Saturday, September 26, 2015

Halloween Treat Reviews: Part 1 - Snack Cakes

Tonight I have three small reviews for three different snack cakes. I don't claim to be the best reviewer around, so these are just my honest opinion as a Halloween season fan and a foodie.

Little Debbie Pumpkin Spice Rolls - I'm a huge fan of snack cakes and pumpkin spiced things in general as well as being a fan of another Little Debbie product called Pumpkin Delights (which I get every year!), so I thought I would love these. Man was I let down! On first glance they look good but upon opening one up I got a whiff of some cheap pumpkin spice smell. Biting into one of these things was horrible. I don't know if I got an off box but blah! The "cake" was dry and had a weird texture to it. It had very little "pumpkin spice" flavor to it at all, just an overall sweet taste. The "cream" filling over powered the snack. I'm no stranger to snack cakes and their cheap fillings, but this one was pretty gross tasting. It was very sickly sweet. I plan on dumping these in the trash. 1/10 because it's still..."edible".

Hostess Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes - Man oh man am I glad Hostess is still kicking! These suckers are really good! They might even replace my favorite Halloween snack cakes (Pumpkin Delights). But I don't think I could eat more then two. The pumpkin spice flavor is rather "sharp" tasting. It can get overpowering real quick. The appearance of the cupcake is good (love the leaf sprinkles!) and the smell is heavenly! The icing is pretty good for a snack cake. The cake is moist and flavorful and the filling is quite good as well. I went looking for these again at my local Target (I first found them at Fred Meyer) but they were sold out! If you see these grab a box! 8/10 because while it is VERY good, the pumpkin spice can overpower you. (Also didn't snap a pic of the actual cake because I forgot and ate them all lol!)

Hostess Candy Corn Cupcakes - Following the success of the pumpkin spice Cupcakes, when I only saw one box left of these on the shelf at Target I thought these were going to be a hit for sure! Not so much, I mean they're not awful like the PS Rolls from Little Debbie but, they have very little flavor and nothing to do with candy corn other then the colored sprinkles on top. The appearance of the cupcake is ok, less cute then the PS Cupcakes because no leaf sprinkles lol. The icing is fine. The cake is moist like the PS one but is lacking in any real flavor, I guess if "cake" is a flavor they nailed it. The filling is their normal filling, which is good. The only thing "special" about these things are the sprinkles and the packaging. Otherwise their just normal Cupcakes. 5/10 because they were a letdown.

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