Monday, July 4, 2016

Haul Post #1

Sorry for the lack of posts. Real life gets in the way. And I've felt no one really reads this blog.

I think I might have a food review up tomorrow involving some limited edition summertime/4th of July snacks. All depends on if I find enough items to do it.

And I've thought a lot on this...I think food reviews still belong/fit here because you can be a food geek/nerd. But I'll try to limit it to just really cool snack foods.

Other then that, I think I might put up some pictures of at least part of my collection. I've been very slowly organizing it and cataloging all my games into my phone app. So far my NES/SNES/N64/PS2/Xbox/360 and Wii are cataloged. But my PS2/Wii collections are undergoing some they aren't organized and neat looking.

I suppose I need to get into the habit of posting my video game finds up here...I could do last weekends to start it off.

Saturdays finds:

Wii Super Mario Galaxy - $5 (CIB)/FMV $10
Wii Sonic Riders - $5 (CIB)/FMV $8
Gameboy Dexterity - $3 /FMV $7

The two Wii games were found at a yard sale where the owner claimed he worked for Nintendo for a few years...he also said he would contact me later on to sell me some SNES games...yeah...didn't happen.

The Gameboy game was found at a resellers sale down the street. I was going to get another game with it but they wanted to much for both the games I just got this...and at a reduced price because I went to another lady at the sale and just told her I'd pay $10 for everything I had (I had a stack of DVDs as well).

I plan on reselling Super Mario Galaxy because I own it already.

Sundays finds:

Xbox Syberia II - Free (CIB)/FMV $10
Xbox Stubbs the Zombie - $5 (CIB)/FMV $45
Xbox Conker Live and Reloaded - $5 (CIB)/$35
Gameboy Pokemon Red - $2 / FMV $23
Gameboy Advance Stadium Games - Free / FMV $5?
Gamecube Pokemon Channel - $1 (Missing manual/cover art damaged)/FMV $10
Gamecube Wavebird Controller with Receiver - $2.50 (very dirty!)/FMV $37

The Xbox games were found at one sale. They had a tub full of Xbox games in near mint condition (like no one ever played with them). I glanced over the titles quickly, not even seeing Stubbs or Conker at first. Most of the games were ones I already had or just junk games. The lady selling them said $5 each. I grabbed Syberia first and then spotted the other two. I haggled her down to $10 for all three.

The rest was at another sale. This one was untouched by resellers because they still had these games laying out on the table. A rare find these days. I spotted Pokemon Channel right off and was super excited...finally a Gamecube game that isn't crap! Then I opened it and got a closer look at manual and the cover arts been really damaged...I think water damage but no mold thankfully. My mom was the one to spot Pokemon Red. I was noticing a trend at this point...whomever owned these games DID NOT take care of them. The kid there wanted $15 for it! He even said something along the lines of "It goes for like $50 online"...yeah mint condition in the box...thankfully his mom was there and she was having none of that. He gave me the GBA game for free since he had no need for it...shitty sports games yay...not. As I was leaving I noticed a basket that had some Wii stuff in it, so I thought I would dig through...found two wavebirds in them. Both were in BAD shape. The other one was missing the battery back and had the rubber stuff torn from the main joystick...wasn't worth saving TBH. So I bought this one figuring it just needs some TLC and a whole lot of cleaning.

I plan on reselling Pokemon Red and the wavebird as I own them. I'll probably donate the sports game at some point.