) and it sounded good. Turns out the recipe is still being printed on boxes of Hidden Valley seasoning mix. I guess they know when they have a good thing?

Ambrosia Orange Jello Salad:

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 can (8 oz.) crushed pineapple in juice, undrained
  • cold water
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1 pkg. (6 oz.) orange Jello Gelatin
  • 1-1/2 cups thawed Cool Whip
  • 1 can (11 oz.) mandarin oranges, drained
  • 1-1/2 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut

Recipe Directions

Drain pineapple, reserving juice. Add enough cold water to juice to measure 1 cup. Add boiling water to gelatin mix in large bowl; stir 2 min. until completely dissolved. Stir in measured liquid. Refrigerate 1-1/4 hours or until slightly thickened.
Whisk in Cool Whip until well blended. Refrigerate 10 min. or until mixture will mound. Stir in pineapple, oranges, marshmallows and coconut. Spoon into 6-cup mold sprayed with cooking spray.
Refrigerate 3 hours or until firm. Unmold.

Now before anyone flips out at the thought of Jello "salad" it's fruit...don't worry. Also if you hate Cool Whip? You can't taste me. I hate Cool Whip but I love this!

Some things to note. Instead of cold water I used the mandarin orange juice and put it in with the pineapple juice. I also used like 2/3 of a cup of the mandarin juice. I didn't put coconut in because my mom hates coconut and I didn't find any in our pantry. I also just put it all in one large bowl because I can't be arsed to use molds. I'd also suggest getting to the Jello faster then an hour or so...I got to it a bit late and it was all ready pretty thickened.

This recipe can easily be changed around to suit you or your families tastes...don't like orange? Use lime Jello. Hate pineapple? Use another fruit. My dad loves nuts so if you like nuts as well, maybe throw some in instead of using the coconut. Personally I could take nuts or leave em...but I left them out because I want this to be creamy smooth.

Sorry the picture isn't that great but again...I didn't use a fancy mold. I also topped it with whip cream because I love whip cream. The flavor is so orangey and fresh. Very creamy and smooth. I've had Jello fruit salads and I always hate them because they put fruit that I dislike in them but this one is great. If I had to be critical...I'd ditch the pineapple next time and go pure orange. Or I'd spice it up and pair another Jello flavor with mandarin oranges. Maybe strawberry?

Anyways I hope this convinces you to try one of these two retro recipes. I absolutely love looking at retro recipes because they look and sound so gross but these two are very good.

Tomorrow I hope to have at least one craft done...I blame my hot glue gun this time...I thought it was broken but turned out the outlet where I was plugging it in at was dead...whoops. So that set me back and I've also lost two craft items that I swore I had...I have proof I bought them but...they never made it into the bag? idk I'm going to visit Joann's tomorrow and see if I can convince them to give me store credit or something...feh. I also hope tomorrow we won't get rain because I need to spray paint something and dealing with weather is really screwing up my plans. But I will have pictures of a finished craft tomorrow and some...thoughts on it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Target Haul

Went to Target the other day and thought I'd make a video about the goodies I found. I know after Christmas I'll have to hit Target again and hope they have more of these trees, I love them because they have a retro feel to them.

Tomorrow I hope to have a project done to show you...not my main project but a side one that I've been wanting to do for a few years.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dinosaur Dracula December Funpack and NintendoAge Secret Santa

Sorry for the phone was having a hissy fit trying to upload these videos!

Dinosaur Dracula Funpack/Secret Santa:


Sunday, December 20, 2015

I've been naughty.

Life just seems to be wanting to keep me down. But I have to keep chugging along. My projects have hit a snag (I did NOT realize how hard it is to rust a damn can) but I will get them on this damn blog before Christmas even if it kills me. I'm putting my foot down. I'm going to do it damn it.

In the mean time, sometime later today I'll have another post out about a Secret Santa gift I was given via NintendoAge's Secret Santa and Dinosaur Dracula's December funpack! Might make a video... Just something to show I'm still doing stuff!

I can't show off my projects because it's not all set up and I want it to be perfect. But at the same time it won't be perfect because I'm missing a few things that I thought I would have but didn't get in time or couldn't find. The main thing being the real life Nuka Cola Quantum from Target. I finally managed to get one on eBay for a good price ($20 with free shipping...yeah I know...but look at the prices on eBay!) but it's not coming till the 30th! Whoops. Also I wanted to get more Fallout mystery mini's from Funko but I don't want I thought why not eBay...yeah not cheap. The BOS one is really overpriced! :( But the items I'm making can be re-used all year round so when/if I get more figures I'll be able to add them to my "village".

On a side note...I might be doing a big treat review as well...been grabbing some holiday items up...and trying them out. And related to that...if I can't get it done this month...I'll do it in January but I'm going to be trying out two "retro"ish I'll give my opinions on of them comes via Dinosaur Dracula.

Oh and one more thing to add to it all...possible haul video if I hit Target up today...might be going...might not be.

Tdlr version:

1. Will be posting video or pictures later today of my SS gift and DD funpack.
2. Next few days will be hectic but I will post nearly everyday with something new.
3. Treat review coming up.
4. Retro recipes and review of them.
5. Target haul video?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your all having fun with family and friends (or if your on your own this year that your still having a good time).

I wanted to do some personal reflections on this year. So really don't mind me. Before I get to that, I was thinking I'd update you guys as to what's going on with my apocalyptic Christmas. Well it's been getting delayed sadly (what happens when you don't drive and get laid up with a hurt foot [had some minor surgery done...going to be out for a week at least.]) but once this foot heals and I can walk without pain, I'm going to go rushing out for supplies and hopefully it'll all come together rather quickly! I also plan on snapping pictures along the way and telling you guys how I did it so if you want to try and take it on next year for Christmas you can.

Now then onto reflections and what I'm thankful for.

I'll save most of the reflections for New Years, but it's interesting year. Finally learning what's wrong with you when you've known for years that something deep down is off about's like...finally getting some peace. Now I know what's wrong and I can get help. It's been a long struggle and I'm still dealing with getting the right help but I'm on the right path for once.

As for what I'm thankful for...

My boyfriend
That I live in a time where the internet is just a click away
My parents (even if they drive me up the wall)
The health care system in this country (might have it's ups and downs but without free health care, I'd still be stuck suffering alone)

What are some of the things you're thankful for?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition Unboxing Video

Today I got it in the mail (because I don't pay higher prices for fast shipping) and thought I'd copy nearly every Youtuber ever and do an unboxing video...yay...?

So yeah...did that. My holiday plans are still in place but I wanted to get this out of the way first. I'm making some slight headway on my plans...I have some materials, others I will have to "scavenge" up in the wastes...aka out in the real world lol.

I don't know what happened with the quality on this one...still using my phone camera so...oh and sorry about the throat clearing. I think I might be catching something again. Oh bother.

In the future if I get enough people interested in what I'm doing here I might invest in something to steady the phone at least...but for now...shaky cam!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My rant on Fallout 4 and a small update

Update: After thinking more on it I decided to share what I like about the game to show I'm not totally hating on it. So under the old review I put the good stuff in.

So I tried to review it on Steam but it's not posting...filters man. Thus I'm going to post it here because I need to vent this rage.

With less then a day into it (in total game hours that is) I don't know if I can fully do a proper review but I wanted to do my first...impressions on this...mess of a game.

Where should I begin? With the bugs, the copy and pasted plot line from Fallout 3 or the fact they turned a well known FPSRPG into just an FPS?

Let's start with the bugs. Oh and there are a lot of them. Locking the frame rate, forcing us to use vsync, typical Bethesda buggy physics, hardcoding LOTS of the stuff into the game so we can't change it (shadows, grass), and the biggest one of all...frame rate is dependent on THE GOD DAMN PHYSICS. Do you know how much of this game is physics?! FLIPPING LOADS GOD DAMN IT. Every item you pick up, ragdolls, even the damn cars! Who's bright idea was that!?

So forgetting the MAJOR BUGS in the game...isn't the plot good? NO. It's freaking copy and pasted from Fallout 3. Case in point. Fallout 3: Your a kid looking for your father after he leaves the vault. Fallout 4: Your a parent looking for your kid after he leaves the vault. Really Bethesda? How long ya work on that one? All of....5 seconds?

Ok so bugs everywhere making the game near unplayable and horrible plot! But hey at least you can roleplay, I mean this is a RPG and this is from a studio known for their roleplaying games right? WRONG...DEAD WRONG. This is my biggest freaking issue with the game. I can handle bugs (even though I want to tear my hair out because of them), I can even handle a boring/stupid plot (because I don't do main quests in these games) but one thing I can't handle? IS WHEN TODD FREAKING HOWARD PROMISES PLAYER FREEDOM AT E3 IN FRONT OF MILLIONS (via online streaming) AND THEN GOES AND MAKES THIS GARBAGE. IT'S A GOD DAMN FPS TODD, A GOD DAMN FPS. DID YOU NOTICE I DIDN'T SAY FPSRPG!? YOU FORGOT THE GOD DAMN RPG PART YOU LITTLE FUCK.

Yeah I'm pissed. Why? Well as I said, he promised player freedom and turned around and forced this garbage on us. Don't believe me? Watch the E3 video again. I'll wait. Did it? Heard it? Good, let's continue. So yeah...player freedom my ass. One we're forced to have a wife/husband and child. What if I'm playing a hard core lesbian who hates men and can't have children? Or a FLAMING homosexual man who would never be caught dead with a breeder? 0 freedom. Two, our characters are FLIPPING VOICED. Seriously, you guys didn't think this would piss roleplayers (aka your FREAKING FAN BASE) a lot? We get two WHITE WASHED voices...go look up the voice actors, their white Americans. Ok...what if I'm playing a black hard core lesbian chick with a British accent?! And don't give me the "it's 1950s America" excuse...brits lived here in that time too ya know?! So we get junk voices forced down our throats making roleplaying as your own ORIGINAL CHARACTER (like all ROLEPLAYERS do) pretty impossible! I tried...yeah not working. My character is German with a German accent...that male voice is NOT German. And if it wasn't bad all ready with the dialog...he comments on every god damn thing from lock picking a chest to hacking a computer...jesus shut the hell up. Unless I find a god damn Nuka Cola Quantum or a pile of Med-X, my character doesn't say anything when finding loot!

And the dialog tree...Mass Effect ripoff. Good job. You made a lovable FPSRPG series into a garbage run of the mill FPS that tries to have a plot. Pat yourselves on the backs guys. If this is your way of killing Fallout nailed it.

The pros of this game

I thought I might have been a little harsh...but it was only because I've looked forward to this game for years and they just fucked it up so much! So to show I don't have it 100%...I thought I'd say what I like about it.

1. The in game settlement/house building/crafting system. This is a huge deal! I love this part of the game (for one it doesn't lag me the hell out...) because I'm a modder and if I can build my own house outside of the GECK? Hell yeah! The crafting system is epic too, you can take nasty irradiated animal meat and cook it to get rid of rads! I'm finally eating food in the game now lol. I don't really eat the food because I rp as a character who's very sensitive to radiation. So this is a great edition.

2. All the new models of junk. Like I said I'm a modder, so I love new models and this game has them in spades. From the toy rocketship/aliens to the radioactive board game and the Halloween plastic pumpkin! Lovely little decorations I can collect and place on my shelves in my new house/base.

3. Took some getting used to but the new Nuka Cola bottles are growing on me. I still dislike the machines they use though.

4. The little Vault Tec lunchboxes. They're really cute and I love finding them!

5. The magazines and the magazine rack. Really cool stuff. I also like how you can find magazines that can give you new hairstyles. Now I want to collect all the magazines!

6. The music. That End of The World song by Skeeter Davis? LOVE IT. I sing along to it every time it comes onto the radio. I also like the classical channel. I hate the DJ of the Diamond City radio though...I hope there's a way I can kill him and get someone else to replace him.

7. The UI. This really got some getting used to...not talking about the Pipboy because I still have issues with that one. But the stuff on the bottom of your screen. The compass markers really help me find things but are a little...not lore friendly...might mod that out.

8. I haven't played around with this because I doubt I will ever want to because the male romance options arn't...great. But I love that they give you the option to have a romantic relationship in this game. Like I said I won't use it unless there's a mod that makes it available for custom NPCs...I'm just not into any of the men other then Preston and only him as a friend.

9. The multiple armors so you can mix and match to get a unique look. I always loved using mods that put in utility belts with pouches or backpacks...because where the hell does your character put all that loot? Up his ass? My character might be gay but he's not into getting it on with a fat man launcher.

10. THE GOD DAMN DRESSES SO I CAN CROSS DRESS WITH OUT A MOD. FUCK YEAH. Out of everything...even the building houses...this excites me the most. I mean it. Funny thing about this. I was trying for years to get a modder to make a dress wearable by a man for Fallout 3 or NV...I finally found someone willing to do it, he struggled with it but in the end it worked. We made it happen! It is literally the only cross dressing mod for when I saw that E3 video show off a man wearing a dress...holy hell I flipped my shit. I'm hugely happy they made this possible.

11. The graphics. Ok so even at lowest possible graphic setting...the game still looks good. I can only imagine how it must look in 1080p on ULTRA. Talk about feeling in the I can't wait till I build a new PC to run it on ULTRA...god that's going to feel amazing lol.

So yeah...I don't fully hate the game. There are things I enjoy but the FPS issue...makes it unplayable. I know my PC is to blame mainly but a lot of people are having FPS trouble...this game just isn't optimized and it's worse for AMD users like I am. Nvidia is the winner of this game, which sucks because I don't care for Nvidia.

That was my you can tell I'm mad. I was looking forward to this for years but they had all this time and what do we get? A damn FPS. Todd Howard even admitted to changing the VATS system so it could be more like a FPS.

I know mods can help...ease the pain of a lot of this stuff...all ready I have a mod on that shuts the main character up...easier to roleplay that way. But Bethesda shouldn't have to rely on fans to fix their game and make it the way it was supposed to. I mean what the hell was going through all their minds when they made this!? They know their fanbase is roleplayers who play RPG games! Why did they take away the roleplaying part?!


Anyways...speaking of Fallout...I'm planning on making some stuff soon that I'll be posting on here...I think people might be very...interested in this. Especially if you started paying attention to this blog when I was doing my Halloween stuff. Any more and I'd give it away ;)

Stay tuned for that.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Saying goodbye to my favorite holiday, and saying hello to the "normal" holidays

So this Halloween passed without much pomp...I think this is the first Halloween I've passed without...really celebrating it. Getting sick really threw a wrench into my plans and that in turn made me depressed and moody and not wanting to really celebrate it.

But I thought I would give it a proper send off by taking a look at my last "loot" score. I only went to two stores and one of them was Target...DAMN it was cleared out. I mean I expected some stuff to be gone but holy hell...and what was left was only 30% should be 50% or more!! Bah humbug...but I did get a few items I was eyeing up at Walgreen's.

Don't mind the shaky cam and my "uming". I lose my train of thought a lot while doing these videos lol.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A change

So you'll notice I changed the title and address of this blog. Now that Halloween is over I realized having a blog dedicated to JUST Halloween really limits you. So I switched the focus. Not to say next year when Halloween comes around that I won't do Halloween, I will, but this name and address will stay (for now...).

I made one last Halloween related video which I'll post in my next blog post, I just have to re-shoot it and edit it...having some trouble recording it. So stay tuned for that.

Now to get into detail about the switching of focus. I plan on making this blog more about geeky/gamer stuff. What I will try to avoid is letting my...personal life get into this blog, sometimes I might have to make a post to let some steam off but I'll try not to do it often.

So what does that mean? Well I plan on doing several things on this blog, including but not limited to:

- Weird food reviews
- Game reviews (possibly! idk after the movie review fail)
- Geeky/gamer crafts
- Talking about game collecting (tips and tricks, how I clean stuff, how I store games...)
- Talking about collections I have and opening up a discussion for others to share their collections
- Toy/action figure/doll showcase where I share a picture of the item in question and talk about it
- Random stuff?

Now this might sound like what other blogs/websites do but I'm going to put my own spin on things because I like a wide range of items and things. So hopefully this will still interest you!

I have several (what I think will be) interesting posts in the works, so I'm really going to try to make this a fun blog to visit!

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Halloween Whopper

So I was planning on reviewing Burger King's Halloween Whopper (since we only have two BK's nearby and one just happens to be next to where I was today), but lo and behold, BOTH BK's were sold out of the fucking things!

I actually called one of them to see and from what the lady told me on the's because BK didn't make enough black buns...they've been sold out for a few days...IT'S NOT EVEN BLOODY HALLOWEEN YA FUCKERS. I'm sorry but jesus's a HALLOWEEN burger...make some more fucking buns so you can keep selling them till Halloween ya fucks!

So there goes my plans. I missed out I guess. idk from what I was reading, the bun wasn't that great, didn't have a lot of steak sauce flavor. I guess I'm only missing out on having colored...leavings. Still meh!

I tried :(

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween Treat Reviews: Part 3 - Odds and ends

I was planning on reviewing Silent Hill tonight but I've gotten 0 comments and hardly any views on my reviews (which take a LOT out of me because I'm sick right now) so...why bother? I think I'm going to cut the reviews quite early...I'll still watch the movies but on my own time, without reviewing them.

Now that also means less posts from me but, I'll still post when I figure I have something of interest to share.

Onto the treats!

Cheetos Bag of Bones - I'm not a fan of Cheetos in general but I'll make an exception for these because they're white chedder flavored and you can play with your food! They come in four distinct shapes. The skull, a rib cage, bones and hand/feet. The flavor is fairly accurate, it doesn't have a rich flavor but I didn't expect much from Cheetos after all. The texture is not unlike a normal Cheeto, puffy and crunchy. Overall it's a good "spooky" themed treat, but I won't be rushing back to the store to stock up on bags. I give it a 6/10 because it's cute and has an ok flavor. 

Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid Jammers Scary Blackberry - As a kid I used to love Kool-Aid and I would drink it all the time. Now as a grown up I've noticed the yummy taste Kool-Aid used to have isn't there anymore. Maybe they changed how they make flavors there but they all seem to fall flat. Now as for the pouches or "Jammers" some of them have a slight bitter chemical taste to them and others the flavor is pretty light. I have noticed all the "Jammers" seem to share the same underlying taste, the Ghoul-Aid is no different. But what is different about the Ghoul-Aid is it's actually pretty good! I like blackberry flavors in general so I'm pretty happy about the flavor here. Of course
because it's Kool-Aid the flavor is still fairly light, but it's still good. And I love the packaging lol. I find it a little odd that it's not purple colored but instead a dark blue (I was thinking it was purple so I squirted some out in a glass to see...nope lol), but oh well. 8/10 this is by far the best Kool-Aid flavor I've had in a while, next time I see it I think I'll grab some more. This'll be my go to "spooky" drink for the season. Oh and on the plus side, it turns your tongue blue!

General Mills Monster Cereals Count Chocula - If you don't know what Monster Cereals are by now, boy what rock have you been hiding under? For those who don't know "Monster Cereals" are cereals that come out around Halloween time that are based off of classic monsters. Count Chocula for Count Dracula, Franken Berry for on and so forth. So why is there so much hype around these cereals? I think it's the nostalgia, people remember eating these cereals around this time when they were kids. I actually don't remember these cereals very well or fondly. I know I've had them warm fuzzy feelings come flooding back. Anyways onto the cereal. I get Count Chocula because it's chocolate, I've never tried the others...I might this season. I don't know if they do it every year but last year and this year they've had special editions of the cereal. Last year was a "retro" look. Sadly I didn't save a box. This year it's a "We're Alive" edition. Where you use your smart phone to make the box "come alive". Target has a build your own monster castle or something and Walmart has glow in the dark masks you can cut out. I have yet to find them so this review is about the plain jane "We're Alive" one. The cereal is a normal puffy crunchy grain cereal with chocolate flavoring and marshmellows. The cereal bits look like pac-man ghosts, while the marshmellows look like deformed bats. I get them every year and I haven't noticed a change in flavor but people sware that it used to be better. 8/10 because it's cute, it's chocolatey and it turns my milk into chocolate sugar milk!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review

Well back to a remake. While this DVD doesn't have the year on's made by Michael Bay so...guessing it's not the original I do have the original on VHS but I all ready said I don't REALLY want to watch VHSs unless I have to. Since I take so long to watch/review these I can't watch a VHS that long...has to do with if it's to loud it might wake my parents up so...bad idea. Plus I have to stop the movie a lot to write the's just a mess and I'm dreading the first of the VHSs that I have to watch.

Title - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Genre - Horror

Year - 2003

The movie starts off like a "documentary", in that the narrator tells us about the story behind the massacre. We see "police reenactment footage" as well. The "real" movie then begins.

So five people in their 20's (?) are in a van heading to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. There's three men and two women. The two in the back of the van (excluding the fact guy) are making out hot and heavy after only have just meeting (I know it's the 70's but damn...horror cliche incoming? I expect those two to die first.). Seems they're coming back from Mexico after buying a ton of pot (so sexed up and doped up young adults...yeah horror cliches everywhere!!).

They nearly run over a woman walking down the road because the dumbass driving is too distracted. They pick her up after seeing she's...not all together with it. She says something about "Their all dead.", which makes the others wonder about her. She then freaks out saying they're going the wrong way. They stop and she says something about "He's a bad man" and tells them they're all going to die before she pulls a gun out and shoots herself in the head. Damn. So fearing the cops will find their stash, they throw the pot out (first good idea yet...).

The group stops at a gas station to report the crime but find out the sheriff wants them to drive to a mill. Less then thrilled with the idea, they pile back into the van with the girls body.

They arrive at the mill but there is no sheriff in sight. So they explore the creepy mill (no red flags popping up guys?) till one of the girls wonders off after someone spots something moving. She screams and the rest come running but it was only a possum, turning the corner though they find a young boy. The boy eventually tells them how to get to the sheriffs house and the group splits up with Erin and Kemper (cowboy hat chick and driver guy) going to the sheriffs house and the rest of the group staying at the mill with the boy.

Erin and Kemper come across a house thinking it's the sheriffs place but it turns out not to be. The man living there invites Erin in to call the sheriff and tells Kemper to stay outside.

Back to the other group, the sheriff arrives.

Switching back to Erin, she hangs up the phone after hearing the sheriff will be there in 30 minutes. Going to leave, the man who invited her in asks her to come help him. Outside Kemper wonders where Erin is and enters the house.

Back at the mill, the sheriff picks up the gun and asks about it, finding out that it was the dead womans. He then puts it in his ankle holster, which fits it perfectly...

Going back to the house, Kemper wanders through the house before he's attack by a large man with a sledgehammer and dragged away.

Over to the mill the sheriff pulls one of the guys into helping him...saran wrap the dead body (weird...).

Back to the house, Erin searches for Kemper in the house but not finding him, she leaves to look outside.

Switching to the mill group, the guys load up the dead body into the back of the sheriffs car and he leaves.

Erin comes back to the mill and finds out that the sheriff came and went and that Kemper isn't there. The group wander off together to find Kemper before they split up (again), Erin and Andy (make out boy) going to find Kemper; Pepper (make out girl) and Morgan (fact boy asshole) going back to the van.

Back at the house Leatherface prepares Kemper's body when something drops out of his pocket. Leatherface opens the thing and we see the ring Kemper was promising Erin (aw...sad.).

Outside the house Erin and Andy arrive. Erin goes to distract the man while Andy sneaks in the house. Andy does the typical stupid shit (look in dumb places for his friend...seriously the fucking fridge?) and knocks something over which makes a loud sound which makes Erin and the old man go inside. The old man is pissed off now and summons Leatherface. Leatherface attacks Andy with his chainsaw. Andy tells Erin to run, which she smartly does. Andy then runs out of the house as well, with Leatherface chasing him. Leatherface catches up to Andy and cuts one of his legs off. Leatherface then carries Andy down to his workshop.

Erin runs back to the mill and hops into the van (which Pepper and Morgan are trying to clean...good luck with that lol.) and tries to start it but it doesn't. The sheriff then pops up and finds a joint in the van, he then flips out and tells them to get on the ground.

Back at the house we see Leatherface impale Andy on a meat hook (ick...).

Switching back to the mill the sheriff grabs Morgan and tells him to show him what happened in the van. The sheriff then forces Morgan to recreate the suicide (even to the point of telling him to put the gun into his mouth.). Morgan flips out and points the gun at the sheriff and pulls the trigger...but realizes it's empty! The sheriff then takes Morgan and drives off with him, leaving Pepper and Erin. While driving the sheriff breaks his bottle on Morgan's face, knocking some of his teeth out.

Back to Pepper and Erin, Erin tries to hotwire the van.

Over to the house, the sheriff pulls up outside the house, yanks Morgan out of the car and beats him a little. He then tells Morgan "You kids shouldn't have messed with that little girl." before shoving him into the house.

Back to Pepper and Erin, Erin manages to start the van! But the fucking tires fall What a piece of shit van lol. Leatherface then shows up with his chainsaw. Pepper tries to make a run for it but Leatherface kills her. Erin manages to get away from Leatherface and stumbles across a trailer. The women in the trailer let her in and offer her tea. Erin asks to use their phone but they tell her they don't have one. After nearly forcing Erin to drink some of the tea, their phone rings...imagine that. Erin then passes out because the tea was drugged...of course.

When Erin awakes, she finds herself in the creepy house surrounded by Leatherface's creepy fucked up family. Leatherface tosses her down into his workshop and locks her in down there. She spots Andy and tries to help him off the meat hook but is unable to lift him. In pain, Andy begs her to end it. Erin kills him. She then finds Morgan still alive. The little boy from earlier pops up and tells them to follow him. They follow him but Leatherface is right behind them with his chainsaw.

Erin and Morgan manage to make it out of the house and into an abandoned house/shack and try to hide from Leatherface. But Leatherface finds Erin. Morgan, seeing Erin in danger, rushes from his hiding spot to attack Leatherface. Leatherface switches his attention to Morgan now and hooks his handcuffs on a chandelier (because all abandoned houses/shacks have handy chandeliers!) before sawing through his dick and killing him...lovely way to go. Erin flips her shit and GTFO of there.

Leatherface gives chase but ends up cutting his leg with his chainsaw giving Erin time to get away. She comes to a road and stops a car but the car drives off (what a dick...). She then manages to find a slaughterhouse (fitting), but Leatherface finds her. Erin grabs a cleaver and hacks off one of Leatherface's arms (good for her but...kinda doubt that's possible) before running off.

She manages to stop a trucker and get a ride with him. During which we see Erin pretty much copy what the suicidal girl at the beginning said. And she acts like the girl did too...(dumbass). So the trucker stops the truck, gets out and informs the people at the gas station he picked Erin up and he needs help with her. So the family goes outside to listen to the mans story, leaving the baby alone. Erin sneaks in and steals the baby and hot wires the sheriffs car and then promptly runs the sheriff over and over again until the fucker dies. She then escapes with the baby.

The movie ends with the narrator telling us the two cops in the "police reenactment footage" were fatally injured by Leatherface and that Leatherface is still out there.

My thoughts - Well it suffers from cliches up the ying yang, but most slasher films do. I like the actress who plays Erin and some of the actors/actress's who play the family members but most of them suck at acting...or their characters were poorly written.

I have no real strong feelings for this one. I will say that it's too dark. I mean that literally, it's hard to see things in the basement/workshop and in a few other places in the movie. And that gets on my's not scary if I can't fucking see it. It's a so-so movie...I wonder how it holds up to the original...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rosemary's Baby Review

Back to the classics again since this one is the original movie! Thank goodness. I've only read the book (which was several years ago now) and never seen the movie so this will be new for me.

Title - Rosemary's Baby

Genre - Psychological horror

Year - 1968

The movie starts with a young couple getting shown an apartment. Guy cracks a joke about pot, which is a little weird? I mean I know it's the 60's and free love and all that but I would think in mainstream media (figuring that this movie was seen by a lot of people) they wouldn't do that. The man showing them the apartment spots a large piece of furniture blocking a closet and asks Guy to help him move it. And they reveal...nothing lol, just a normal closet.

Down on the street Rosemary begs Guy for the apartment and he says yes.

Over to where Rosemary and Guy currently live (?), they have dinner with their friend and the owner of the building they live. He tries to get them to stay by telling them horror stories about the new apartment buildings evil past. But they don't take his words of warning to heart...big mistake.

We see Guy and Rosemary move into the new and now empty apartment. And for some reason pick the floor to fuck on...personally I would have picked up against the wall but...that's just me.

Cue montage of them getting the place fixed up and looking better.

Down in the basement Rosemary meets Terry, one of her neighbors. Terry talks about the couple she lives with (the Castevets) and how they saved her from the streets. She then shows Rosemary a "good luck charm" necklace they gave her.

Back up in their apartment Rosemary and Guy hear some creepy chanting next door while making about a mood killer.

We switch to Rosemary and Guy walking back to the apartment at night when they find out that Terry has killed herself by jumping out the window of the apartment she shares with the Castevets. Which we then meet. Weird people to say the least.

The next day, Mrs. Castevet comes by and talks to Rosemary and looks around the apartment. Mrs. Castevet then invites Rosemary and Guy to dinner.

Later Guy comes home and tells Rosemary he didn't get a part in a play. They decide to go over to the Castevets for dinner. Mr. Castevet flatters Guy by telling him he really liked what he did in one of the plays he was in. Nothing much else happens here, other then Guy seemingly getting sucked in by Mr. Castevets stories and flattery.

The next day (?), Mrs. Castevet and her friend sort of barge their way into Rosemary and Guy's place to talk with Rosemary (man is Mrs. Castevet annoying!). She then gives Rosemary Terry's old necklace which is filled with Tannis Root and insists that Rosemary wears it.

Later she and Guy talk about the necklace and Rosemary dislikes it so much that she decides to put it away and not wear it. Guy then gets a phone call telling him he's got the part in the play he wanted because the actor who originally got it suddenly went blind.

Rosemary unhappily talks to her and Guy's friend and tells him about the part in the play and how Guy seems distant. At least I assume that's the friend and not a shrink...

Back home Guy surprises Rosemary with lots of roses and tells her that he want's to have a baby with her. They settle in to have a very romantic evening together when Mrs. Castevet drops off two chocolate mouses for them. The two dig into them but Rosemary picks up a "chalky" under taste and throws hers out after a few bites (that would be the She then passes out and has...a very fucked up dream. And I do mean fucked up...surprising they show that much in a movie from the 60s...

When Rosemary wakes up she finds scratches on her body, which Guy apologizes for saying he didn't want to miss "baby night". Rosemary seems less then pleased that Guy fucked her while she was asleep...yeah that wasn't the only thing that fucked you lady.

Rosemary goes to see a doctor to see if she's pregnant yet and gets a call later from him informing her she's carrying the spawn of Satan...oh wait I mean that's she's pregnant. Guy get's home and Rosemary tells him she's pregnant. The first thing he wants to do is tell the Castevets...weird. So the Castevets come over...oh bother. Minnie insists on having Rosemary go to a friend of hers instead of the doctor she was going to. That night she gets up out of bed and put's the necklace on...for some weird reason.

The next day the doctor basically tells her to only listen to him and Minnie when it comes to the baby (I'd get warning signs about this time...but Rosemary's just a dumb blond I guess.) and Minnie sets out to making her some sort of herbal drink that's better then pills...

Time passes and we see Rosemary grow thin and pale and crave nearly raw meat (big HUGE red flashing warning signs Rosemary ya dumbass...). She and Hutch talk about these things, which makes Hutch worry about her. They also talk about the Castevets.

Later on Rosemary goes out to meet Hutch for lunch and to talk. She waits for a while but when Hutch is a no show, she worries and calls him finding out he fell into a coma. Minnie then comes across her walking along and seeing she doesn't feel well, insists on taking Rosemary home.

During the New Years party Rosemary complains about the pains getting worse to her doctor but he brushes her worries aside.

Rosemary begins to suspect things (FINALLY) and throws Minnie's nasty drinks out. She throws a party with her friends (no one under 60 allowed), when she finally breaks down in front of her girl friends. Her friends insist that she goes to another doctor because the pain isn't normal (gee really?).

After the party Rosemary tells Guy she's going to see another doctor and that she's been throwing Minnie's drinks out. Guy gets pissed off and Rosemary yells she wants to go see another doctor no matter what when the pain suddenly stops and the baby moves. She makes Guy feel but he pulls away quickly (I guess knowing what's inside her...).

Cue montage of them getting baby stuff, Rosemary gaining weight and going back to drinking Minnie's nasty drinks (idiot).

Then one night she get's a call learning Hutch has died.

The next day (?) she goes to the cemetery and meets with some woman who knew Hutch. She gives Rosemary a book Hutch wanted her to have and tells her "The name is an anagram."

Getting home she sets about finding out what Hutch meant. At first she tries the name of the book, but finding nothing she turns to the name in the book that Hutch highlighted. And finds out the anagram is Mr. Castevats name.

Guy comes home and Rosemary tells him about the book and how Mr. Castevats is in it. Guy brushes her worries off and takes the book away from her.

Rosemary voices her concerns to her doctor and he agrees with her and proscribes her pills since she said she's not letting Minnie give her any more drinks.

Next we see the Castevats leave for a trip. After that Rosemary learns Guy through her book out (gee really? Dick.).

Later Rosemary goes out of her way to get more books on witchcraft and tosses the necklace the Castevats gave her. Suspicious, she sets about learning if all these odd events that have happened along the way have been because of witchcraft (the guy who was to play in the play but fell blind...). Freaked out, she packs her things and leaves to go see her doctor.

But when she learns that he smells of tannis root (from his secretary) she leaves, scared. She calls Dr. Hill insisting that she needs to see him NOW. He agrees on a meeting. She goes to his office and talks to him. Thinking she's lost it, he calls Guy and her other doctor. They force her to come home with them.

At the apartment building she "accidentally" drops some items and runs into the elevator when they distractedly pick up the items. Running for her apartment she just manages to get in and lock them both out. But while she's on the phone, they manage to sneak into the apartment (and bring the coven...). The doctor sedates Rosemary and she goes into labor.

Upon waking Rosemary learns that her baby is dead, she flips her shit and calls them liars and witches (little late for that dummy). The doctor sedates her again.

Afterwards she seems...dazed? For a lack of a better shock I guess. She eventually hears a baby crying. Which makes her start worrying again so she stops taking her pills. Then in the middle of the night she gets up and cleans out that closet that was blocked off. She reveals a secret door connecting her apartment and the Castevats apartment. She goes back to the kitchen to grab a knife when she hears someone coming, she hides. They then leave and she continues on with her mission.

She enters the apartment and comes across the coven having a party. She spots a black crib and approaches it, holding her knife. She then learns the baby is the spawn of Satan. To which the coven happily says "Hail Satan". Yep...

Shocked by this, Rosemary cries to the heavens. Guy comes to comfort her but she spits in his face (she should have kept the knife and killed him...). The demon spawn starts crying and stirred by the cries Rosemary goes to rock him. And instead of killing it like she should...she smiles and accepts him as her child...dumb bitch.

My thoughts: I like the book a lot more but both the book and movie are...stupid in my opinion. Rosemary is such a dumb she's unlikable. And the fucking Castevats! Don't get me started on them.

I mean the movie isn't "horrible". The acting, there's no real special effects or anything great like that...for a movie made in the 1960s it's ok. Personally unless you like the book, I wouldn't recommend the movie. I can't say much good about this movie...wish I could.

Monday, October 5, 2015

My 2015 Halloween Mood Table

Taking inspiration from Dinosaur Dracula! once again, I decided to finally do my own take on a Halloween mood table. What is a mood table? A Halloween mood table is a surface (any surface really, table/chair/upturned bucket...whatever floats your boat) that you COVER with anything and everything that SCREAMS Halloween to you. Like a "shrine" to Halloween. Let's say...zombies scream Halloween...slap as much zombie stuff as you can on a table and that's your mood table!

The point of a mood table is to represent Halloween and whenever you look at it, it makes you just FEEL Halloween. Some people put things like movies/games/books to watch/play/read over the course of October. Others put a bucket of candy and tell themselves they have to empty it by Halloween. Personally I don't have a ton of space to work with so I'm just going with the basic decoration idea.

I like the idea of "themed" tables so my theme is "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" as in half good, half bad.

In this picture the left is the "good" or cute stuff and the right is the "bad" or scary stuff. Split in the middle is a creepy light up Jack O Lantern.

Good side (from top to bottom of pic):

- Stuffed Ray Ghostbuster plush
- Purple Frankenstein head filled with Chupa Chup's!
- Ceramic potion bottle labeled "ghost goo"
- Vintage (?) Jack O Lantern metal lantern thing
- Cookie tin
- Hello Kitty gothic snow globe
- Hello Kitty plush dressed as a bat
- Day of the Dead candle holder
- Dino Drac's "Death Bag" I got in his fun pack last month


- Dino Drac's ugly mini poster
- Creepy Jack O Lantern
- Day of the Dead cookie tin

Bad side:

- Light up gothic candelabra
- Cool/spooky Voodoo Skeleton doll
- Vintage Halloween ceramic cat thing (seriously no idea what this is other then it's old)
- Purple box is a cute fake witch cafe thing...
- Fake bloody hand
- Fake spider
- Light up mini Jack O Lantern

I also have a strand of hanging skeleton's above it all.

Up close shot for details. Ignore the clutter in the back.

I also put my little figurines and more breakable items on my desk to decorate it a little, but since it's not as jam packed as the table, I didn't bother with pictures.

I've also yet to put up lights but I plan to later, it's just a struggle and a half figuring out how to hang them when you have NO HANGERS!!!

This is the first time thus far since starting this blog that I've really felt..."festive". I guess it's because I got knocked down hard by a awful sore throat and I'm still recovering from it. Just haven't had the energy, plus this damned Horrorthon.

And that's what a Halloween mood table is supposed to do. It's supposed to put you in the mood for Halloween and it did it's job very well.

I'm all ready planning next year's mood's going to be Day of the Dead or zombies...I plan on hitting up all the stores JUST after Halloween for the sales and grabbing all the Day of the Dead and zombie crap I can.

Psycho Review

Well checking the year on the DVD again (a little late now) I find out once more, I have a remake, not the original. Makes me realize I need to buy the original movies. So the version I have I've seen this version before and I think the classic one...I kinda like this one. It's not horrible...I mean some of the acting is less then...great (Vince Vaughn) but it's not as bad as a lot of people say it is. Plus I like color movies more lol.

So with that in mind let's start.

Title - Psycho

Genre - Horror

Year - 1998

We start the movie off in Phoenix, Arizona on December 11th, 1998. And are greeted with the view of a couple in bed at a cheap hotel. The woman tells her boyfriend she has to leave to get back to work and we get some filler dialog but learn the boyfriends name is Sam. I just want to say...I hate her hair. That style of hair works on some people but damn it's ugly on her.

So off to work she goes. Marion arrives at work to find her boss is still out at lunch with some big account. She blathers on with another chick and in pop her boss and the big spender. Big spender flirts with Marion and pulls out $400,000 that he plans to buy the house her boss is selling. The boss uncomfortable with that much money, tells Marion to store it in the safe deposit box. Talk about trusting your employees lol.

Marion leaves work, complaining of a headache. At home she packs her suitcase and debates about taking the money. She eventually settles and takes the money. In the car we hear a conversation she had earlier with her boyfriend (she's planning on giving him the money to get out of debt.), she and her boss spot each other, which worries Marion.

She drives until she's to tired and pulls over on the side of the road to rest. A police officer spots her and pulls over to investigate. When he wakes her up she freaks out and tries to flee but he stops her. They talk and he questions her a little before letting her go.

Marion makes her way to a city and stops at an car dealer to trade her old car for something new. Unfortunately for her seems the cop that she met earlier, and thought was following her...really was as he parks across the street and watches her.

What ticks me off about this movie (and I assume the original has this as well...can't remember) is that Marion is making herself really suspicious. Acting dodgy with the cop, making the car dealer rush on the trade...of course people are going to check into her if you act like that. Idiot.

Anyways she drives off in the new car and worries over the cop and her boss and blah blah blah. So these conversations we hear...are they real or just what she thinks will be said? It happened all ready with her boyfriend but I thought that was real, so I kinda have my doubts now.

She drives till nighttime and it starts raining so hard she can't see where she's going, she spots the Bates Motel sign all lit up and decides to stop for the night. Marion goes into the office but finding no one there, runs back to the car and honks. We catch a glimpse of a "woman" in the house beyond the motel before someone exits the house and comes down to the motel.

We then meet the owner of the motel, Norman Bates. Who's very...awkward. He shows her to her room and invites her to have dinner with him. She agrees and he goes off to prepare. While she for some reason searches for a place to hide her money. Finding a spot (in a newspaper? Really...ok.), she over hears Norman and his "mother" argue about Marion coming up for dinner.

Norman comes back with food and tells her to join him in the office. They then go to the parlour witch is filled with creepy taxidermy birds. Norman goes on to talk about said...gross and creepy birds...and his mother. At some point Marion asks if it wouldn't be better to put her "some place" at which point Norman gets angry at her. She then says she needs to get to bed and leaves also letting slip her real last name (she signed in with a fake name). Norman goes to check the log and sees she lied about her name.

Norman then pulls down a picture, revealing a peephole into Marion's room and watches her undress while...jerking off lol. Once he finishes, he runs back up to the house.

Back to Marion, she decides to take a shower (is it just me or is there no soap bubbles? I see soap in her hand but...not one bubble? Cheap soap.). While she showers, we someone enter the bathroom silently, yank back the shower curtain and stab Marion. Cue the famous stabbing scene.

Norman finds his "mother" with blood on her and runs to check on Marion and finds her dead. He goes and turns all the outside lights off and grabs a mop and bucket, planning on cleaning up the crime. He drags Marion's body out of the bathroom and lays her on the shower curtain, then cleans out the tub (better use bleach...they can pick up blood traces even if you wipe it away.). Once done cleaning, he moves Marion's car into position and puts Marion and her items (along with the mop and bucket) into the trunk. He then drives her car to a nearby swamp and pushes the car into it. And watches it sink, eating and smiling like the sick bastard he is.

Over to Marion's boyfriend, Sam. We see him writing Sam a letter in the back room of the local hardware store, when who pulls up in a cab, but Marion's sister. She comes in and tells Sam that she hasn't seen Marion since Friday. Then in comes a private eye. And Sam learns not only is Marion missing, but she stole $400,000. The private eye swears he'll find her.

Cue montage of the private eye checking in at all the hotels/motels/bed and breakfasts looking for Marion before he pulls up to...the Bates Motel. He asks Norman a few questions and shows him Marion's picture. At first Norman lies about having seen Marion but he slips up in the lies and has to "fake" remember she was there. To sum up this part...just pure awkwardness. Norman can't lie for shit.

The private eye leaves and calls Lila (Marion's sister) and informs her that Marion had stayed at the Bates Motel. He decides to go back to the motel to snoop around. He tries to find Norman but upon not finding him, he goes up to the house and just walks in (er...pretty sure that's illegal buddy.). He creeps up the stairs but at the top Norman's "mother" attacks him and kills him.

Back to Lila and Sam, Lila gets fed up and tells Sam she's going to go check out the Bates Motel but Sam stops her and says he'll go.

Cutting back to Norman, we see him at the swamp (presumably getting rid of the private eye and his car...I say that because while I don't see the car going under, I do hear something bubbling.) and Sam looking around at the motel. Not finding anyone Sam starts to yell for the private eye, which Norman hears.

Back at the hardware store, Sam tells Lila he didn't find the private eye or Bates. Sam figures they should go talk to the sheriff out there, so they head over to his place and tell him the story.  The sheriff calls Norman asking about the private eye and then tells Lila and Sam that Norman said he left and didn't come back. Lila brings up that he was supposed to talk to Norman's mother but the sheriff reveals that his mother has been dead for ten years. Sam tells the sheriff he saw an old woman in the house at the motel, but the sheriff wonders who it could be then.

Over to Norman we hear him talk to his "mother" and tell her he needs to hide her. He then comes out carrying her down the stairs.

The next day Sam and Lila drive to the motel, planning on checking in as husband and wife and searching the motel for any clues. They check in and decide to check out the 1st room. They find a scrap of paper with 400,000 written on it. Lila insists on talking to Norman's "mother". Sam finds Norman and talks to him, giving Lila a chance to go talk to Norman's "mother". Lila enters the house and goes up to Norman's "mother's" room but finds no one there. She then wanders into Norman's room...which is creepy as fuck considering a grown man sleeps there. A combination of kids toys and porno mags...lovely. Sam continues to poke at Norman, finally pissing him off enough to grab a golf club and hit Sam with it.

Worried that Lila is in the house, Norman rushes up to the house, while Lila hides from him. He goes upstairs, leaving her to go down to the basement. She comes across the "workshop" when she finds Norman's "mother". Lila turns the chair the "mother" is sitting in revealing...she's a mummy! Lila freaks out and along comes Norman...dressed as his mother. But there's Sam to the rescue! They subdue Norman.

Outside a courthouse we see a group of rabid vultures (whoops, sorry my's a bunch of news people.) talking to police. Inside the courthouse we see Sam, Lila and the sheriff talking. The shrink comes in and reveals that Norman's "mother" was a side to him (a split personality) and that side has now taken over. He tells them that Marion and the private eye are both dead in the swamp. He then tells them that Norman's mother and her lover were killed by Norman and that Norman was mentally disturbed ever since his father died. He goes on to tell them what Norman did to keep his "mother" around.

The movie ends with the police pulling Marion's car out of the swamp.

My thoughts: After re-watching it I can sort of see why it got the flak it did. It's super cheezy and while for the original that was ok because that's what it was ok to do back then, in the 90''s just not right. I know they were going for an updated version of the original so they pretty much copied the original scene to scene but...blah. I actually like Vince Vaughn's acting most of the time but this movie was not right for him, or anyone in it really. They should have never remade it.

If you're going to watch Psycho...get the original copy. I fucked up lol. I don't recommend this movie for ANYONE.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Misery Review

I have to admit, I've been looking forward to this one for a while. Misery is my favorite horror movie, The Shining is a close second and while Rocky Horror is great as well it's not really "horror" in my eyes so it doesn't count. As to why I put it in my Horrorthon if it's not actual horror? It's a musical that makes fun of classic horror can I not put it in? But that's for later.

I've read the book a few times and the movie is pretty faithful to the book I think. Where as The Shining had a lot of differences. Or if there are differences they're so slight, I don't notice them. Why it's my favorite horror movie...this is kinda creepy but I get what Annie feels for Paul. If you love someone THAT much and she does...then of course you want them with you...forever. Like I said it's creepy I know. I'm not as insane as Annie since I'd never hurt someone like that (more so if I loved them) but I get it. And it connected me to the movie...I really enjoy it and I enjoy Paul's struggle to get away from this crazy bitch haha.

And I'm starting earlier on this review then I have before! It's now 4:00 PM...let's see when I finish it. 11 PM I guess. I did take a few breaks though so...if I cut down on that...I guess I can get it done faster? But not by much. It's made me realize that I don't like doing this. But I said 31 reviews and I'll stand by it...unfortunately. I don't think I'll ever attempt this again. Mainly because the payout is...not there. I get hardly any page views or comments. So why bother?

Title - Misery

Genre - Psychological thriller

Year - 1990

We open up with that lovely click clackity click of a typewriter (am I the only one that really likes that sound?) and see Paul Sheldon finish the last page of his new novel (we also get to see the trademark single cigarette/match and a bottle of Dom Perignon he has at the end of every finished novel.). He seems to be...moody here (since I know the story I'll take a shot and think it's relief that he's finally wrote something other then Misery Chastain novels and maybe a bit of anxiety, wondering if he can write anything other then Misery Chastain novels...what a mix of emotions lol.).

Paul packs up his new novel and leaves his rented cabin in his car while a very catchy song plays (it's Shotgun by Jr Walker btw) and we get a lovely view of the snowy Colorado mountains (gee...what other movie/book took place in snowy Colorado mountains...heh.). As the snow starts to come down heavier, Paul hits a patch of ice (at least it looks/sounds like he does) and skids out of control, flipping his car over the side of a hill. We get a little flashback (?) to his life before the accident and see him meet with his publisher Marcia and they talk about how he's killed off Misery in his latest book and how he never "meant for it to become my life".

Back to the present, luckily for him (or not) someone happens upon him and saves him...and his new novel lol. I still find it a little hard to believe Annie can pick him up like that (while it's snowing!) and climb up the hill with him. I know she lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and has to be strong and the book describes her as being a very big and powerful woman but damn...

Paul wakes up groggy and confused to "I'm your number one fan." (creepy lol) in bed. Annie introduces herself and tells him she's a nurse and he's safe. Later (the next day or a few days since Paul looks less...out of it) Annie disconnects his IV and gives him more pain killers (Novril, which is basically a fake Codeine) and also explains why he isn't in the hospital and the phone lines are down. I sort of wonder what would have happened if Annie had found someone other then Paul? Would she have left the poor person to die or saved them...god only knows. I lean to the let them die theory. Because she later on says something like "I drove up to the cabin (that he rents) hoping to see you." So she knew he was there, and what car he was driving. My theory is she followed him, saw him wreck and saved him because she loves him so much. If it was any other person, I doubt she would have stopped.

Back to the movie...later on Annie reveals to him his broken legs (saying how proud she is of having stabilized them). She tells him he'll be able to walk and his dislocated shoulder will be fine as well. She tells him as soon as the roads are clear she'll take him to a hospital.

In New York we see Marcia worried about Paul, calling the local Silver Creek sheriff. She reveals that he's been missing since last Tuesday and that's why she's so worried. He promises to put his name through his "system" (which looks to me to be a messy notice board of papers...I mean I doubt this little town out in the Colorado mountains has an actual computer system...but who knows.). He asks his wife when the blizzard was and ponders on the fact it was the same day Paul went missing.

We go back to Paul and Annie and Paul is getting a little shave. Paul remarks on how it was a "miracle" she found him. Annie reveals she had been following him. Paul asks about the phone lines, wanting to call his daughter and Marcia. Annie says they're still down but she'll keep trying for him, she then asks to read the new novel in his case. He says she can since she saved him and she's very thrilled.

Cut up to the Silver Creek Lodge, we see the sheriff there asking about Paul.We learn not much other then he always orders Dom Perignon when he finishes a novel and is always a good guest, never doing anything weird.

Back to Annie and Paul, Annie's feeding him soup when she brings up how she dislikes the swearing in the novel. Annie argues with Paul about this and ends up getting so flustered she spills soup on his bed (and here we get the first glimpse that Annie isn't...normal.). Annie apologizes to Paul and tells him she loves him (his mind and creativity that is...sureeee Annie...sure.). Annie leaves and Paul seems to get a little worried about Annie and being alone in her house with her.

We switch over to the sheriff and his wife driving back down from the Lodge when the sheriff spots a broken limb on a tree and tells her to stop (really? a broken limb makes you stop? and how the hell did you notice it...). The sheriff climbs down the hill to investigate a little before he gives up because the snow is too deep (and we see just a little bit farther...Paul's cars tire sticking out of the close yet so far lol). We see Annie drive past them both.

Back at her home, Paul wakes up to Annie entering his room with a new copy of his last Misery novel. Paul asks if the roads are clear then but Annie says just the one to town is and that she "called" the hospital and talked with a doctor here. He asks about the phones working and she says the ones in town do but hers is still out and that she "called" Marcia. She blathers on about how good the first parts of the new book are but Paul interrupts her talking about his daughter and how he wants/needs to talk to her. She tells him he'll have to wait till tomorrow for that. She then goes to get him some food.

Time passes and we get introduced to Annie's pig, Misery. She comments on how his book and the Sistine chapel painting are the only two divine things in this world (and also letting loose a racial slur for Italians, showing she's a bit backwards...). This scene is sort of funny but mainly...a little unnerving? Paul seems to show signs of being unnerved as well at this point.

Later that day, Annie talks about her ex husband and how because she was so lonely she started reading a lot and that's how she discovered the Misery books. Cue awkwardness as it's revealed Paul was...answering natures call while she was talking. She leaves him saying she'd love to stay and talk but she's at the end of the book and want's to finish it.

That night Annie enters Paul's room, obviously shaken up that Misery dies. She rant and raves at Paul, scaring the crap out of him before leaving him. She tells him before she leaves that she never called anyone, so no one knows he's here or alive. And she states "you better hope nothing happens to me, because if I die, you die". She then leaves him alone in the house and drives off.

Alone now, Paul struggles to get out of his bed before falling on the floor, hurting himself. Honestly this scene still makes me flinch. If I was in that position...I don't think I could do what Paul does. I mean I know it's a matter of life and death but...damn. He then manages to drag himself to the door, at which point he finds out Annie locked the door. Whoops...

We go back to the Sheriff who's talking to Marcia, and we learn that now the search has expanded now that he's working with the FBI (why the FBI? because he's a big shot writer?) and the state police on finding Paul.

Back to Annie, she finds Paul sleeping on the floor. She helps him into the bed, telling him she has a surprise for him, but he has to do something first. She absentmindedly lets slip a little clue (how she was on a witness stand in Denver.) while she tells him about how she talked to god about him (is it just me or does Stephen King paint religious people as...nut jobs? First Carrie's mother and now and how god brought them together so that Annie could "show him the way". She then wheels in a little outdoor grill. She starts pouring lighter fluid on his new novel and hands him a match saying "you must rid the world of this filth". Damn Annie...was the new novel that bad? She then shows off how much of an obsessed fan she is by telling him how she knows it's the only copy because he's superstitious about stuff and never makes more then one copy of a novel when he's writing it.

Paul makes no attempt at lighting the match so Annie "threatens" him by "absentmindedly" throwing lighter fluid all over his blankets. He finally gives in and lights the match, tossing it into the grill, setting his novel aflame. He watches with regret as the novel burns. We then hear a helicopter flying and see the sheriff and the pilot in it looking for Paul's car. But not finding anything they leave, letting Paul lose hope that help was coming. Annie gives Paul his pills and leaves with the grill. Paul debates about taking them, but ends up hiding the pills under his mattress. Later that night while Annie is upstairs watching TV, Paul uses his fork to rip a hole in the mattress and hides his pills in the hole.

The next day Annie pushes him in a wheelchair revealing to him the "surprise" he's going to get now that he burned his novel. He's going to write Misery's Return! Oh joy of joys...haha, poor Paul...he just wanted to be rid of the bitch but Annie just had to bring her back. She sets up his new "studio", while he is...less then thrilled with the idea. Annie leaves him for a few moments when he just so happens to spot a single bobby pin on the floor. She comes back with paper, but Paul tells her it's the wrong type because it "smudges" (pretty sure any paper would do that if you try to rub just typed letters...fresh ink and all.). She gets pissed off about it and tells him she'll get better paper, before slamming the ream of paper down on his legs (ow!) and leaving.

Paul then grabs the bobby pin and unlocks his door with it. He tries the front door but finds it locked as well (I guess he can't pick it with the bobby pin because it's a different lock?), so he rolls into the living room finding a phone. But he discovers the phone is just for show (creepy).

We cut to Annie in town, loading up her truck with the new paper and heading back home (uh oh Paul...better hurry!).

Back to Paul he slowly rolls around investigating the house. While he does this he knocks a small glass figure down but catches it before it breaks (thinking he saved himself from letting Annie know he was out of his room, he replaces it...but in the wrong position...whoops.). He spots a memory book (important later on...) and a small "shrine" to himself with all his books and a signed photo of him (interesting so did he meet her before or did she buy it like that...). He rolls to a small closet in which he spots Annie's rather large supply of drugs, and grabs a pack of the Novril. He makes his way to the kitchen, but finds the door is to small for his wheelchair so he has to drop out of it and crawl along the floor. He makes his way across to the back door but finds it's of course locked. He spots the knife holder when he hears Annie's truck pulling up (making for one of the most tense scenes of the movie! But I wonder how he knows it's Annie? I guess he knows what the truck sounds like...or maybe he knows no one else would bother coming here?). He quickly crawls back to the wheelchair and gets the hell out of the kitchen as quick as he can. Paul then uses the bobby pin to relock his door (didn't know you could do that...) and gets back into position just as soon as Annie opens his door.

Annie notes how sweaty he is and asks why, and Paul tells her because he's suffering in pain. He begs her to give him his pills and she gives in and goes to get them, giving him time to hide the pills he stole. She then comes back, gives him the pills and puts him to bed before leaving. We then see Paul cheeked his pills.

Next scene we see the sheriff and his pilot spot Paul's car hidden in the snow (about time!). Down on the ground we see a state cop (I assume) tell the news that they assume Paul is dead, but can not find his body. We go back to the sheriff and his wife and the sheriff notices the marks on the car door (that Annie made when she was trying to get him out) and he doesn't think Paul died the way the state cop says Paul died (which makes me wonder why the state cop wouldn't notice that as well and think something fishy was up...why is it this little "hick" town sheriff notices this?).

Back to Paul and we see him make a small paper "packet" for the drugs. He cracks them open and once he makes sure they don't give off any smell or taste (which isn't actually true. According to the book Novril is most medicine!) he pours the powder into the packet and eats the outside casing (blah...).

Later on we see Paul beginning the new Misery novel when Annie comes in to tell him that the novel is all wrong and he'll have to do it over. When he says she might be a little hasty, she explains the novel isn't "fair" and goes on to tell him why she thinks that (showing once more...she's completely nuts.).

So Paul rewrites it and Annie approves. He then asks Annie if she's like to have dinner together to celebrate the start of the new novel, she agrees dreamily and walks away.

Ah dinner, the main event...let's see if Paul can get his way. Annie and Paul settle in to dinner then Paul proposes a toast and asks Annie for some candles. Going to find them, Paul then drugs her wine with the pill power he's been saving. Coming back with the candle she lights it and they go to toast but she knocks over the candle and spills her wine (and to this day I still wonder if she knew he drugged it and did it on purpose...). They then toast to Misery (what a fitting toast...).

Time passes on as we see Paul doing his best to write the book Annie wants. Nothing much happens during this time other then we see Paul lifting the heavy typewriter to get stronger.

One stormy night as Paul is working out with the typewriter, he hears Annie coming and quickly puts it down. We see Annie looking and sounding...unusually down for her normal self. Paul asks why and she starts talking about how she loves him and he'll eventually leave her. She then pulls out a gun and creeps Paul out before leaving the house and driving off. Ah she's such a crazy bitch haha. Paul takes this time to grab a knife from the kitchen.

We pop over to the sheriff and see him catching onto a quote in one of Paul's Misery books (which is important for later.)

Back to Paul he goes back to his room but before he goes in, he spots Annie's memory book open in the living room (I said it was important!). As he flips through the book (which gets darker and darker every page) he learns that Annie was behind a string of infanticide cases. He then goes back to his room and gets in bed. Annie returns but goes upstairs to her room and Paul hides the knife under his mattress. He then says "see you in the morning" and falls asleep. Ah...bad idea Paul...bad idea.

Annie then surprises him in the middle of the night, waking him up and injecting him with a drug. Which makes me wonder why wait for him to wake up? Just do it when he's asleep...? Also she didn't exactly stick it in a vein...right? idk I know it's all "Hollywood" magic and stuff but...sometimes little things like that annoy me.

Next morning Paul wakes up groggy and sees he's tied down to the bed. Annie tells him she knows he's been out of his room because her little figure was in the wrong position (bad luck Paul). He then starts to look for the knife he hid, which Annie then pulls out. What follows is one of the best scenes in movie history. To this day I have to look away when Annie "hobbles" Paul. And the sound? Jesus...

Later we see Annie driving into town when the sheriff notices her when she almost gets into an accident with someone. This sparks something in him and he runs off to the library to search for something. We see him spot the quote from Misery under a picture of Annie in the papers and he starts putting the pieces together. He goes over to the (general store?) and asks if Annie's bought any Misery books and anything odd...and he learns she's bought all the books and some typing paper.

The sheriff then gets the idea to go pay Annie a visit, much to Paul's delight. But that delight is short lived when Annie rushes in and drugs him again. She then hides him down in her hidden basement and goes to greet the sheriff. What follows is a great example of how twisted Annie's mind is (I mean did she make this up ahead of time in case anything was connected to her or is she doing this on the fly? She has a reason for everything, the paper, the typewriter...).

The sheriff does a brief look in her house before going to leave when he hears a crash (Paul downstairs!) and goes rushing back in. He then hears Paul yelling from downstairs. Unfortunately for him and Paul...Annie's got a boomstick (heh). She kills the sheriff and tells Paul she's ready to kill him and her next. To stop her, he tells her he loves her and she is right that they should die together (I wonder why she believes this when just before the sheriff came, he was trying to strangle her...) but the book must be finished before then. She agrees to it and goes back upstairs, giving Paul time to stick a can of lighting fluid down his pants (haha...writing that sounds funny.).

Paul then goes back to finishing the book much to the delight of Annie. Finishing the book, he tells Annie to prepare the three things he always has at the end of every finished book, while he himself prepares to fight Annie. She brings in the items but he tells her to get a glass for herself. She leaves to get it and Paul soaks the book in the lighter fluid and waits for Annie with the match ready. He sets it on fire and when she goes to put it out, he hits her over the head with the typewriter (ow that's gotta fucking hurt!) and the fight starts! She manages to shoot him in the shoulder but he tackles her making her fire the other shot into the air. They struggle before he manages to trip her and she slams her head into the typewriter. Thinking he's finally killed her, he starts crawling out of the room but she surprises him and jumps on his back. He finally does kill her with a heavy metal pig statue thing.

18 months later in New York and we see Paul limping along with a cane to go meet Marcia in a restaurant. They talk about his new book and Annie. Paul sees Annie as a waitress before she changes to a normal women who tells Paul, "I'm your number one fan.". Oh I doubt that honey...

My thoughts - As I've said this movie is my favorite horror film. And it's hard to see anything bad/wrong with it. I mean not that there's a lot but there are a few things that I pointed out...and watching it again, it does remind me there are differences between it and the book. Is it the most amazing movie ever? No not bar far but out of the (few) horror movies I have watched in my life so far, I like it the best. It doesn't have a ton of gore (just a little blood here and there) and no scary "monsters" (Annie is a monster but I mean stuff like the boogie man). Which is what I enjoy.

If your a fan of non monster/non gory horror films then you'll like this I bet. More so if you enjoy thrillers. Stephen King is know for thrillers and it continues on here in this movie. I'd actually recommend watching the movie BEFORE the book. Why? Well thriller books are...nice but they don't really "thrill" me like a thriller movie does. Nothing keeps me on the edge of my seat better then a nice thriller movie. Books can try and while I am a huge fan of books and they can make me feel so many emotions...thriller ones just don't give me the same emotion as the movies do. Like with horror books as well...words don't scare.