Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween Treat Reviews: Part 3 - Odds and ends

I was planning on reviewing Silent Hill tonight but I've gotten 0 comments and hardly any views on my reviews (which take a LOT out of me because I'm sick right now) so...why bother? I think I'm going to cut the reviews quite early...I'll still watch the movies but on my own time, without reviewing them.

Now that also means less posts from me but, I'll still post when I figure I have something of interest to share.

Onto the treats!

Cheetos Bag of Bones - I'm not a fan of Cheetos in general but I'll make an exception for these because they're white chedder flavored and you can play with your food! They come in four distinct shapes. The skull, a rib cage, bones and hand/feet. The flavor is fairly accurate, it doesn't have a rich flavor but I didn't expect much from Cheetos after all. The texture is not unlike a normal Cheeto, puffy and crunchy. Overall it's a good "spooky" themed treat, but I won't be rushing back to the store to stock up on bags. I give it a 6/10 because it's cute and has an ok flavor. 

Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid Jammers Scary Blackberry - As a kid I used to love Kool-Aid and I would drink it all the time. Now as a grown up I've noticed the yummy taste Kool-Aid used to have isn't there anymore. Maybe they changed how they make flavors there but they all seem to fall flat. Now as for the pouches or "Jammers" some of them have a slight bitter chemical taste to them and others the flavor is pretty light. I have noticed all the "Jammers" seem to share the same underlying taste, the Ghoul-Aid is no different. But what is different about the Ghoul-Aid is it's actually pretty good! I like blackberry flavors in general so I'm pretty happy about the flavor here. Of course
because it's Kool-Aid the flavor is still fairly light, but it's still good. And I love the packaging lol. I find it a little odd that it's not purple colored but instead a dark blue (I was thinking it was purple so I squirted some out in a glass to see...nope lol), but oh well. 8/10 this is by far the best Kool-Aid flavor I've had in a while, next time I see it I think I'll grab some more. This'll be my go to "spooky" drink for the season. Oh and on the plus side, it turns your tongue blue!

General Mills Monster Cereals Count Chocula - If you don't know what Monster Cereals are by now, boy what rock have you been hiding under? For those who don't know "Monster Cereals" are cereals that come out around Halloween time that are based off of classic monsters. Count Chocula for Count Dracula, Franken Berry for on and so forth. So why is there so much hype around these cereals? I think it's the nostalgia, people remember eating these cereals around this time when they were kids. I actually don't remember these cereals very well or fondly. I know I've had them warm fuzzy feelings come flooding back. Anyways onto the cereal. I get Count Chocula because it's chocolate, I've never tried the others...I might this season. I don't know if they do it every year but last year and this year they've had special editions of the cereal. Last year was a "retro" look. Sadly I didn't save a box. This year it's a "We're Alive" edition. Where you use your smart phone to make the box "come alive". Target has a build your own monster castle or something and Walmart has glow in the dark masks you can cut out. I have yet to find them so this review is about the plain jane "We're Alive" one. The cereal is a normal puffy crunchy grain cereal with chocolate flavoring and marshmellows. The cereal bits look like pac-man ghosts, while the marshmellows look like deformed bats. I get them every year and I haven't noticed a change in flavor but people sware that it used to be better. 8/10 because it's cute, it's chocolatey and it turns my milk into chocolate sugar milk!

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