Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Treat Reviews: Part 2 - Candy

A lot of candy this year so I'm going to split the candy into two parts.

Brachs Classic Candy Corn - Now I actually dislike candy corn. Oh I've tried getting "into" them before but the super sweetness of candy corn makes it end up tasting chemically and bitter for me. So when I heard Brachs was different I thought I'd give them a chance. I was lied to. These, even though they promise on the box "Made with REAL HONEY" taste just as bitter and full of chemicals as the rest. I taste no honey at all, and I'm pretty good at picking up honey in sweets because I like it so much. I can't say much good about these, but they do have cute packaging. I like the black and orange of the Brachs logo and the fall leaves on the box. 3/10 because they're edible and eating one or two at a time is...ok.

Hammond Pumpkin Spice Lollipop - I picked this up at Target because I had never heard of the company before so I wanted to see if they made ok sweets and I'd never seen a PS lolly. I now know why. Maybe it's this brand but wow this was awful! Pure chemical taste! I didn't pick up any PS flavor at all only a "sweet" flavor under all the chemical bitter taste. God only knows what they put in this to make it taste that bad! 0/10 I had to brush my teeth and use mouth wash to get that nasty taste out!

Hammond Pumpkin Spice Caramel Marshmallow - Now I know what your thinking, "Why buy one of their products again if it was so bad last time?". Well I figured you couldn't screw up a caramel marshmallow THAT much. And for the most part I was...right? Upon opening it I sniffed it
and got a hint of PS smell. Taking a bite, I don't know if it sat around for a while but it was pretty hard and SUPER chewy. Now with caramel and marshmallow I guessed that but damn, this one was more chewy then any other caramel marshmallow I've had! There was no PS taste to it at all just ok caramel and cheap marshmallow taste. I won't be getting this again. 3/10 not horrible but not that great.

M&M White Chocolate Candy Corn - I love white chocolate so when I saw M&M came out with a white chocolate M&M for Halloween  I got really excited! Like I've said I dislike candy corn, so I was hoping for more white chocolate then candy corn flavor, and thankfully I got it.  These are amazing!!! So far these are the best thing I've had this season. The packaging is sort of cute, it has the red M&M (does he have a name?) dressed up as a candy corn with a barrel of candy corn colored (yellow, orange and white) M&Ms next to him with corn stocks in the background.  It has a very "harvest" theme to it rather then a Halloween or "spooky" theme. I say sort of cute because while everything is cute on the package  the face the red M&M is making is not. He looks rather angry/smug and that ruins the cute feeling. As for the M&Ms themselves, the colors are yellow, orange and white, just like a candy corn. And they all taste the same. It has a candy outer shell and a creamy rich white chocolate filling. The white chocolate is REALLY good. They're super addictive, I ended up eating half a bag before I realized it and stopped myself!
10/10 because I have no faults with these other then the stupid look on the red M&Ms face.

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