Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Apocalyptic/Fallout Christmas Tree

I am very happy with my tree. Took a long time though! In the picture you can see my Fallout shrine/table/thing. I'll have a video up about all the little goodies later...maybe tomorrow? I'll also show my tree off better in that. I just wanted to post a quick pic since I'm pretty tired.

But for now I'll try to focus on what I did to make the tree. Starting at the bottom we have a can I rusted using hydrogen peroxide and salt (I followed this tutorial: It took FOREVER. That 5-6 times? BS. I had to do it multiple times and I didn't get anywhere near as rusty. I'd say the cans in that picture have been enhanced with paint. What sped the process up a tiny bit was using a old pan, filling it with hydrogen peroxide, salt and water. I used a ton of HP and salt...way to much for this project.

Inside the can I have floral foam that I stuck the sticks in and it's being weighed down by rocks I found in my yard.

The "tree" is made up of dead branches I found in my yard. I just scrubbed them clean with some rain water I had in a bucket and dried them near our stove.

The ornaments are the Vault Boy Christmas ornaments (which you can find at Thinkgeek right now on sale) and Fallout 3/NV food I made out of cardstock and printed images. The images are here if you want to make them or full size ones yourself:  Sadly he hasn't finished making all of them and I doubt he ever will...I think he stopped making props. Also some of the designs are...well stupid. They're a hassle to put together because he didn't put all the fold lines on the images. It's a work it out as you go along thing. I had to end up cutting part of the design out on two of them just so they could fit together. Frustrating. I used paper clips for the hangers.

The "star" is a Nuka Cola spinner key chain from Gamestop. I love Nuka Cola so I had to top it with something Nuka Cola related. I was going to try to make a Nuka Cola bottle paper craft I saw but I ran out of time and it looked difficult.

But I had fun making this and I think I'll keep the tree up and around. I like my idea of an apocalyptic's fun, different and it's something I can really enjoy. I think I'll do this next year...I just have to start in on it sooner!

I'd like to make more ornaments and maybe a bottle cap garland next time well as that Nuka Cola paper craft. I'd also like to make my village...

Since I have no idea if I can finish it in time...I doubt it...and I'm also making one because I ran out of time...I might as well tell you what I was going to make. I was going to make a shack village. Think shacks you find in the wasteland. Or this:

For lack of a real tutorial I had to sort of make a guess at everything. I cut out some walls and such out of that corrugated cardboard, hot glued it to a thicker piece of cardboard, hit it with some black spray paint as a primer and then used a spray paint that looks like hammered metal. And that's about where I am now...waiting for it to lose that spray paint smell...I'll hand paint details and grime on after a while but for now I need to get the stink off of it before I can work on it. But I just ran out of time for it. I was planning on making at least three different shacks, a normal one, a rounded one and possibly a two storied one. But for now just a normal one will be made to see if I like it. I'm making it big enough to fit the Fallout mystery minis from Funko. I own two of them as well as a "walker" from The Walking Dead that sort of looks like a ghoul...? I wanted to get more of the minis but...costs to much lol.

Anyways next on the list is to finish up my food that video of the Fallout stuff and...that's it. I think...?

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