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Carrie Review

Learning from my mistakes last time, hopefully I can do a better review. I've never actually seen Carrie before, so that might help some.

Again sorry about the late posting...I really need to watch these movies earlier takes me a few hours to watch and write down my thoughts...

Title - Carrie

Genre - Supernatural horror

Year - 2002 (I thought this was the original one...turns out it's not! Darn. I wish I had the original...)

First view of the movie is a bloody knife and a woman holding a crying baby...this should be interesting? Then it cuts to a cheezy title screen with...meteors falling? First opinion on this movie so far is late 90's early 2000's cheezy movie. Not good.

Doesn't help when the typical high school drama crap kicks in with cheezy music playing. Carrie seems to be singled out as a "creepy religious person", and I seem to remember hearing something like that with the original maybe this newer version won't suck ass. It looks like we're going to go between the present with Sue and this detective and flash backs to before the prom.

And then we see the love interest! Tommy Ross, according to her drawing. And then cue the typical jerkoff assholes who notice Carrie staring at Tommy and have to point it out. But good one on Tommy for throwing his book at the jackass. They make another comment about her religion...which is a little odd? I mean I know originally this movie was set in the 70s but I think people were more religious then, then they are now. But what's odd is unless I'm very mistaken...she isn't practicing an "odd" religion right? I don't want to single out religions and call them odd, to each his or her own beliefs, but what I'm trying to get at is she's most likely a Catholic or Christian right? I mean the movie takes place in America (all ready guessed that much) and those are the two biggest religions here...right? So why are they picking on her for her religion if it's one of those two? Again never seen the movie before so no idea what religion she is...but still strikes me as odd.

Cue more crappy early 2000s music while Carrie fails at baseball and all the bitches at school make fun of her. Reminds me why I hate teenagers...male or female...bunch of pricks who need to be taught some fucking manners.

We then get a shower scene...oh lovely. I can only picture this going horribly wrong and...yep Carrie gets her period and is spotted by some random bitch, who runs to a group of bitches and tells them. Seriously? It's mother nature, every female that age gets it, but you bitches have to make fun of her for it? At some point the gym teacher comes to Carries rescue but not before shes most likely been emotionally scarred. Makes me wonder if the gym teacher is going to do anything to those fucking bitches...I doubt it. Carrie asks the gym teacher if shes dying, which tells me she's never had a period before...lovely. Poor girl. We also get the first glimpse that somethings not right with Carrie when the gym teacher slaps her to knock her out of it, making the light bulb above them burst.

And it looks like those bitches will get "disciplined" according to the...principal? So that's good at least. The principal says they're going to send her home and keeps fucking up her name, which pisses Carrie off and makes his desk move. Gee I wonder what this movie is

So walking down the hallway with everyone talking behind her back and watching her...she gets to her locker which has "Plug it up" written in red. Subtle. And of course when she opens her locker it's filled with tampons. Which makes me wonder how they got them in there...there's no slots on the lockers. So while all the tampons pour out, everyone laughs at her.

She then leaves school and walks home, when a boy on a bike spots her (does the whole town hate her or something? he looks too young to be a high school student.). He rides up to her and scares her by yelling "Creepy Carrie". Which causes Carrie to flip out and use her "power" to shove the little shit into a tree...hopefully breaking his arm.

As she walks up the stairs we get a flash back to Carrie's childhood where she spots a neighbor sunbathing. Carrie's actually pretty as a little girl (different actress I know but...they could have made her ugly as a kid too). We get to see a look into how weird Carrie's mom is (calling breasts, dirty what) when she drags Carrie into their house and starts talking...scripture? All while meteors fall on the house and surrounding I know why they were on the title screen! Still cheezy.

Coming back to the present time, Carrie puts on a necklace with Jesus on the cross, confirming that she's Catholic (at least from what I've read that Catholics use the crucifixion cross and not a plain cross, and I know jack all about religion in general so if I get something wrong, sorry.). Upon entering the house we see more crucifixion crosses and her mother. And if to sink in more how weird her mom is...she calls getting a period a curse (well technically it is a fucking curse...anyone who's had one can tell you that!). Oh and she locks her daughter in a closet! Yep...she's weird.

We go back to Sue and the detective. The detective reads a short bit of prose by Carrie and asks her view on it and religion in general. This movie has a lot of religious stuff in it doesn't it? And I agree with Sue on the religion thing. I'm not religious at all but maybe if it was less gloom, doom, death, sins and hell...and about fun might get me interested in it.

Back to Carrie in her closet, she's reading teen magazines she's somehow smuggled in under her mothers nose...heh. How rebellious, might be hope for her yet.

Now with five days till prom, we see the gym teacher get a little revenge on Carries behalf by throwing a bag full of tampons at the bitches who pranked Carrie. I like this teacher! The bitches have their hissy fit but the gym teacher stands strong. A shame the real harsh punishment wasn't enforced. All while this is going down Carrie looks up miracles using 1990s internet lol.

Four days till prom, seems one of the bitches was kicked out of school...ha! So some jerkass writes a note about Carrie and the class passes it around and starts snickering at Carrie while she looks like she's having a epileptic seizure. I guess shes trying to control her powers so she doesn't up and kill everyone? Which...why bother? I'd kill them all if I had that power.

Chris's father (bitch who got kicked out of school) shows up and harasses the principal and gym teacher because he's a big shot lawyer. But the principal actually shows he has some balls and stands up to the father for Carrie and several other girls who were bullied by Chris.

We cut to a bowling alley (which seems to be packed and hopping with high school kids...wth I doubt a bowling alley would ever be packed like that unless it was the 1950s and in Smalltown, USA.) when Chris confronts Sue about not having her back with the gym teacher.

After that we go back to Carrie who's testing out her powers by moving a hair brush on a table. She seems to be having a hard time focusing her powers (a little odd since she can bend metal and do all this destructive crap but moving a hair brush is hard? I guess because before she wasn't really "focusing" on it...?) when her mom interrupts her causing her to lose control of her powers and making all the stuff in her room float for a few seconds before crashing back to the floor. Neat powers...also makes me wonder why her mom didn't come into her room, yelling at her about that loud crashing sound...

We switch over to Sue and Ross. Sue's trying to convince Ross to take Carrie to the prom because she likes him and Sue thinks it'll be good for Carrie. Ross seems to hesitantly agree, even though he says it's a bad idea.

Cutting to Carrie looking up psychic powers in the library, Ross awkwardly asks Carrie to go to the prom with him. And I do mean awkward. He eventually gets her to say yes. And she looks happy for the first time since this movie started...

We go to Sue and the detective. The detective tells Sue that a lot of people think she was plotting with Chris and Ross to make fun of Carrie at the prom. Sue insists that she and Chris had a falling out (which idk...I kinda think Sue is a good girl deep down so I want to be on her side.).

Back to Carrie, she and her mother are sitting down eating cake (Betty Crocker apparently! Odd, I pictured her mother as being so strict she wouldn't allow Carrie to eat sweets...), Carrie brings up that she was invited to the prom, to which her mother says "No, no, no." They argue and Carrie uses her powers to force her mother to listen to what she has to say. She want's to lead her own life and says things are going to change around here. Good for her!

Back to the detective, now he's talking to a super preppy school spirit chick about Sue and Chris and what happened at the prom (who picks a doughnut apart like that to eat one...annoying!).

Cutting to Chris in the locker room at school, she over hears Carrie talking on the phone and surprises her, causing Carrie to hang up. All Chris does is plant doubt in Carrie's mind that Sue actually likes her. Because she's a bitch...and that's what bitches do.

Next scene is Carrie trying on lipstick...quite badly (I've hardly worn make up but at least I know how to put on lipstick! It's not that hard...) when she's spotted by Sue. Sue tries to help her with the lipstick and they talk about the prom. And this is where I notice Carrie looks better (her hair) and she's actually talking normal.

Two days before prom, and everyone is working in the gym, painting back drops. Chris then strolls in to meet with one of her bitchy friends when she finds out Carrie and Ross are on the prom king and queen ballet. She then calls Billy (her boyfriend) to tell him about this and start in motion the evil plot...

Over to Carrie's house where shes planning on what dress to make for the prom. The mother brings up religion again (I mean I know about bible thumpers but wow...give it a rest lady. Pretty sure all you have to do to get in good with Jesus is ask to be forgiven on your death bed...again know jack about religion so...but that's what I've heard.) and Carrie insists Jesus loves her still.

Back to the detective, this time he's talking to a delinquent named Jackie about being friends with Chris, Billy and Sue. He shows Jackie some pictures of him, Chris and Billy at a pig farm after dark (which is interesting because most security cameras take really grainy shots...oh well, Hollywood magic right?).

We flash back to the night in question in one of the...creepier moments in this movie so far where Billy shows some of his true colors and mercilessly bashes a pigs head with a sledge hammer.

Next scene we see Carrie's house marked off with police tape, like a crime scene. There the detective is seen going through Carrie's room and looking at her stuff. He turns when he hears a creak and we flash back to the night of the prom where Carrie is looking at her self in her new pink dress. Her mother comments on how "I should have known it would be red." When it's clearly pink...(foreshadowing?). She annoys Carrie enough to piss her off and make her use her powers to push her mother out of the room. Her mother then leaves the house with a bible (late night run to church to pray for her daughter?)

We then see Carrie worry about Ross not coming, letting her power run amok on the house. But Ross shows in the end (making for a very funny scene where we hear everything crashing down in the house lol.) He shows up with a limo and everything...sweet guy.

It's over to the creepy asshole Billy and his bitch girlfriend Chris while they're in bed (most likely after having sex). Chris wonders out loud if their plan is such a good idea but in the end she admits it is a good joke. Billy says "Pig blood for a pig" telling us whats to come. Really makes me wonder why Billy hates Carrie that much...I mean I get most people hate Carrie, but other then the fact Chris wants revenge on Carrie...he doesn't really have a motive for that hatred...right?

Carrie and Ross drive up to the prom in the limo (which looking at all the normal he the only one who rented a limo? interesting...). We then see Chris and her boyfriend being super creepy and spying on Carrie and Ross. Again...why is Billy so creepy here?

So everybody is shocked how Carrie looks so good (and she really does look nice once she takes care of her hair and ditches the frumpy clothing.) Ross leaves to go get punch while the gym teacher spots Carrie and starts talking to her about how none of this popular girl bullshit will matter after high school is over. She then takes Ross away to talk to him and threatens to expel him if he doesn't treat Carrie right. Good for her, but isn't she taking Carrie's side a little too much? I guess maybe she was bullied and knows how it feels? Still...little odd.

Ross convinces Carrie to dance with him (saying it requires no skill, just shifting your weight from foot to foot, which looking at the other true. I've never danced so I didn't notice that...I guess slow dances are good for more then just getting close to your date lol.) and Carrie says how good of a time shes having. We then see creepy Billy and bitchy Chris hiding up in the rafters with a rope tied to a bucket over the prom king and queen chairs...gee I wonder what will happen? So voting assumes for prom king and queen.

We cut to the detective with some ballets he fished out of the dumpster and reveals that Frank and Jessica were the ones who won prom king and queen, not Ross and Carrie. Back to the prom we see Carrie and Ross win the vote and get led up on stage. While this is happening we cut over to Carrie's mother sitting in the messy house looking up at a cross (which I still don't see why she didn't want Carrie to go unless she herself has some sort of powers and knew everything that was going to happen...which makes me wonder why didn't she just tell Carrie all of it in the first place?). Going back to the prom we see Chris chicken out and not pull the rope at the correct time. And Ross and Carrie go off to have a dance and end up kissing which makes me start suspecting...yep it was just a dream/idea in Carries head. So back in the moment, Chris pulls the rope and Carrie gets the bucket of blood poured on her. Chris notices it's time to get the hell out and lets go of the rope which causes the bucket to hit Ross on his head (killing him?) and starts the asshole/bitches laughing which in turn causes Carrie to lose her shit in a most satisfying way.

Carrie ends up killing nearly everyone in the gym save for a few people that the gym teacher was able to save. And she walks out of the gym while it collapses and is engulfed in flames...bad ass revenge!

We cut to the detective talking to Sue and we flash back to what she saw that night. Looks like as Carrie walks through town, her powers are out of control and cause destruction where she goes. We go back to the two main assholes in this movie Chris and Billy when they get informed half the town is in ruins and the gym is gone. Billy then tells Chris they should go watch the fires...seriously mental case here. Billy and Chris then spot someone while in Billy's truck and Billy floors it, trying to run down whoever it is (he's doing this before we can tell they know it's what the fuck is his problem?) and they end up getting their just desserts when Carrie's powers lifts the truck and smashes it on a pole, killing them both.

Carrie arrives home where she fills the bathtub full of water with her powers and gets into the tub...dress and all. She then "snaps out of it" by freezing a drop of water? Ok...then. Her mother then comes in and tries to drown her for being a "witch". Carrie uses her powers to stop her mothers heart. She then "drowns".

We go back to the detective and Sue and he questions her on when she last saw Carrie alive. She says before the prom but he brings up the fact she said after the prom at the gas station. We then see why she lies. Sue gives mouth to mouth to Carrie and revives her.

Back to the detective, this time with the gym teacher (meaning she survived! yay!) and he questions her on what she saw that night. She believes what happened on prom night was the work of Carrie (bingo, hit the nail on the head! the only smart one in this movie lol...). We see Sue going to a storage locker (?) place and unlocking it to find Carrie in there bundled up with a space heater. They go to the cemetery after dark and we see Carrie has cut her hair and dyed it blond. Sue tells Carrie she'll drive her as far as Florida.

As the movie ends we see Carrie having nightmares about her mother and Chris and turns out the hair job was just a wig lol.

My thoughts: I think I would have liked the original one better because I bet it would have had less cheezy effects and music in it. But it's not a horrible movie...just...not what I expected I guess. I knew the basic story of Carrie going into it (mother is a religious nut job, Carrie has powers, she gets blood poured on her at prom and then freaks out killing people.) but the movie didn't answer a lot of questions it left me with. Like why did Sue help her this much? And why was Billy such a crazy prick? Why was Carrie's mom so freaky?

I guess I can see Sue helping her this much because she feels guilty about what happened. And Carrie's mom being this way because Carrie was born with powers but...assuming the bloody knife and woman holding a crying baby at the beginning of the movie was her mother...then she was all ready freaky. But Billy...I can't explain that one. It's a so-so movie remake. I can't judge it more until I see the original and see if it's better...I sure hope it is.

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