Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Resolutions

Because everyone does these...

1. Eat healthier/lose weight
2. Exercise
3. Learn to drive
4. Work on getting GED
5. Learn how to "adult" lol

This years been...interesting. Finally figuring out whats wrong with you and getting help for it really makes life a little easier. Currently in the long and hard battle that is getting disability in this country...they don't make this easy for people who struggle to live life normally! Anyways to go in depth of my resolutions...

1. Eat healthier/lose weight - This is self explanatory I think. While I don't believe the people who say that eating healthier improves your mood, I do feel that losing some weight would make me feel better about how I look and hate myself a little less. I expect I'll be even more grumpy though, because I won't be eating the things I love.

2. Exercise - Again self explanatory. Exercise and healthy eating seem to go hand in hand when you want to lose weight...and maybe this'll keep me from being winded going up stairs and keep me from being tired and sore all the time because I never use my muscles.

3. Learn to Drive - Ok so...I have a fear of driving. Being in control of a two ton death trap is scary...and I don't trust myself behind a why the hell should I be driving?! But...I can't rely on my parents to drive me's not working out, I don't get to go to places I want to go and I have to constantly wait for them to be ready to go to the store. I could always learn to take the bus but...that opens up a whole new can of worms.

4. Work on getting GED - Dropped out of high school, never hard. I freeze up on tests and I don't understand things that I can't see myself doing this...I see failure in my future. Maybe if I fail enough, my parents will just give up on making me take it.

5. Learn how to "adult" - This needs some explaining. I don't know if I said it on here yet or not but I have Autism. As such I never really...progressed like a normal person. I didn't learn things people usually learn. to take care of myself (how to cook, how to clean things, how to handle on and so forth.). So picture...a kid and you'll have where I am right now. But in other instances I'm my normal age. Like I can read and comprehend things, I can write, I can talk and I can do basic BASIC things (make a sandwich, load a dishwasher, use an ATM). So some skills are completely non existent while others are basic. So learning normal skills to help myself be an adult would be great. This is my biggest resolution in the long run because it covers a lot of things I'll need to learn.

Hopefully by the end of the new year I'll be able to say I did at least one of these things!

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