Sunday, December 20, 2015

I've been naughty.

Life just seems to be wanting to keep me down. But I have to keep chugging along. My projects have hit a snag (I did NOT realize how hard it is to rust a damn can) but I will get them on this damn blog before Christmas even if it kills me. I'm putting my foot down. I'm going to do it damn it.

In the mean time, sometime later today I'll have another post out about a Secret Santa gift I was given via NintendoAge's Secret Santa and Dinosaur Dracula's December funpack! Might make a video... Just something to show I'm still doing stuff!

I can't show off my projects because it's not all set up and I want it to be perfect. But at the same time it won't be perfect because I'm missing a few things that I thought I would have but didn't get in time or couldn't find. The main thing being the real life Nuka Cola Quantum from Target. I finally managed to get one on eBay for a good price ($20 with free shipping...yeah I know...but look at the prices on eBay!) but it's not coming till the 30th! Whoops. Also I wanted to get more Fallout mystery mini's from Funko but I don't want I thought why not eBay...yeah not cheap. The BOS one is really overpriced! :( But the items I'm making can be re-used all year round so when/if I get more figures I'll be able to add them to my "village".

On a side note...I might be doing a big treat review as well...been grabbing some holiday items up...and trying them out. And related to that...if I can't get it done this month...I'll do it in January but I'm going to be trying out two "retro"ish I'll give my opinions on of them comes via Dinosaur Dracula.

Oh and one more thing to add to it all...possible haul video if I hit Target up today...might be going...might not be.

Tdlr version:

1. Will be posting video or pictures later today of my SS gift and DD funpack.
2. Next few days will be hectic but I will post nearly everyday with something new.
3. Treat review coming up.
4. Retro recipes and review of them.
5. Target haul video?

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