Thursday, December 24, 2015

My 1950s inspired Putz house!

So this is the craft that I was doing that was unrelated to my apocalyptic Christmas. I've been wanting to do a retro Putz house for a few years but never jumped into it. I finally did's not as simple as the tutorial makes it out to be.

The tutorial I used is here:

I did the A-Frame one because it jumped out at me. I also thought other then the windows it would be easiest because of the shape...not really.

The unlit version (with the flash on because the flash wasn't letting the light come through on the picture)

I followed the directions they give but maybe I messed up because instead of tracing the pattern I glued it using a craft glue...well that made a mess and it ended up bending the cardboard for some reason? I used actual gift tissue paper, but what they don't tell you is it's freaking hard as hell to do that part! It gets nasty with glue and it's so rippable...

If I was to do this again (which I might next Christmas or maybe make a non holiday themed one...) I would use a better glue or trace it. I'd also use an actual craft knife and not a knife thing out of my dad's tool box. That thing can't cut worth a damn. I'd also use hot glue glitter sticks...saw them after the fact today at the craft store...maybe less messy then glue and glitter. I HATE glitter.

I did my own spin on it of course...made it more Christmas themed then theirs. Added a hot glue icicle, a snowman and a retro-futuristic bike. I wanted to put a 1950s car there but dad couldn't find any small enough in his collection...oh well...I'll just have to keep my eyes open.

Lit version with a flameless LED tealight inside that flickers like a fire.

What you can't see because my camera that the white felt on the ground and on top the roof is sparkly...I bought it thinking it looked more like glittery snow in the sunlight then plain white felt.

So even if it's not perfect (and it really isn't...the front of the house is bent...and the windows look blah), I'm still fairly proud of myself. I made this, by myself with no help. I can make things!

Now about those apocalyptic crafts...again, I blame the weather. I might not have them done tomorrow...might be after Christmas before I get them done, but I think I'll at least be able to show you the tree I made...possibly.

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