Thursday, September 1, 2016

It Begins

And by it I mean of course...the Halloween season!

Yes it's that time of year again...the only time I can be arsed to stop being lazy and actually post on my blog. I don't have any excuses other then just being lazy...honestly. And I can't expect I'll change all that much, but I will at least try to post through now till Halloween with...more frequency then I have been at least. With all the pumpkin spiced snack foods...I'll have no excuse!

So inspired by Matt from Dinosaur Dracula (I do draw inspiration from him around this time...) I thought I'd make a to do list on here of what I need to...well do lol...

1. Food reviews (oh yeah they're coming back)
2. Haul videos? (possibly...depends if Target is going to be good this year)
3. Plan out the 31 horror/Halloween movies for Octoberthon (possibly review one or two but not all of them...screw that idea)
4. Possibly make some recipes, post them on here along with pictures (I have a few in mind...)
5. Mood table (But I don't want to start till October)
6. Show off decorations? (If I can clean up my messy room that is lol)
7. Post pictures of costume (going to a local anime con that happens to be around costume!)
8. Maybe some crafts...

Now being as it's almost 5 brain is in overtired mode so I might have forgot something. I'll look at this later and update it if need be.

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