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Psycho Review

Well checking the year on the DVD again (a little late now) I find out once more, I have a remake, not the original. Makes me realize I need to buy the original movies. So the version I have I've seen this version before and I think the classic one...I kinda like this one. It's not horrible...I mean some of the acting is less then...great (Vince Vaughn) but it's not as bad as a lot of people say it is. Plus I like color movies more lol.

So with that in mind let's start.

Title - Psycho

Genre - Horror

Year - 1998

We start the movie off in Phoenix, Arizona on December 11th, 1998. And are greeted with the view of a couple in bed at a cheap hotel. The woman tells her boyfriend she has to leave to get back to work and we get some filler dialog but learn the boyfriends name is Sam. I just want to say...I hate her hair. That style of hair works on some people but damn it's ugly on her.

So off to work she goes. Marion arrives at work to find her boss is still out at lunch with some big account. She blathers on with another chick and in pop her boss and the big spender. Big spender flirts with Marion and pulls out $400,000 that he plans to buy the house her boss is selling. The boss uncomfortable with that much money, tells Marion to store it in the safe deposit box. Talk about trusting your employees lol.

Marion leaves work, complaining of a headache. At home she packs her suitcase and debates about taking the money. She eventually settles and takes the money. In the car we hear a conversation she had earlier with her boyfriend (she's planning on giving him the money to get out of debt.), she and her boss spot each other, which worries Marion.

She drives until she's to tired and pulls over on the side of the road to rest. A police officer spots her and pulls over to investigate. When he wakes her up she freaks out and tries to flee but he stops her. They talk and he questions her a little before letting her go.

Marion makes her way to a city and stops at an car dealer to trade her old car for something new. Unfortunately for her seems the cop that she met earlier, and thought was following her...really was as he parks across the street and watches her.

What ticks me off about this movie (and I assume the original has this as well...can't remember) is that Marion is making herself really suspicious. Acting dodgy with the cop, making the car dealer rush on the trade...of course people are going to check into her if you act like that. Idiot.

Anyways she drives off in the new car and worries over the cop and her boss and blah blah blah. So these conversations we hear...are they real or just what she thinks will be said? It happened all ready with her boyfriend but I thought that was real, so I kinda have my doubts now.

She drives till nighttime and it starts raining so hard she can't see where she's going, she spots the Bates Motel sign all lit up and decides to stop for the night. Marion goes into the office but finding no one there, runs back to the car and honks. We catch a glimpse of a "woman" in the house beyond the motel before someone exits the house and comes down to the motel.

We then meet the owner of the motel, Norman Bates. Who's very...awkward. He shows her to her room and invites her to have dinner with him. She agrees and he goes off to prepare. While she for some reason searches for a place to hide her money. Finding a spot (in a newspaper? Really...ok.), she over hears Norman and his "mother" argue about Marion coming up for dinner.

Norman comes back with food and tells her to join him in the office. They then go to the parlour witch is filled with creepy taxidermy birds. Norman goes on to talk about said...gross and creepy birds...and his mother. At some point Marion asks if it wouldn't be better to put her "some place" at which point Norman gets angry at her. She then says she needs to get to bed and leaves also letting slip her real last name (she signed in with a fake name). Norman goes to check the log and sees she lied about her name.

Norman then pulls down a picture, revealing a peephole into Marion's room and watches her undress while...jerking off lol. Once he finishes, he runs back up to the house.

Back to Marion, she decides to take a shower (is it just me or is there no soap bubbles? I see soap in her hand but...not one bubble? Cheap soap.). While she showers, we someone enter the bathroom silently, yank back the shower curtain and stab Marion. Cue the famous stabbing scene.

Norman finds his "mother" with blood on her and runs to check on Marion and finds her dead. He goes and turns all the outside lights off and grabs a mop and bucket, planning on cleaning up the crime. He drags Marion's body out of the bathroom and lays her on the shower curtain, then cleans out the tub (better use bleach...they can pick up blood traces even if you wipe it away.). Once done cleaning, he moves Marion's car into position and puts Marion and her items (along with the mop and bucket) into the trunk. He then drives her car to a nearby swamp and pushes the car into it. And watches it sink, eating and smiling like the sick bastard he is.

Over to Marion's boyfriend, Sam. We see him writing Sam a letter in the back room of the local hardware store, when who pulls up in a cab, but Marion's sister. She comes in and tells Sam that she hasn't seen Marion since Friday. Then in comes a private eye. And Sam learns not only is Marion missing, but she stole $400,000. The private eye swears he'll find her.

Cue montage of the private eye checking in at all the hotels/motels/bed and breakfasts looking for Marion before he pulls up to...the Bates Motel. He asks Norman a few questions and shows him Marion's picture. At first Norman lies about having seen Marion but he slips up in the lies and has to "fake" remember she was there. To sum up this part...just pure awkwardness. Norman can't lie for shit.

The private eye leaves and calls Lila (Marion's sister) and informs her that Marion had stayed at the Bates Motel. He decides to go back to the motel to snoop around. He tries to find Norman but upon not finding him, he goes up to the house and just walks in (er...pretty sure that's illegal buddy.). He creeps up the stairs but at the top Norman's "mother" attacks him and kills him.

Back to Lila and Sam, Lila gets fed up and tells Sam she's going to go check out the Bates Motel but Sam stops her and says he'll go.

Cutting back to Norman, we see him at the swamp (presumably getting rid of the private eye and his car...I say that because while I don't see the car going under, I do hear something bubbling.) and Sam looking around at the motel. Not finding anyone Sam starts to yell for the private eye, which Norman hears.

Back at the hardware store, Sam tells Lila he didn't find the private eye or Bates. Sam figures they should go talk to the sheriff out there, so they head over to his place and tell him the story.  The sheriff calls Norman asking about the private eye and then tells Lila and Sam that Norman said he left and didn't come back. Lila brings up that he was supposed to talk to Norman's mother but the sheriff reveals that his mother has been dead for ten years. Sam tells the sheriff he saw an old woman in the house at the motel, but the sheriff wonders who it could be then.

Over to Norman we hear him talk to his "mother" and tell her he needs to hide her. He then comes out carrying her down the stairs.

The next day Sam and Lila drive to the motel, planning on checking in as husband and wife and searching the motel for any clues. They check in and decide to check out the 1st room. They find a scrap of paper with 400,000 written on it. Lila insists on talking to Norman's "mother". Sam finds Norman and talks to him, giving Lila a chance to go talk to Norman's "mother". Lila enters the house and goes up to Norman's "mother's" room but finds no one there. She then wanders into Norman's room...which is creepy as fuck considering a grown man sleeps there. A combination of kids toys and porno mags...lovely. Sam continues to poke at Norman, finally pissing him off enough to grab a golf club and hit Sam with it.

Worried that Lila is in the house, Norman rushes up to the house, while Lila hides from him. He goes upstairs, leaving her to go down to the basement. She comes across the "workshop" when she finds Norman's "mother". Lila turns the chair the "mother" is sitting in revealing...she's a mummy! Lila freaks out and along comes Norman...dressed as his mother. But there's Sam to the rescue! They subdue Norman.

Outside a courthouse we see a group of rabid vultures (whoops, sorry my's a bunch of news people.) talking to police. Inside the courthouse we see Sam, Lila and the sheriff talking. The shrink comes in and reveals that Norman's "mother" was a side to him (a split personality) and that side has now taken over. He tells them that Marion and the private eye are both dead in the swamp. He then tells them that Norman's mother and her lover were killed by Norman and that Norman was mentally disturbed ever since his father died. He goes on to tell them what Norman did to keep his "mother" around.

The movie ends with the police pulling Marion's car out of the swamp.

My thoughts: After re-watching it I can sort of see why it got the flak it did. It's super cheezy and while for the original that was ok because that's what it was ok to do back then, in the 90''s just not right. I know they were going for an updated version of the original so they pretty much copied the original scene to scene but...blah. I actually like Vince Vaughn's acting most of the time but this movie was not right for him, or anyone in it really. They should have never remade it.

If you're going to watch Psycho...get the original copy. I fucked up lol. I don't recommend this movie for ANYONE.

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