Friday, October 9, 2015

The Halloween Whopper

So I was planning on reviewing Burger King's Halloween Whopper (since we only have two BK's nearby and one just happens to be next to where I was today), but lo and behold, BOTH BK's were sold out of the fucking things!

I actually called one of them to see and from what the lady told me on the's because BK didn't make enough black buns...they've been sold out for a few days...IT'S NOT EVEN BLOODY HALLOWEEN YA FUCKERS. I'm sorry but jesus's a HALLOWEEN burger...make some more fucking buns so you can keep selling them till Halloween ya fucks!

So there goes my plans. I missed out I guess. idk from what I was reading, the bun wasn't that great, didn't have a lot of steak sauce flavor. I guess I'm only missing out on having colored...leavings. Still meh!

I tried :(

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  1. I had the same problem at 2 different Burger Kings! Asked what happened and those clerks got kinda hostile! I'll just go with some gourmet pumpkin pies.