Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halloween treat and decoration haul videos!

Better late then never! My phone is super slow at uploading videos to dropbox and then I have to download the videos onto my PC and then reupload them on Youtube and then edit it a little.

What a pain lol. I've never done videos (which will be obvious when you see how shaky the camera is...sorry cell phone camera.) so please keep that in mind.

First up is my decoration haul.

And then the treat haul.

I'll have to remember to keep my videos short because they take a LONG time to upload. But I don't plan on doing many videos.

So please enjoy!

My upcoming posts will be reviews on the food you saw in the treat haul video. I'll keep the types of foods grouped together so one post will be about snack cakes, another candy...and spread them out.

Also before October hits us, I'm going to make a post asking for suggestions on what horror movies to watch for my October one movie a day plan. I'll list what movies I have (I don't know if I have 31 horror/thriller movies!) and you guys can comment on what movie you'd like to see me review on what day. Or something like that!

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