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Rosemary's Baby Review

Back to the classics again since this one is the original movie! Thank goodness. I've only read the book (which was several years ago now) and never seen the movie so this will be new for me.

Title - Rosemary's Baby

Genre - Psychological horror

Year - 1968

The movie starts with a young couple getting shown an apartment. Guy cracks a joke about pot, which is a little weird? I mean I know it's the 60's and free love and all that but I would think in mainstream media (figuring that this movie was seen by a lot of people) they wouldn't do that. The man showing them the apartment spots a large piece of furniture blocking a closet and asks Guy to help him move it. And they reveal...nothing lol, just a normal closet.

Down on the street Rosemary begs Guy for the apartment and he says yes.

Over to where Rosemary and Guy currently live (?), they have dinner with their friend and the owner of the building they live. He tries to get them to stay by telling them horror stories about the new apartment buildings evil past. But they don't take his words of warning to heart...big mistake.

We see Guy and Rosemary move into the new and now empty apartment. And for some reason pick the floor to fuck on...personally I would have picked up against the wall but...that's just me.

Cue montage of them getting the place fixed up and looking better.

Down in the basement Rosemary meets Terry, one of her neighbors. Terry talks about the couple she lives with (the Castevets) and how they saved her from the streets. She then shows Rosemary a "good luck charm" necklace they gave her.

Back up in their apartment Rosemary and Guy hear some creepy chanting next door while making out...talk about a mood killer.

We switch to Rosemary and Guy walking back to the apartment at night when they find out that Terry has killed herself by jumping out the window of the apartment she shares with the Castevets. Which we then meet. Weird people to say the least.

The next day, Mrs. Castevet comes by and talks to Rosemary and looks around the apartment. Mrs. Castevet then invites Rosemary and Guy to dinner.

Later Guy comes home and tells Rosemary he didn't get a part in a play. They decide to go over to the Castevets for dinner. Mr. Castevet flatters Guy by telling him he really liked what he did in one of the plays he was in. Nothing much else happens here, other then Guy seemingly getting sucked in by Mr. Castevets stories and flattery.

The next day (?), Mrs. Castevet and her friend sort of barge their way into Rosemary and Guy's place to talk with Rosemary (man is Mrs. Castevet annoying!). She then gives Rosemary Terry's old necklace which is filled with Tannis Root and insists that Rosemary wears it.

Later she and Guy talk about the necklace and Rosemary dislikes it so much that she decides to put it away and not wear it. Guy then gets a phone call telling him he's got the part in the play he wanted because the actor who originally got it suddenly went blind.

Rosemary unhappily talks to her and Guy's friend and tells him about the part in the play and how Guy seems distant. At least I assume that's the friend and not a shrink...

Back home Guy surprises Rosemary with lots of roses and tells her that he want's to have a baby with her. They settle in to have a very romantic evening together when Mrs. Castevet drops off two chocolate mouses for them. The two dig into them but Rosemary picks up a "chalky" under taste and throws hers out after a few bites (that would be the drugs...lol). She then passes out and has...a very fucked up dream. And I do mean fucked up...surprising they show that much in a movie from the 60s...

When Rosemary wakes up she finds scratches on her body, which Guy apologizes for saying he didn't want to miss "baby night". Rosemary seems less then pleased that Guy fucked her while she was asleep...yeah that wasn't the only thing that fucked you lady.

Rosemary goes to see a doctor to see if she's pregnant yet and gets a call later from him informing her she's carrying the spawn of Satan...oh wait I mean that's she's pregnant. Guy get's home and Rosemary tells him she's pregnant. The first thing he wants to do is tell the Castevets...weird. So the Castevets come over...oh bother. Minnie insists on having Rosemary go to a friend of hers instead of the doctor she was going to. That night she gets up out of bed and put's the necklace on...for some weird reason.

The next day the doctor basically tells her to only listen to him and Minnie when it comes to the baby (I'd get warning signs about this time...but Rosemary's just a dumb blond I guess.) and Minnie sets out to making her some sort of herbal drink that's better then pills...

Time passes and we see Rosemary grow thin and pale and crave nearly raw meat (big HUGE red flashing warning signs Rosemary ya dumbass...). She and Hutch talk about these things, which makes Hutch worry about her. They also talk about the Castevets.

Later on Rosemary goes out to meet Hutch for lunch and to talk. She waits for a while but when Hutch is a no show, she worries and calls him finding out he fell into a coma. Minnie then comes across her walking along and seeing she doesn't feel well, insists on taking Rosemary home.

During the New Years party Rosemary complains about the pains getting worse to her doctor but he brushes her worries aside.

Rosemary begins to suspect things (FINALLY) and throws Minnie's nasty drinks out. She throws a party with her friends (no one under 60 allowed), when she finally breaks down in front of her girl friends. Her friends insist that she goes to another doctor because the pain isn't normal (gee really?).

After the party Rosemary tells Guy she's going to see another doctor and that she's been throwing Minnie's drinks out. Guy gets pissed off and Rosemary yells she wants to go see another doctor no matter what when the pain suddenly stops and the baby moves. She makes Guy feel but he pulls away quickly (I guess knowing what's inside her...).

Cue montage of them getting baby stuff, Rosemary gaining weight and going back to drinking Minnie's nasty drinks (idiot).

Then one night she get's a call learning Hutch has died.

The next day (?) she goes to the cemetery and meets with some woman who knew Hutch. She gives Rosemary a book Hutch wanted her to have and tells her "The name is an anagram."

Getting home she sets about finding out what Hutch meant. At first she tries the name of the book, but finding nothing she turns to the name in the book that Hutch highlighted. And finds out the anagram is Mr. Castevats name.

Guy comes home and Rosemary tells him about the book and how Mr. Castevats is in it. Guy brushes her worries off and takes the book away from her.

Rosemary voices her concerns to her doctor and he agrees with her and proscribes her pills since she said she's not letting Minnie give her any more drinks.

Next we see the Castevats leave for a trip. After that Rosemary learns Guy through her book out (gee really? Dick.).

Later Rosemary goes out of her way to get more books on witchcraft and tosses the necklace the Castevats gave her. Suspicious, she sets about learning if all these odd events that have happened along the way have been because of witchcraft (the guy who was to play in the play but fell blind...). Freaked out, she packs her things and leaves to go see her doctor.

But when she learns that he smells of tannis root (from his secretary) she leaves, scared. She calls Dr. Hill insisting that she needs to see him NOW. He agrees on a meeting. She goes to his office and talks to him. Thinking she's lost it, he calls Guy and her other doctor. They force her to come home with them.

At the apartment building she "accidentally" drops some items and runs into the elevator when they distractedly pick up the items. Running for her apartment she just manages to get in and lock them both out. But while she's on the phone, they manage to sneak into the apartment (and bring the coven...). The doctor sedates Rosemary and she goes into labor.

Upon waking Rosemary learns that her baby is dead, she flips her shit and calls them liars and witches (little late for that dummy). The doctor sedates her again.

Afterwards she seems...dazed? For a lack of a better word...in shock I guess. She eventually hears a baby crying. Which makes her start worrying again so she stops taking her pills. Then in the middle of the night she gets up and cleans out that closet that was blocked off. She reveals a secret door connecting her apartment and the Castevats apartment. She goes back to the kitchen to grab a knife when she hears someone coming, she hides. They then leave and she continues on with her mission.

She enters the apartment and comes across the coven having a party. She spots a black crib and approaches it, holding her knife. She then learns the baby is the spawn of Satan. To which the coven happily says "Hail Satan". Yep...

Shocked by this, Rosemary cries to the heavens. Guy comes to comfort her but she spits in his face (she should have kept the knife and killed him...). The demon spawn starts crying and stirred by the cries Rosemary goes to rock him. And instead of killing it like she should...she smiles and accepts him as her child...dumb bitch.

My thoughts: I like the book a lot more but both the book and movie are...stupid in my opinion. Rosemary is such a dumb bitch...so she's unlikable. And the fucking Castevats! Don't get me started on them.

I mean the movie isn't "horrible". The acting is...so-so, there's no real special effects or anything great like that...for a movie made in the 1960s it's ok. Personally unless you like the book, I wouldn't recommend the movie. I can't say much good about this movie...wish I could.

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