Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Octoberthon List

After last year's absolute fail of doing a review on each movie...I said never again. I'm not a good movie reviewer. However if one movie happens to strike my fancy...I'll post about it. Anyways, this year I'm doing the same thing 31 movies for 31 days. I've bought more horror movies so I'll actually be changing it up this year. And I hope before October happens I'll actually have a few more horror movies to add to the list...but in case I don't get to best buy in time lol...or just can't find the movies I'm after, this will be the final list.

1. Halloweentown
2. Halloweentown 2
3. Hocus Pocus
4. Corpse Bride
5. Coraline
6. Rocky Horror Picture Show (or Nightmare Before Christmas if I get it)
7. It
8. The Shining
9. Rose Red
10. Christine
11. Army of Darkness
12. Evil Dead
13. Friday the 13th
14. Friday the 13th 2
15. Friday the 13th 3
16. Friday the 13th 4
17. Nightmare on Elm Street
18. Nightmare on Elm Street 2
19. Nightmare on Elm Street 3
20. Nightmare on Elm Street 4
21. Suicide Club
22. The Grudge
23. The Ring 2 (or The Ring if I can get it)
24. The Village
25. Hellraiser
26. Cabin Fever
27. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
28. Night of The Living Dead
29. Carriers
30. Trick r Treat
31. Halloween (I'm going to get this one way or another...even if I have to watch it on TV -_-)

My order is sorted into movies that go together, like all the family friendly/kid stuff at the start, all the Stephen King movies, then the series, then the Japanese horror, but then it sort of goes off randomly. I just shoved in movies that I haven't seen, or I have seen and enjoyed. I think I'm ok with this...I put in a lot of movies I haven't seen yet so this'll be new for me. I can't wait to get started!

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