Monday, September 5, 2016

Hot Cider

Just a little tell you I'm not letting this blog die.

I haven't gotten out to Target or any stores yet because of health issues, but plan to as soon as I'm able. I've heard rumors that Target might be putting their Halloween stuff out now...we shall see. I've also made note of a few other stores I should hit up. TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Tuesday Morning. I guess they have a ton of vintage themed Halloween stuff...I'm a sucker for vintage looking stuff.

Anyways in the spirit of things I made myself some caramel hot cider (and discovered I'm out of instant hot cider...the stuff I'm drinking is actually a few years old...well let's see if I get food poisoning lol). Basically I took caramel sauce and poured it into the instant hot cider mix and added hot water...I added three big spoon fulls of caramel sauce...I love caramel. I also thought it appropriate to use my big pumpkin mug.

Here's to the Halloween season!

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