Saturday, September 10, 2016

Second Halloween Haul of 2016!

I went to Walmart, TJ Maxx and Grocery Outlet yesterday. The last time I was at Walmart they still had their summer and back to school stuff out...but they're finally bringing in the Halloween and Fall items!

I went to TJ Maxx in the hopes I could find these cute vintage Halloween blocks that someone said TJ Maxx joy. I couldn't find anything remotely vintage themed/looking. And they had even less Halloween stuff then Home Goods! Not a good sign. But I did pick up two items that you see in my video, as well as a very comfy turtleneck sweater...not Halloween related though lol.

As for Grocery Outlet, I only found some purple lights...they had more stuff, including some cool vintage looking "Edison bulbs" but they were a bit pricey and only in black. So I passed.

Anyways I think I'm going to hold off on hauls for a bit...running low on cash. I need to save my money for building a new PC.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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