Thursday, September 8, 2016

First Halloween Haul of 2016!!!

Oh yeah you read that title right! That means haul video time!!!

So yesterday I went to Dollar Tree and Home Goods because I heard/saw they had some cool stuff out. Sadly though Home Goods was pretty much a bust...didn't have the stuff I wanted...I'm still happy I got the things I got but...I need to go back at some point and find the stuff I was after. Also need to go to TJ Maxx (which is just literally in the same parking lot mom wasn't feeling good so we had to call it a day). As for Dollar Tree...oooh they had a LOT of stuff I wanted. But not everything...they're getting ready though, had two empty aisles ready for stocking!!!

Ah and two things to the video I show off a Keep Out gel cling from Dollar soon as I opened it and starting peeling the clings off the K broke...part of the K tore clean off and started another tear as well but didn't come off. I wasn't expecting quality mind you but...damn even Target's gel clings at a $1 are better quality lol...what the heck Dollar Tree? The second thing was I forgot to show off a candy holder I got...I'll post a picture of it in the next day or two along with some of my decorations I've put up so far.

Anyways onto the video...oh and please let me know if the stabilizer that Youtube has is better then my shaky cam...I dislike it but if it makes people less dizzy/sick/uncomfortable when watching my videos...I'll use it.

Hope you enjoy it!!

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