Monday, October 5, 2015

My 2015 Halloween Mood Table

Taking inspiration from Dinosaur Dracula! once again, I decided to finally do my own take on a Halloween mood table. What is a mood table? A Halloween mood table is a surface (any surface really, table/chair/upturned bucket...whatever floats your boat) that you COVER with anything and everything that SCREAMS Halloween to you. Like a "shrine" to Halloween. Let's say...zombies scream Halloween...slap as much zombie stuff as you can on a table and that's your mood table!

The point of a mood table is to represent Halloween and whenever you look at it, it makes you just FEEL Halloween. Some people put things like movies/games/books to watch/play/read over the course of October. Others put a bucket of candy and tell themselves they have to empty it by Halloween. Personally I don't have a ton of space to work with so I'm just going with the basic decoration idea.

I like the idea of "themed" tables so my theme is "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" as in half good, half bad.

In this picture the left is the "good" or cute stuff and the right is the "bad" or scary stuff. Split in the middle is a creepy light up Jack O Lantern.

Good side (from top to bottom of pic):

- Stuffed Ray Ghostbuster plush
- Purple Frankenstein head filled with Chupa Chup's!
- Ceramic potion bottle labeled "ghost goo"
- Vintage (?) Jack O Lantern metal lantern thing
- Cookie tin
- Hello Kitty gothic snow globe
- Hello Kitty plush dressed as a bat
- Day of the Dead candle holder
- Dino Drac's "Death Bag" I got in his fun pack last month


- Dino Drac's ugly mini poster
- Creepy Jack O Lantern
- Day of the Dead cookie tin

Bad side:

- Light up gothic candelabra
- Cool/spooky Voodoo Skeleton doll
- Vintage Halloween ceramic cat thing (seriously no idea what this is other then it's old)
- Purple box is a cute fake witch cafe thing...
- Fake bloody hand
- Fake spider
- Light up mini Jack O Lantern

I also have a strand of hanging skeleton's above it all.

Up close shot for details. Ignore the clutter in the back.

I also put my little figurines and more breakable items on my desk to decorate it a little, but since it's not as jam packed as the table, I didn't bother with pictures.

I've also yet to put up lights but I plan to later, it's just a struggle and a half figuring out how to hang them when you have NO HANGERS!!!

This is the first time thus far since starting this blog that I've really felt..."festive". I guess it's because I got knocked down hard by a awful sore throat and I'm still recovering from it. Just haven't had the energy, plus this damned Horrorthon.

And that's what a Halloween mood table is supposed to do. It's supposed to put you in the mood for Halloween and it did it's job very well.

I'm all ready planning next year's mood's going to be Day of the Dead or zombies...I plan on hitting up all the stores JUST after Halloween for the sales and grabbing all the Day of the Dead and zombie crap I can.

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