Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Resolutions

Because everyone does these...

1. Eat healthier/lose weight
2. Exercise
3. Learn to drive
4. Work on getting GED
5. Learn how to "adult" lol

This years been...interesting. Finally figuring out whats wrong with you and getting help for it really makes life a little easier. Currently in the long and hard battle that is getting disability in this country...they don't make this easy for people who struggle to live life normally! Anyways to go in depth of my resolutions...

1. Eat healthier/lose weight - This is self explanatory I think. While I don't believe the people who say that eating healthier improves your mood, I do feel that losing some weight would make me feel better about how I look and hate myself a little less. I expect I'll be even more grumpy though, because I won't be eating the things I love.

2. Exercise - Again self explanatory. Exercise and healthy eating seem to go hand in hand when you want to lose weight...and maybe this'll keep me from being winded going up stairs and keep me from being tired and sore all the time because I never use my muscles.

3. Learn to Drive - Ok so...I have a fear of driving. Being in control of a two ton death trap is scary...and I don't trust myself behind a why the hell should I be driving?! But...I can't rely on my parents to drive me's not working out, I don't get to go to places I want to go and I have to constantly wait for them to be ready to go to the store. I could always learn to take the bus but...that opens up a whole new can of worms.

4. Work on getting GED - Dropped out of high school, never hard. I freeze up on tests and I don't understand things that I can't see myself doing this...I see failure in my future. Maybe if I fail enough, my parents will just give up on making me take it.

5. Learn how to "adult" - This needs some explaining. I don't know if I said it on here yet or not but I have Autism. As such I never really...progressed like a normal person. I didn't learn things people usually learn. to take care of myself (how to cook, how to clean things, how to handle on and so forth.). So picture...a kid and you'll have where I am right now. But in other instances I'm my normal age. Like I can read and comprehend things, I can write, I can talk and I can do basic BASIC things (make a sandwich, load a dishwasher, use an ATM). So some skills are completely non existent while others are basic. So learning normal skills to help myself be an adult would be great. This is my biggest resolution in the long run because it covers a lot of things I'll need to learn.

Hopefully by the end of the new year I'll be able to say I did at least one of these things!

Holiday Themed Treats Review Part 1

Since my video of my Fallout stuff is having issues uploading, I thought I'd get the treat review out of the's a lot of treats, I expect 3 parts since I have yet to try some things! Man companies really go crazy over Christmas themed treats...

Little Debbie Red Velvet Christmas Tree Cakes - Being a fan of snack cakes and red velvet I thought I'd like these. But I was slightly let down. They look cute but there is no "red velvet" taste. It's just chocolate too. Red velvet has a...tang to it because of vinegar. This didn't. The "icing" on it is horrible. Coats your mouth with this nasty film. The cream is...tasteless. All in all 3/10.

Chips Ahoy Hot Cocoa Cookies - Now I'm not a huge fan of Chips Ahoy...I think their cookies are tasteless and dry but...these ones are great. Very rich and fudgy almost. The middle is soft and slightly gooey? I like that in a cookie. But I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them. 6/10

Biscoff Santa Cookies 3 pack - If anyone has had Trader Joes Cookie Butter, then you'll enjoy these cookies. They share the same sort of spiced flavor. Very yummy. They have a gingerbread like taste but without the I really like them. 8/10

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream bar - Just the normal cookies and cream bar but with a "holiday" look to it...still tastes great though! I just really like that stupid looking nutcracker on the packages lol. 8/10

Toasted Coconut Cookie Pop - Not much coconut flavor. The cookies flavor (whatever it is) is over powered by the white chocolate coating. The cookie is pretty hard and not enjoyable to eat. 3/10

Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Apocalyptic/Fallout Christmas Tree

I am very happy with my tree. Took a long time though! In the picture you can see my Fallout shrine/table/thing. I'll have a video up about all the little goodies later...maybe tomorrow? I'll also show my tree off better in that. I just wanted to post a quick pic since I'm pretty tired.

But for now I'll try to focus on what I did to make the tree. Starting at the bottom we have a can I rusted using hydrogen peroxide and salt (I followed this tutorial: It took FOREVER. That 5-6 times? BS. I had to do it multiple times and I didn't get anywhere near as rusty. I'd say the cans in that picture have been enhanced with paint. What sped the process up a tiny bit was using a old pan, filling it with hydrogen peroxide, salt and water. I used a ton of HP and salt...way to much for this project.

Inside the can I have floral foam that I stuck the sticks in and it's being weighed down by rocks I found in my yard.

The "tree" is made up of dead branches I found in my yard. I just scrubbed them clean with some rain water I had in a bucket and dried them near our stove.

The ornaments are the Vault Boy Christmas ornaments (which you can find at Thinkgeek right now on sale) and Fallout 3/NV food I made out of cardstock and printed images. The images are here if you want to make them or full size ones yourself:  Sadly he hasn't finished making all of them and I doubt he ever will...I think he stopped making props. Also some of the designs are...well stupid. They're a hassle to put together because he didn't put all the fold lines on the images. It's a work it out as you go along thing. I had to end up cutting part of the design out on two of them just so they could fit together. Frustrating. I used paper clips for the hangers.

The "star" is a Nuka Cola spinner key chain from Gamestop. I love Nuka Cola so I had to top it with something Nuka Cola related. I was going to try to make a Nuka Cola bottle paper craft I saw but I ran out of time and it looked difficult.

But I had fun making this and I think I'll keep the tree up and around. I like my idea of an apocalyptic's fun, different and it's something I can really enjoy. I think I'll do this next year...I just have to start in on it sooner!

I'd like to make more ornaments and maybe a bottle cap garland next time well as that Nuka Cola paper craft. I'd also like to make my village...

Since I have no idea if I can finish it in time...I doubt it...and I'm also making one because I ran out of time...I might as well tell you what I was going to make. I was going to make a shack village. Think shacks you find in the wasteland. Or this:

For lack of a real tutorial I had to sort of make a guess at everything. I cut out some walls and such out of that corrugated cardboard, hot glued it to a thicker piece of cardboard, hit it with some black spray paint as a primer and then used a spray paint that looks like hammered metal. And that's about where I am now...waiting for it to lose that spray paint smell...I'll hand paint details and grime on after a while but for now I need to get the stink off of it before I can work on it. But I just ran out of time for it. I was planning on making at least three different shacks, a normal one, a rounded one and possibly a two storied one. But for now just a normal one will be made to see if I like it. I'm making it big enough to fit the Fallout mystery minis from Funko. I own two of them as well as a "walker" from The Walking Dead that sort of looks like a ghoul...? I wanted to get more of the minis but...costs to much lol.

Anyways next on the list is to finish up my food that video of the Fallout stuff and...that's it. I think...?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

My 1950s inspired Putz house!

So this is the craft that I was doing that was unrelated to my apocalyptic Christmas. I've been wanting to do a retro Putz house for a few years but never jumped into it. I finally did's not as simple as the tutorial makes it out to be.

The tutorial I used is here:

I did the A-Frame one because it jumped out at me. I also thought other then the windows it would be easiest because of the shape...not really.

The unlit version (with the flash on because the flash wasn't letting the light come through on the picture)

I followed the directions they give but maybe I messed up because instead of tracing the pattern I glued it using a craft glue...well that made a mess and it ended up bending the cardboard for some reason? I used actual gift tissue paper, but what they don't tell you is it's freaking hard as hell to do that part! It gets nasty with glue and it's so rippable...

If I was to do this again (which I might next Christmas or maybe make a non holiday themed one...) I would use a better glue or trace it. I'd also use an actual craft knife and not a knife thing out of my dad's tool box. That thing can't cut worth a damn. I'd also use hot glue glitter sticks...saw them after the fact today at the craft store...maybe less messy then glue and glitter. I HATE glitter.

I did my own spin on it of course...made it more Christmas themed then theirs. Added a hot glue icicle, a snowman and a retro-futuristic bike. I wanted to put a 1950s car there but dad couldn't find any small enough in his collection...oh well...I'll just have to keep my eyes open.

Lit version with a flameless LED tealight inside that flickers like a fire.

What you can't see because my camera that the white felt on the ground and on top the roof is sparkly...I bought it thinking it looked more like glittery snow in the sunlight then plain white felt.

So even if it's not perfect (and it really isn't...the front of the house is bent...and the windows look blah), I'm still fairly proud of myself. I made this, by myself with no help. I can make things!

Now about those apocalyptic crafts...again, I blame the weather. I might not have them done tomorrow...might be after Christmas before I get them done, but I think I'll at least be able to show you the tree I made...possibly.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Two Retro Christmas Recipes!

Consider these two recipes my gifts to you, my readers. I'm a very picky eater so when I say these two are great...they're great.

Oyster Cracker Crack:

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 teaspoon dried dill
  • ¼ cup vegetable oil
  • 1 16-oz. box oyster crackers
  • 1 1-oz. packet Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix
  • ¼ teaspoon lemon pepper, and/or garlic powder

Recipe Directions

  • Preheat the oven to 250°F.
  • In a small bowl, add the oil, Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix, dill, and lemon pepper and/or garlic powder. Stir until mixed through.
  • In a 1-gallon-size zipper bag, add the crackers and oil mixture.
  • Seal the bag and toss until well-coated.
  • Arrange the crackers on an ungreased half-sheet pan in a single layer.
  • Bake the crackers for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden. 
It's really really addictive, so be warned. I'd go easy on the garlic powder, maybe only a light sprinkling...adding the amount in the recipe made the crackers very salty...but still super good. And they are good without needing to be baked but 10 times better when you bake the flavors in.

I originally found the recipe on Dinosaur Dracula:

I was interested in it because it was "retro"ish (from the 1980s) and it sounded good. Turns out the recipe is still being printed on boxes of Hidden Valley seasoning mix. I guess they know when they have a good thing?

Ambrosia Orange Jello Salad:

Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 can (8 oz.) crushed pineapple in juice, undrained
  • cold water
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1 pkg. (6 oz.) orange Jello Gelatin
  • 1-1/2 cups thawed Cool Whip
  • 1 can (11 oz.) mandarin oranges, drained
  • 1-1/2 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut

Recipe Directions

Drain pineapple, reserving juice. Add enough cold water to juice to measure 1 cup. Add boiling water to gelatin mix in large bowl; stir 2 min. until completely dissolved. Stir in measured liquid. Refrigerate 1-1/4 hours or until slightly thickened.
Whisk in Cool Whip until well blended. Refrigerate 10 min. or until mixture will mound. Stir in pineapple, oranges, marshmallows and coconut. Spoon into 6-cup mold sprayed with cooking spray.
Refrigerate 3 hours or until firm. Unmold.

Now before anyone flips out at the thought of Jello "salad" it's fruit...don't worry. Also if you hate Cool Whip? You can't taste me. I hate Cool Whip but I love this!

Some things to note. Instead of cold water I used the mandarin orange juice and put it in with the pineapple juice. I also used like 2/3 of a cup of the mandarin juice. I didn't put coconut in because my mom hates coconut and I didn't find any in our pantry. I also just put it all in one large bowl because I can't be arsed to use molds. I'd also suggest getting to the Jello faster then an hour or so...I got to it a bit late and it was all ready pretty thickened.

This recipe can easily be changed around to suit you or your families tastes...don't like orange? Use lime Jello. Hate pineapple? Use another fruit. My dad loves nuts so if you like nuts as well, maybe throw some in instead of using the coconut. Personally I could take nuts or leave em...but I left them out because I want this to be creamy smooth.

Sorry the picture isn't that great but again...I didn't use a fancy mold. I also topped it with whip cream because I love whip cream. The flavor is so orangey and fresh. Very creamy and smooth. I've had Jello fruit salads and I always hate them because they put fruit that I dislike in them but this one is great. If I had to be critical...I'd ditch the pineapple next time and go pure orange. Or I'd spice it up and pair another Jello flavor with mandarin oranges. Maybe strawberry?

Anyways I hope this convinces you to try one of these two retro recipes. I absolutely love looking at retro recipes because they look and sound so gross but these two are very good.

Tomorrow I hope to have at least one craft done...I blame my hot glue gun this time...I thought it was broken but turned out the outlet where I was plugging it in at was dead...whoops. So that set me back and I've also lost two craft items that I swore I had...I have proof I bought them but...they never made it into the bag? idk I'm going to visit Joann's tomorrow and see if I can convince them to give me store credit or something...feh. I also hope tomorrow we won't get rain because I need to spray paint something and dealing with weather is really screwing up my plans. But I will have pictures of a finished craft tomorrow and some...thoughts on it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Target Haul

Went to Target the other day and thought I'd make a video about the goodies I found. I know after Christmas I'll have to hit Target again and hope they have more of these trees, I love them because they have a retro feel to them.

Tomorrow I hope to have a project done to show you...not my main project but a side one that I've been wanting to do for a few years.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dinosaur Dracula December Funpack and NintendoAge Secret Santa

Sorry for the phone was having a hissy fit trying to upload these videos!

Dinosaur Dracula Funpack/Secret Santa:


Sunday, December 20, 2015

I've been naughty.

Life just seems to be wanting to keep me down. But I have to keep chugging along. My projects have hit a snag (I did NOT realize how hard it is to rust a damn can) but I will get them on this damn blog before Christmas even if it kills me. I'm putting my foot down. I'm going to do it damn it.

In the mean time, sometime later today I'll have another post out about a Secret Santa gift I was given via NintendoAge's Secret Santa and Dinosaur Dracula's December funpack! Might make a video... Just something to show I'm still doing stuff!

I can't show off my projects because it's not all set up and I want it to be perfect. But at the same time it won't be perfect because I'm missing a few things that I thought I would have but didn't get in time or couldn't find. The main thing being the real life Nuka Cola Quantum from Target. I finally managed to get one on eBay for a good price ($20 with free shipping...yeah I know...but look at the prices on eBay!) but it's not coming till the 30th! Whoops. Also I wanted to get more Fallout mystery mini's from Funko but I don't want I thought why not eBay...yeah not cheap. The BOS one is really overpriced! :( But the items I'm making can be re-used all year round so when/if I get more figures I'll be able to add them to my "village".

On a side note...I might be doing a big treat review as well...been grabbing some holiday items up...and trying them out. And related to that...if I can't get it done this month...I'll do it in January but I'm going to be trying out two "retro"ish I'll give my opinions on of them comes via Dinosaur Dracula.

Oh and one more thing to add to it all...possible haul video if I hit Target up today...might be going...might not be.

Tdlr version:

1. Will be posting video or pictures later today of my SS gift and DD funpack.
2. Next few days will be hectic but I will post nearly everyday with something new.
3. Treat review coming up.
4. Retro recipes and review of them.
5. Target haul video?