Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Horrorthon Starts Tomorrow!

With a lack of votes (and more often then not people telling me to watch something NOT on my list), I've had to figure this one out on my own. So it'll be heavy on the Zombie films since I love them.

October 1st - The Shining
October 2nd - Carrie
October 3rd - Christine
October 4th - Misery
October 5th - Psycho
October 6th - Rosemary's Baby
October 7th - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
October 8th - Silent Hill
October 9th - Resident Evil
October 10th - Rocky Horror Picture Show
October 11th - Nightmare on Elm Street
October 12th - Nightmare on Elm Street 2
October 13th - Friday the 13th
October 14th - Freddy vs Jason
October 15th - Night of The Living Dead (original)
October 16th - Dawn of The Dead (original)
October 17th - Day of The Dead (remake)
October 18th - Land of The Dead
October 19th - Shaun of The Dead
October 20th - Zombieland
October 21st - I am Legend
October 22nd - 28 Weeks Later
October 23rd - The Evil Dead
October 24th - House of 1000 Corpses
October 25th - Ghostbusters
October 26th - Ghostbusters 2
October 27th - The Wicker Man
October 28th - Halloween H20
October 29th - Halloween 4
October 30th - Halloween 2
October 31st - Halloween

I hope to find the original Halloween as well as some other original movies up on Youtube, but if not I'll watch whatever version I have that works.

If you wish to watch some Halloweenish/horror movies as well, I've found this stream via reddit:

Use at your own risk though...I only go to that site with Firefox and adblocker on. I don't really trust streams.

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