Friday, September 30, 2016

Fifth Halloween Haul of 2016, and small update on Octoberthon list!

Let's get the update out of the way. So I went to Best Buy yesterday (as well as Winco...that haul video will be coming in the next day or two.) to look for horror movies...mainly Halloween. Reason why is because Best Buy has to have the biggest DVD selection around. I've tried all the other stores that have an electronics department but none of them had Halloween...I thought if anyone would have it, it would be Best Buy. Well...yes and no. If I wanted Blu Ray they had all sorts of options. Collectors Edition, Complete Series Set...but no DVDs. So I'm going to have to suck it up and buy on Amazon. Not fun...I did get Halloween 4 and 5 on a budget bundle at least I have them! But my changes for the list...

Day 4 will be Ghostbusters, Day 5 will be Ghostbusters 2 (how the heck I forgot my own theme this year idk). I'm undecided on where Halloween 4 and 5 will go though. I might do Day 28 Halloween 2, Day 29 Halloween 4, Day 30 Halloween 5. I have no plans to get Halloween 3 anytime soon unless I find a great deal on it. Halloween 3 was a let down lol...those who have seen it know what I I HATE THAT JINGLE!!! Anyways one last thing before we get to the haul, I've been buying hard ciders and pumpkin ales...I'm hoping to find something good. To ring in October tomorrow I plan on having one of these drinks I grabbed...idk which, depends on what mood I'll be in. I'll review it and make some comments on Halloweentown. I think I'll try a drink per night to go along with a movie (not that I have 31 drinks! I have like...10 of them I've already reviewed.). Hopefully I can find something I like. If not, well it was an experience right?

Onto the haul...I went to Walmart the other day and picked up a few items and I do mean a few...I think this is one of the smallest hauls I've done (excluding the one I did yesterday). So it's short and quick (shortest video yet since I showed off my Fallout Christmas table lol). Oh and to answer my question I asked myself...yes if you buy two cereals at the same time (so you only have one receipt) you get two "points" aka you can get two shadowlights. So far I've gotten all but Toucan Sam, and I don't really think I'll get him...unless I need to buy another box of cereal (I really don't need to).

I hope you enjoy it!

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