Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My Decorations

Took some pictures at my messy attempts at decorating...I was going to try to do a zombie theme for my desk since my mood table theme is going to be Ghostbusters...but I realized I didn't have as many zombie things as I thought I it just sort of became random...anything small enough to fit on my desk.

Here you can see my zombie theme starting out. The figures are all Walking Dead related save for the windup. The bigger ones were blind box ones and the small Daryl is actually a keychain...I unscrewed the keychain thing from his head so he's a mini figure now. Got a gravestone and some pumpkins. Pumpkins were from Daiso (Japanese 100 yen store aka dollar store) and gravestone I got from Goodwill several years ago for a buck (price sticker is still on the bottom...heh). Fairy lights are via Home Goods. Windup I can't remember where he's from...yard sale I guess?

Here's a bigger shot. My messy attempts at blurring out my screen...ignore lol.

This gravestone is from Daiso as well. Mini windup guy was from Walgreens last year and the cat he's standing on was from Target last year...jar of slime. Candy Corn candle I covered...Home Goods. Day of the Dead jar is from Target last was in the dollar area but I think it was $3? Grinning cat head was from a yard sale several years ago...he's ceramic but idk anything about him...possibly old? The pumpkin next to that is from the 1960' it at a yard sale earlier this year...was $3. The two miniatures in front of that wearing witch hats are from local craft shows. I've had them for mom used to buy a figure for me each time we went to our favorite show...these two are the Halloween related ones I own. The other two cats next to those are from the same sale I got the big pumpkin from...they were a buck each I think? I forget what the pumpkin with a witch hat was from...yard sale or something I'm guessing. He opens up and you can put little things in seriously tiny things...a dime maybe lol.

Now for my lame attempt at hanging lights...these are candy corn lights from big lots. Several years old.

The door to my computer room is great for gel clings. The Happy Halloween and the two bats with it are from Target last year...the rest (save for the keep out) was from a yard sale this year...$1. Really quality things, thick. I think they'll hold up great. The keep out was of course from Dollar Tree...and it's a POS. I plan on tossing it after Halloween. Might keep it up for amusement...tell my parents to leave me alone lol...

And then my mirror...debated about showing this since it's not the best picture in the world...ignore the weird paint on the walls. And no I'm not short...I just ducked out of the mirror so I wouldn't take my picture. Gel clings are from the same set I got at a yard sale...all real quality stuff. idea, thrift store? I don't really have places to hang stuff so...yeah that's about the only place I could think of.

Anyways that's my attempt at decorating...I'll post my mood table later on...planning on doing it in October.

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