Friday, January 1, 2016

Holiday Themed Treats Review Part 2

Dove Milk Chocolate Holiday Mint Cookie - A nice coating of creamy minty chocolate that's quite refreshing, covers a chocolate and mint (?) cookie. I like the chocolate more then I like the cookie part. Wish they made a version with just the mint and chocolate. But it's Dove so it's good. 8/10

Target Tinned Gingerbread Cookie - Very light on the ginger flavor which is great. It's more of a spice cookie then gingerbread. I like the coating of large sugar crystals. The gingerbread man was very derpy looking, but cute. And of course you have a nice tin when the cookie is gone. I wish I had found more of these in different styles or was a good cookie! 9/10

Pepperidge Farm Gingerman Minis - Not a very "gingery" smell. The cookies are topped with green and red sugar crystals. The cookie is crunchy, but not hard. The flavor is...odd. I get some ginger but it's not the main flavor. There's a flavor that over powers the ginger and I'm not sure what it is. It's not cinnamon. It leaves a burned or over done flavor in my mouth. Not great. 2/10

Gingerbread Oreo - Upon opening the package, your hit with the smell of Christmas. No seriously it smells like Christmas! It's a sweet, sugary and spicy's wonderful. The oreo cookie is their normal vanilla cookie, but that cream...oh god that cream. It's the right amount of sweet and spice, I taste 0 ginger which is great...but I get...cinnamon? Whatever it is it's soooo damn good! It reminds me of something I've had before but I can't place my finger on it...something festive of course. I think these are my favorite Christmas treat this year. 10/10!!

Ikea Dryck Julmust - I thought I'd try this when I spotted it at Ikea and while it's not HORRIBLE like some "Festive" drinks, it's not good. Take the nastiest, cheapest, chemical tasting Cola you can get and add a hint of caramel to it and you get this drink. It's nasty cheap Cola tasting with a hint of caramel on the finish...about the only good thing going for this drink. 3/10

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