Friday, November 6, 2015

Saying goodbye to my favorite holiday, and saying hello to the "normal" holidays

So this Halloween passed without much pomp...I think this is the first Halloween I've passed without...really celebrating it. Getting sick really threw a wrench into my plans and that in turn made me depressed and moody and not wanting to really celebrate it.

But I thought I would give it a proper send off by taking a look at my last "loot" score. I only went to two stores and one of them was Target...DAMN it was cleared out. I mean I expected some stuff to be gone but holy hell...and what was left was only 30% should be 50% or more!! Bah humbug...but I did get a few items I was eyeing up at Walgreen's.

Don't mind the shaky cam and my "uming". I lose my train of thought a lot while doing these videos lol.

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