Saturday, January 9, 2016

Holiday Themed Treat Review Part 3

Target Market Pantry Frosted Sugar Cookie Ice Cream - Pretty good for a cheap store brand ice cream. I don't like the "chips" of...white chocolate or frosting? that they use...but I like the sugar cookie chunks. The ice cream itself doesn't have much flavor to it...vanillaish I guess. I'd get it again. 7/10

Target Market Pantry Snowman - Oh these are lovely. My mom loves them as well. The strawberry parts are the best on it. The chocolate part dark chocolate almost. Which I dislike. The vanilla part of the ice cream is ok...again not much flavor there. I'd get them again, just for the strawberry part...wonder if they sell the same strawberry in tubs...? Only bad thing about this is that
it melts SUPER quick...8/10

Cracker Jack Holiday Sugar Cookie Popcorn - I dislike Cracker Jack and popcorn in general so I wasn't excited for this. The taste is sugar cookie taste...just...normal Cracker Jack taste? Honestly nothing great. Also when did the prizes get to be garbage? A shitty sticker? Really? 2/10

Ikea Pepparkaka Figurer - Aka gingerbread. Now I bet some of you are wondering why I get gingerbread stuff if I hate ginger. Well...still hoping to find a gingerbread thats light on the ginger...that's why. So these smell very gingery...not a good start. The taste is...bad. On the same level with the Pepperidge farm ones...they taste burnt. And they're super dry. 2/10

Rold Gold Pretzels White Dipped Honey Braided Twists - Oh white chocolate dipped pretzels? Hell yeah. Can't go wrong with these. It's just salt covered pretzel sticks coated with white chocolate and white/red sprinkles. Yummy. Salty and sweet. 8/10

Cheetos Sweetos Cinnamon Sugar Puffs - Ick. I thought these would be good, I mean how do you mess up cinnamon and sugar? Well they found a way. They don't even taste cinnamon sugar like...I don't know what flavor that was but it was gross. The texture is a normal Cheeto. I would not get these again. 2/10

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