Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your all having fun with family and friends (or if your on your own this year that your still having a good time).

I wanted to do some personal reflections on this year. So really don't mind me. Before I get to that, I was thinking I'd update you guys as to what's going on with my apocalyptic Christmas. Well it's been getting delayed sadly (what happens when you don't drive and get laid up with a hurt foot [had some minor surgery done...going to be out for a week at least.]) but once this foot heals and I can walk without pain, I'm going to go rushing out for supplies and hopefully it'll all come together rather quickly! I also plan on snapping pictures along the way and telling you guys how I did it so if you want to try and take it on next year for Christmas you can.

Now then onto reflections and what I'm thankful for.

I'll save most of the reflections for New Years, but it's interesting year. Finally learning what's wrong with you when you've known for years that something deep down is off about's like...finally getting some peace. Now I know what's wrong and I can get help. It's been a long struggle and I'm still dealing with getting the right help but I'm on the right path for once.

As for what I'm thankful for...

My boyfriend
That I live in a time where the internet is just a click away
My parents (even if they drive me up the wall)
The health care system in this country (might have it's ups and downs but without free health care, I'd still be stuck suffering alone)

What are some of the things you're thankful for?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition Unboxing Video

Today I got it in the mail (because I don't pay higher prices for fast shipping) and thought I'd copy nearly every Youtuber ever and do an unboxing video...yay...?

So yeah...did that. My holiday plans are still in place but I wanted to get this out of the way first. I'm making some slight headway on my plans...I have some materials, others I will have to "scavenge" up in the wastes...aka out in the real world lol.

I don't know what happened with the quality on this one...still using my phone camera so...oh and sorry about the throat clearing. I think I might be catching something again. Oh bother.

In the future if I get enough people interested in what I'm doing here I might invest in something to steady the phone at least...but for now...shaky cam!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My rant on Fallout 4 and a small update

Update: After thinking more on it I decided to share what I like about the game to show I'm not totally hating on it. So under the old review I put the good stuff in.

So I tried to review it on Steam but it's not posting...filters man. Thus I'm going to post it here because I need to vent this rage.

With less then a day into it (in total game hours that is) I don't know if I can fully do a proper review but I wanted to do my first...impressions on this...mess of a game.

Where should I begin? With the bugs, the copy and pasted plot line from Fallout 3 or the fact they turned a well known FPSRPG into just an FPS?

Let's start with the bugs. Oh and there are a lot of them. Locking the frame rate, forcing us to use vsync, typical Bethesda buggy physics, hardcoding LOTS of the stuff into the game so we can't change it (shadows, grass), and the biggest one of all...frame rate is dependent on THE GOD DAMN PHYSICS. Do you know how much of this game is physics?! FLIPPING LOADS GOD DAMN IT. Every item you pick up, ragdolls, even the damn cars! Who's bright idea was that!?

So forgetting the MAJOR BUGS in the game...isn't the plot good? NO. It's freaking copy and pasted from Fallout 3. Case in point. Fallout 3: Your a kid looking for your father after he leaves the vault. Fallout 4: Your a parent looking for your kid after he leaves the vault. Really Bethesda? How long ya work on that one? All of....5 seconds?

Ok so bugs everywhere making the game near unplayable and horrible plot! But hey at least you can roleplay, I mean this is a RPG and this is from a studio known for their roleplaying games right? WRONG...DEAD WRONG. This is my biggest freaking issue with the game. I can handle bugs (even though I want to tear my hair out because of them), I can even handle a boring/stupid plot (because I don't do main quests in these games) but one thing I can't handle? IS WHEN TODD FREAKING HOWARD PROMISES PLAYER FREEDOM AT E3 IN FRONT OF MILLIONS (via online streaming) AND THEN GOES AND MAKES THIS GARBAGE. IT'S A GOD DAMN FPS TODD, A GOD DAMN FPS. DID YOU NOTICE I DIDN'T SAY FPSRPG!? YOU FORGOT THE GOD DAMN RPG PART YOU LITTLE FUCK.

Yeah I'm pissed. Why? Well as I said, he promised player freedom and turned around and forced this garbage on us. Don't believe me? Watch the E3 video again. I'll wait. Did it? Heard it? Good, let's continue. So yeah...player freedom my ass. One we're forced to have a wife/husband and child. What if I'm playing a hard core lesbian who hates men and can't have children? Or a FLAMING homosexual man who would never be caught dead with a breeder? 0 freedom. Two, our characters are FLIPPING VOICED. Seriously, you guys didn't think this would piss roleplayers (aka your FREAKING FAN BASE) a lot? We get two WHITE WASHED voices...go look up the voice actors, their white Americans. Ok...what if I'm playing a black hard core lesbian chick with a British accent?! And don't give me the "it's 1950s America" excuse...brits lived here in that time too ya know?! So we get junk voices forced down our throats making roleplaying as your own ORIGINAL CHARACTER (like all ROLEPLAYERS do) pretty impossible! I tried...yeah not working. My character is German with a German accent...that male voice is NOT German. And if it wasn't bad all ready with the dialog...he comments on every god damn thing from lock picking a chest to hacking a computer...jesus shut the hell up. Unless I find a god damn Nuka Cola Quantum or a pile of Med-X, my character doesn't say anything when finding loot!

And the dialog tree...Mass Effect ripoff. Good job. You made a lovable FPSRPG series into a garbage run of the mill FPS that tries to have a plot. Pat yourselves on the backs guys. If this is your way of killing Fallout nailed it.

The pros of this game

I thought I might have been a little harsh...but it was only because I've looked forward to this game for years and they just fucked it up so much! So to show I don't have it 100%...I thought I'd say what I like about it.

1. The in game settlement/house building/crafting system. This is a huge deal! I love this part of the game (for one it doesn't lag me the hell out...) because I'm a modder and if I can build my own house outside of the GECK? Hell yeah! The crafting system is epic too, you can take nasty irradiated animal meat and cook it to get rid of rads! I'm finally eating food in the game now lol. I don't really eat the food because I rp as a character who's very sensitive to radiation. So this is a great edition.

2. All the new models of junk. Like I said I'm a modder, so I love new models and this game has them in spades. From the toy rocketship/aliens to the radioactive board game and the Halloween plastic pumpkin! Lovely little decorations I can collect and place on my shelves in my new house/base.

3. Took some getting used to but the new Nuka Cola bottles are growing on me. I still dislike the machines they use though.

4. The little Vault Tec lunchboxes. They're really cute and I love finding them!

5. The magazines and the magazine rack. Really cool stuff. I also like how you can find magazines that can give you new hairstyles. Now I want to collect all the magazines!

6. The music. That End of The World song by Skeeter Davis? LOVE IT. I sing along to it every time it comes onto the radio. I also like the classical channel. I hate the DJ of the Diamond City radio though...I hope there's a way I can kill him and get someone else to replace him.

7. The UI. This really got some getting used to...not talking about the Pipboy because I still have issues with that one. But the stuff on the bottom of your screen. The compass markers really help me find things but are a little...not lore friendly...might mod that out.

8. I haven't played around with this because I doubt I will ever want to because the male romance options arn't...great. But I love that they give you the option to have a romantic relationship in this game. Like I said I won't use it unless there's a mod that makes it available for custom NPCs...I'm just not into any of the men other then Preston and only him as a friend.

9. The multiple armors so you can mix and match to get a unique look. I always loved using mods that put in utility belts with pouches or backpacks...because where the hell does your character put all that loot? Up his ass? My character might be gay but he's not into getting it on with a fat man launcher.

10. THE GOD DAMN DRESSES SO I CAN CROSS DRESS WITH OUT A MOD. FUCK YEAH. Out of everything...even the building houses...this excites me the most. I mean it. Funny thing about this. I was trying for years to get a modder to make a dress wearable by a man for Fallout 3 or NV...I finally found someone willing to do it, he struggled with it but in the end it worked. We made it happen! It is literally the only cross dressing mod for when I saw that E3 video show off a man wearing a dress...holy hell I flipped my shit. I'm hugely happy they made this possible.

11. The graphics. Ok so even at lowest possible graphic setting...the game still looks good. I can only imagine how it must look in 1080p on ULTRA. Talk about feeling in the I can't wait till I build a new PC to run it on ULTRA...god that's going to feel amazing lol.

So yeah...I don't fully hate the game. There are things I enjoy but the FPS issue...makes it unplayable. I know my PC is to blame mainly but a lot of people are having FPS trouble...this game just isn't optimized and it's worse for AMD users like I am. Nvidia is the winner of this game, which sucks because I don't care for Nvidia.

That was my you can tell I'm mad. I was looking forward to this for years but they had all this time and what do we get? A damn FPS. Todd Howard even admitted to changing the VATS system so it could be more like a FPS.

I know mods can help...ease the pain of a lot of this stuff...all ready I have a mod on that shuts the main character up...easier to roleplay that way. But Bethesda shouldn't have to rely on fans to fix their game and make it the way it was supposed to. I mean what the hell was going through all their minds when they made this!? They know their fanbase is roleplayers who play RPG games! Why did they take away the roleplaying part?!


Anyways...speaking of Fallout...I'm planning on making some stuff soon that I'll be posting on here...I think people might be very...interested in this. Especially if you started paying attention to this blog when I was doing my Halloween stuff. Any more and I'd give it away ;)

Stay tuned for that.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Saying goodbye to my favorite holiday, and saying hello to the "normal" holidays

So this Halloween passed without much pomp...I think this is the first Halloween I've passed without...really celebrating it. Getting sick really threw a wrench into my plans and that in turn made me depressed and moody and not wanting to really celebrate it.

But I thought I would give it a proper send off by taking a look at my last "loot" score. I only went to two stores and one of them was Target...DAMN it was cleared out. I mean I expected some stuff to be gone but holy hell...and what was left was only 30% should be 50% or more!! Bah humbug...but I did get a few items I was eyeing up at Walgreen's.

Don't mind the shaky cam and my "uming". I lose my train of thought a lot while doing these videos lol.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A change

So you'll notice I changed the title and address of this blog. Now that Halloween is over I realized having a blog dedicated to JUST Halloween really limits you. So I switched the focus. Not to say next year when Halloween comes around that I won't do Halloween, I will, but this name and address will stay (for now...).

I made one last Halloween related video which I'll post in my next blog post, I just have to re-shoot it and edit it...having some trouble recording it. So stay tuned for that.

Now to get into detail about the switching of focus. I plan on making this blog more about geeky/gamer stuff. What I will try to avoid is letting my...personal life get into this blog, sometimes I might have to make a post to let some steam off but I'll try not to do it often.

So what does that mean? Well I plan on doing several things on this blog, including but not limited to:

- Weird food reviews
- Game reviews (possibly! idk after the movie review fail)
- Geeky/gamer crafts
- Talking about game collecting (tips and tricks, how I clean stuff, how I store games...)
- Talking about collections I have and opening up a discussion for others to share their collections
- Toy/action figure/doll showcase where I share a picture of the item in question and talk about it
- Random stuff?

Now this might sound like what other blogs/websites do but I'm going to put my own spin on things because I like a wide range of items and things. So hopefully this will still interest you!

I have several (what I think will be) interesting posts in the works, so I'm really going to try to make this a fun blog to visit!