Sunday, September 20, 2015

Getting into the mood for Halloween

I've always loved Halloween, even when I was little. Some people are crazy for Christmas, I'm crazy for Halloween. I've been following the musings of another blogger called Dinosaur Dracula! and I thought, why not try my hand at sharing my own musings of Halloween, horror and other scary things?

Thus this blog was born. I won't be as creative or as great as Drac but I hope I can share my love of Halloween with others.

I'll keep the about me brief.

My name is Astor. I love movies, books, video games, sweets and food in general. While I'm not a huge fan of horror, the genre has grown on me in the last few years, mainly thanks to zombie films and games. I love anything to do with zombies, which you'll see later on when we get into October and I start posting about the movies I watch!

My plans for this blog are as follows:

- October reviews: I plan on watching 1 horror/thriller movie per day for the month of October. I'll post the list of what I plan to watch on September 30th. I'll also be throwing in some cartoon movies like Nightmare Before Christmas because it's tradition for me. After I watch the movies I'll review them on here. I don't claim to be great at reviewing things but I'll try my best!

- Horror/scary game reviews: I would do let's plays but I don't have game capturing video equipment! So I'll just do a review. Since games take longer to finish then a movie, these will be spread out more. I hope to review at least 1 or 2 games in October though!

- Food/snack reviews: This is close to my heart since I'm a foodie! I'll take pictures of the food and review it. I think this is where my reviews will shine, because I'm great at picking up tastes in food.

- Sharing my thoughts: Just in general about Halloween, horror and so on. So it won't be a blog just full of reviews lol.

Anyways for my next post I plan on sharing my recent Halloween decoration/food haul! Stay tuned for that!

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