Friday, October 28, 2016

Dinosaur Dracula October Funpack Unboxing!

Yes, it's finally here! The October Funpack from Dinosaur Dracula! And I went to a thrift store and craft store for a few items.

This is probably going to be one of my last if not the last Halloween related haul videos (excluding stuff that comes in the mail...I have some stuff coming...). I am going to try to hit one last store before Halloween hits, but after that I'll be done. I'm not planning on going to any sales after Halloween because most of the stuff I wanted I got or couldn't there won't be much I'd want.

My candy/food reviews will happen in November. Since that's the slow month before Christmas. I won't review everything, but I'll review a lot of stuff. I'm going to try to pick the very best things to review, so if it wasn't amazing...I won't talk about it.

Anyways onto the video.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Another Halloween Haul Video!

So I actually had this up on Youtube for awhile but I was lazy and didn't want to post it on my blog. But here it is. Not much of a story on this one, just went out shopping for food stuff with my family, found some Halloween/Fall related items and made the video. I did also go to Spirit Halloween again to pick up a few items I forgot to pick up last time. And I got one of the three Shadow Lights from Kellogg (they take their sweet time shipping them!).

Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 19 Of Octoberthon: Friday The 13th Part 3!

I wasn't feeling all that great today and looking at the site stats (because this website lets me keep an eye on them) I'm not seeing ANYONE pay attention to this stuff. Every post I write has 5 views on it...EXACTLY. So I'm thinking bots. Plus this site lets you see where the traffic is coming from...nearly all traffic is coming from Russian sites...which also makes me think bots.

So another year...another I'm giving up on this thing. I watch the movies but I have to watch them every night at 8 PM, then pause them every time I have to write something down, then by the time I finish it's usually 10 PM. That's a lot of time to be spending doing something no one pays any attention to. It's the same reason I quit last year.

I'll keep watching them, but on my own time. I'll stop updating this site as much...I'll still post haul videos and what not, but semi-reviews are done.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 18 Of Octoberthon: Nightmare On Elm Street 2 and Cider Review!

So we follow a new cast of kids this time. A boy named Jesse and his family move into Nancy's old house (since she and her mother are dead/missing?) and Jesse starts having nightmares (can't be the house...since other kids from the first movie were getting the nightmares as well).

Haha, the coach is an asshole. Reminds me of a gym teacher I once had...real prick.

What the hell is up with the birds? And the heat...? Is it because Freddy is in the boiler room during the nightmares? Or is it supposed to be like hell? And the dad...once again are we going to have issues with the parents being assholes in this movie? Why the hell was he accusing Jesse of killing the birds? Freddy wants Jesse to kill for him...even goes so far as to take over his body and kills the coach? Or was that a dream? This movie like the last one has parts of it where you think it's a dream but it's not...or maybe it is...makes you question what you're watching. But why does Freddy want Jesse?

So weird shit keeps happening, and Jesse's father is "Nothing is wrong with this house"...really? Yep parents are going to be an issue here too.

Like the last movie it ends with it seemingly alright but then it's actually a nightmare...but is it? Since Freddy "took over" Jesse's body...was it real...or was it a nightmare. Man this is confusing lol.

They had some nice special effects for the melting Freddy face...gross and creepy. I was ok with this the last one it's a bit confusing as to what is real and what isn't...but that's the point of the movies...blurring the line between reality and fantasy. Does a good job of it.

Tonight I'll be trying Woodchuck Hard Cider Fall Harvest. Their words "Just Like Apple Pie"...sure. Well let's see if that's the case. I have a feeling it's not and I won't like it as much as the pear one. I think I like that one because pear is so sweet on it's own...added to apples...the sweetness overpowers any alcohol in the drink for me. It smells slightly sweet but it has that...tang to the smell...that just makes me dread it because that's the same sort of tang the beers and ciders had...the sourness. I think I also smell cinnamon. For the taste now. Hm...not what I was expecting. It's not sour per say. But I get an...odd taste. Banana actually. And I have NO idea why I would get banana off of a apple cider! That's just freaky. I'm sort of getting apple and maybe some cinnamon, but yeah really banana. Which is a shame....I HATE banana. I mean other then that it's great. No burn, slight warmth...not bitter or sour. Just...seriously why banana?! I also smelled it again, I smell caramel now? What the heck is up with this's changing? Man this is one weird cider, I don't...hate it. Which is odd since banana, but it's not my favorite. I also get an aftertaste...but of apple...huh.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 17 Of Octoberthon: Nightmare On Elm Street!

When one series ends, another begins! So NOES...I know about Freddy. I know he haunts dreams, and all that but I've never seen any of the movies. Just one of those things you know? Never got around to it...or couldn't find the first movie to start the series off...I hate watching movies in the wrong order.

Hm...getting into it...maybe I have seen this movie, some of the stuff seems to be familiar.

Ok so...weird first Tina dies in her dream...and all sorts of weird shit happens to her body...the fuck? And why the hell did Rob jump out the window?

Tina's friend Nancy starts falling asleep in the bath, even AFTER her mother told her don't fall asleep in the bath because she might drown...the fuck...if you're that tired, you get out of the damn bath and go to bed. Idiot.

At least she's smart enough to take pills and drink coffee to stay awake...because that's how Freddy can hurt/kill you right? Only in the dreams?

Oh cute cameo by Evil Dead...Nancy's watching it to stay awake...

After Rob's funeral, Nancy tells her Father that the killer is still out there. She starts describing Freddy, when if you watch the parents...they both have weird looks. They know who Freddy is...yet her Father tells her Mother to take her home and keep her there till she gets over the "shock". And her Mother insists she's going to get Nancy some "help". So if they know Freddy...why the fuck are they acting like that.

Turns out Freddy was a child murderer. But he got let off because of an accident with a warrant. So a bunch of parents (including Nancy's Mother...possibly Father?) burned his hiding place down and killed him. And her Mother took and kept Freddy's knives (why?). So knowing all this...they still think it's all in her head...doesn't explain how she had his hat! Because until her Mother told her the story...she had no fucking idea who the fuck Freddy was! Talk about useless parents.

I love how Nancy fools her Mother into thinking she'll go to sleep, letting her mom take all the cups and coffee pot. And then jumps out of bed, pulling this freaking coffee maker out from under her bedside table! Even pulls a cup from under her pillow! Hahaha! That's good.

Man seriously what is with these parents...first her parents act like Nancy is insane, then Glen's Father thinks she's crazy and doesn't want them together, then Nancy's Mother stays up late drinking (blocking Nancy from leaving), then calling Glen's house and wanting to talk to Glen, his Father tells her to wait till tomorrow, hangs up on her and then leaves the phone off the hook (thus making it so she can't call them). The fuck...the parents are fucking weird.

And again...parents are the issue when Glen dies. Nancy's Mother is drunk off her ass, doesn't have the house key and has locked Nancy inside.

So Nancy makes up her mind and goes after Freddy...though not before laying some traps (and that 20 minute bullshit about her falling asleep and having her dad come save her? Yeah setting up all these traps and shit would take more then 10 minutes...).

Interesting ending...Nancy fights Freddy burning him...but he's still "alive" and he kills her Mother. But she believes what Glen told her about feeding monsters she "takes back" the power she gave Freddy...and everything goes back to normal...everyone is alive...then bam...just a nightmare again.

It makes me wonder what was real and what was a dream in the movie...and why is Freddy in people's dreams now? He died so now he haunts people's dreams? That doesn't seem...right? Why was he so special?

Oh and interesting side note, Glen was played by Johnny Depp! I had no idea that was him! He looks way different and sounds different in this what a baby face!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 16 Of Octoberthon: Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter and small haul video!

And now for the final Friday The 13th movie...that I own at least lol. So I was looking on Wikipedia, I guess Part 3 was supposed to be the end of Jason since he "died"...but it didn't have that FINAL in the was this one meant to end it all? But there are more Jason movies...I guess they wanted to milk a cash cow? Whenever I see things with FINAL in the title but there are more after that one (looking at you Final Fantasy) I just figure it's the people making them milking all the cash out of it that they can.

Anyways let's get into this.

So like the rest of the movies, quick recap at the start. Or in this case, just showing off the best murders lol.

Well right off the bat one of my questions from last night is answered...yes, Jason is alive. Figured since...well duh, more Jason movies!

What the heck is wrong with that kid Tommy? I get that it must be his first time seeing a girl almost naked but...that's like almost spazing he's having a fit.

Oh and only 25 minutes in and already Jason's killed three people...stepping up his game I guess?

Hm, Rob...that character seems...interesting. He asked Trish if there were any kids vacationing up there...and he's hunting a "bear". I'll be interested to see what's up with him. And something is seriously wrong with Tommy. He drags this guy he just met up to his bedroom to show him his masks...kid is fucking creepy if you ask me.

Haha, Jimmy's dance moves what the hell. Made me face palm!

Aw Jimmy got killed...well at least he had sex right? Also pretty sure the mom got killed too...which is a shame, didn't want that family hurt but when Jason is in town...anyone is game.

 Ah ha, so Rob was hunting Jason...thought so. He seemed way to fishy to just be a bear hunter. He also mentioned his sister...guess she was a victim of Jason.

So I think all the teens are dead, which leaves the dog, Trish, Rob and Tommy still alive. And both Trish and Rob are idiots. They run home in a panic to find Tommy alright with all the lights back on, then Rob says he's going to check next door, Trish instantly forgets worrying about Tommy and decides not only to follow Rob, leaving Tommy alone, but she also takes the family dog. Now maybe the dog wouldn't be of much use...but I think it idk MIGHT ATTACK SOMEONE TRYING TO KILL TOMMY?! Fucking idiots.

Well Rob is dead...and is the dog dead too? I hate when they kill animals. So as Rob is being killed he tells Trish to run...guess what she does? Stands there like a fucking moron, runs up the stairs...then turns around and RUNS BACK DOWNSTAIRS WHERE JASON IS. THE FLYING FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER?! Jesus...Trish has to be the stupidest character yet.

Interesting idea Tommy had making himself look like Jason as a kid. But what is with that ending? So...Jason is dead...RIGHT? I mean damn...he has to be lol. And Tommy looking into the camera like he going to be the next Jason because he's now insane? Or what?...

Weird set of movies. Again none of my questions but the one about Jason being alive (an obvious one) were answered...and more questions have been added. Not sure how I feel about these movies.

Anyways today I went out and did some shopping. Went to Spirit Halloween, Wal-Mart, Goodwill and that local beer some more of that pear cider and some other ciders to try. Made a video...the usual deal lol. I forgot a lot today though...forgot the Fallout Power Armor Helmet and forgot to get an eyebrow pencil (for darkening my brows...I'm a natural blond so...light eyebrows won't go with my black wig)! Oh well next time right? I have to go back near that area soon anyways.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 15 Of Octoberthon: Friday The 13th Part 3!

So part 3 of Friday The's 3D. I actually can't stand/watch 3D. I get migraines every time I try. Luckily it still comes with a 2D option on the DVD. I'll be watching that version tonight.

Like part 2, this movie also gives us a quick recap of what happened last time. After the recap, they open with the credits and one of the best opening theme songs, Hot Ice. I just love how unhorror it is lol.

Ugh...why did they have to show that guy in the bathroom with those sound effects...that's just nasty.

I can already see this movie isn't going to take real advantage to the 3D...watching it in 2D you can obviously see where they put the 3D effects. So far they haven't been that great...a pole, a bat and a joint. I see why not a lot of people liked this one. The 3D must have been a gimmick back in the day.

I'm guessing that Ginny isn't coming back in this movie, given that we seem to be focusing on a girl named Chris. And if I was her (given that something happened to her...something that makes her very suspicious and jumpy), I would have dropped her friends off at that house and drove right the heck out of there, after that weirdo bum guy showed them that eye. I guess that's my big issue in these slasher one has any god damn sense, because if they did...we wouldn't have slasher films in the first place because they'd all be using their brains and getting the heck out of dodge as soon as spooky crap started happening.

And GOD do I hate Shelley...

So Chris reveals why she's so jumpy...Jason attacked her. But her story makes no sense. She blacked out when he attacked her...then woke up in her bed? How?! Jason kills everyone he comes across right?

Well at least I know where Jason gets his mask...

Man these movies don't really clear anything up do they? They just add more questions. Like what happened to Paul and Ginny? Why did Jason let Chris live two years ago? Why did Chris (who's NEVER seen Jason's mother) hallucinate Jason's mother at the end? And is Jason actually dead?

I figure I can say no to the last one...since how else is there more movies in the series with him dead? But guess what...that makes another the flying fuck is he alive?

Mixed emotions on this one, the characters seem to be getting dumber and the plot seems to be getting more convoluted with each movie. I'm not looking forward to the 4th movie as much as I was the 2nd and 3rd.

Oh and the 4th is titled "The Final Chapter"...but I know there are more Jason movies so...the fuck is up with that.

Anyways tomorrow is our supposed break in the storms around here, so I hope to get out and do a few things before the storms roll back in. I'll have to get a lot done though...the con is in 13 days and I haven't started on my costume at all!

Day 14 Of Octoberthon: Friday The 13th Part 2!

Feeling rather tired tonight so I'm sorry this is a bit late. I had to rest for a little while (yet I still feel out of it).

Tonight I was part 2 of the Friday The 13th series! I have to admit I am a little excited to continue the series! I know Alice was the only one to make it out of Camp Crystal Lake alive. And that she murdered the killer of that movie, Jason's mother at the end. So I have to wonder...who's the killer for the other movies...much less this one? I know at some point Jason is...alive? in the movies but idk when and idk how. To the movie.

First blood is Alice haha...what the hell is up with her death? I mean I don't know anything about how an ice pick can go through someones skull but it looked pretty fucking easy to me, which I don't think is have to get through bone to get to the brain. Kind of lame to me. And the killer is supposed to be Jason? How...

Also WTF Sandra, you want to go to a place that's had people killed for going there?! Dumb bitch. So Jason isn't picky about who he his mother didn't kill that crazy doom guy in the first movie...Jason kills him here though. And even the cop. Though I can see why he killed the cop, cop was way to nosy.

I have to wonder what the hell these women are wearing...Terry seems to be wearing a sweater that was cut like JUST below her breasts...oh and bra. I know it's for "sex appeal" but it just looks weird and overtly slutty to me.

Oh and poor Mark, out of all the characters I liked him and Ginny the most. They just seem more sensible and realistic...not overtly slutty or focused on sex (though Mark was going to get it on with that Vickie girl).

I'm wondering why Ginny didn't help Paul. She's not exactly a typical dumb I think it's within her character to fight back. But again she's not the typical dumb blond...she tries to use her learning in psychology to fool him into thinking she's his mother by wearing her sweater...good plan, but to bad she didn't move the head on the alter.

One thing I never get about these films is WHY DON'T THE CHARACTERS CHOP THE KILLERS HEAD OFF?! That way there is NO way they can come back. Just because you think you killed them, doesn't mean you did! Unless you actually cut their freaking head off...they are alive. See Alice was smart, she cut that bitches head off in the first movie.

So of course Jason comes back...but I'm wondering about that ending...the fuck? Ginny is alive, the dog is alive, and I have to assume the people who stayed at the bar are alive as well. But what about Paul? Odd way to end this movie. Though it does make me look forward to the 3rd movie. I suppose that means the ending worked lol.

I didn't end up doing what I wanted to today, I did go to the store but not the one I was planning on going to. Unfortunately here in Washington we're getting some bad storms. Rain, 45 mph gusts...power outages...the whole works. Since we live inland, it's not as bad as the coast but it's still fairly bad. Bad enough that my parents aren't willing to drive in my plans are on halt...again. I'm running out of time to work on my costume and get stuff done. I have to wait till Sunday morning to get anything done...and I said morning...that means the storm is expected to come back for the afternoon of that day. So I'll get very little done.

Anyways I wanted to tell you that so if ever my power goes out...that will be why there was no post for a day. Also I took a picture of some stuff I got. No video since it was only three items lol.

As you can see I have Halloween on DVD FINALLY!!! Yes, I did buy it on needed enough stuff to qualify for free shipping least no shipping. The bottles I got at Fred Meyer today. It's that same brand I got at that health food store, but the drink was Caramel Apple Cider. This is Pumpkin Spice and Cider & Spice. They were two for $5 and I found them in the health food area. Interested to see what the Pumpkin Spice one is like.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 13 Of Octoberthon: Friday The 13th and Halloween Mood Table!

Years ago I saw Friday The 13th on TV, so it's not..."new" to me but it's been such a long time and this version I have is "uncut" so it might be different then the one I saw. I know the basic plot though..."cursed" camp, boy drowned, shit started on and so forth. Then they try to reopen it in 1980, only to have it happen all over again.

One thing I really remember is Steve he gives off a creepy vibe when him and Alice are putting up a gutter. I mean that's not just me right...?

I know typical slasher movies make women out to be...defenseless but every time I see the women in this movie freak out over stuff (like the snake in the cabin) or run...I just have to laugh. It's like over the top acting. Oh...and had no one heard of bras in 1980? Jeez...someones headlamps are on.

I guess this movie isn't really scary...creepy yes, just for the camerawork...they make it look like your watching these characters from the killers point of view. Nice touch that one. The throat slashing scenes make me...uncomfortable...I've always been...I guess scared of having something happen to my it really gets to me lol.

But like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th movies are considered classic horror films. So I think they're not really "scary". I still like watching them though for the mood they set.

I've been a little unsure of what to do every night now that I'm not reviewing drinks and movies I've comments are less now that I'm watching unknown movies. I can't keep putting videos up...I don't have that many items to show off. I'm going to include my Halloween this post since I'm done with it. I've been done with it but I was unsure if I wanted to reshoot the video if I got any more items...I didn't so...late upload lol. But after this, I have no more videos. I might shoot one tomorrow if I go to Wal-Mart or to Spirit. I have to pick up some stuff for my costume at Spirit and Wal-Mart is just for food...but I'll probably grab pumpkin spice something...if I don't have it yet.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 12 Of Octoberthon: No movie, but huge haul video!

Tonight I'm not going to watch anything...I'm actually not feeling that great so I might go to bed early. I went to the mall today and stopped at Daiso (Japanese dollar store), Target and Bath and Body Works. Got a ton of much that I had to redo the video several times because I was going over 20 minutes long. So the video goes through stuff rather fast unfortunately...had to do it that way because it was the only way to cut down some time.

Anyways I wasn't actually sure what I was going to watch tonight...I was debating about Corpse Bride because I'm not feeling good so I didn't want gore...I also didn't really want horror. But I'm just wiped right now so I'm not going to bother. Sorry about that...but I figure with my day off isn't that bad lol.

Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 11 Of Octoberthon: Evil Dead!

As I mentioned yesterday, from now on all the movies will be new to me. And I'll also no longer be trying cider/beer/ale unless I manage to go back to that store. So to make this slightly more interesting, I'll post videos I've been doing at the end of my comments on the movies. I won't have videos everyday mind you but...let us see.

So tonight's movie is Evil Dead. Was supposed to be Army of Darkness but as that's actually Evil Dead 3 (I don't know anything about Evil Dead...obviously!), I changed it so I'll watch the first one. And since I'm super picky about watching movies in order...I'm not watching Army until I get the 2nd movie. So tomorrow will be another horror movie. Sorry about that.

While I watch these new to me movies...I'll write down some thoughts.

So right off the bat, I feel like this is almost a parody of horror Cabin In The Woods, but it was supposed to be a horror least from what I've read/heard about's just so...predictable it's funny! And what is with that scene where Cheryl gets felt up by...trees? Freaky.

I'll give the movie one thing...damn it's gory! It's a mix between realistic gore and cheesy b-movie gore...but it's still super unsettling. And the way the possessed people "die" damn that's...very grotesque.

I liked the movie, bit to gory for me so unless I'm in the mood for gore lol. But it's interesting enough that I want to get the second film and finish the series. I'm not happy with abrupt endings like the one in this movie though...I seriously dislike them. To me it seems like they ran out of money or ideas and couldn't end it normally. It's not going to become one of my favorites but I'm not going to toss it into the sell pile.

As for the'll be a multiple haul video. Two days worth of's super long unfortunately because I just wanted to get it out of the way. I explain why in the video.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 10 Of Octoberthon: Christine!

I was going to start off by saying this would be my last "review" but I just realized looking at my list, that until I hit the Halloween movies, this is the last movie I've all the rest are new to me. Which means I should write down my thoughts for these new movies...oh dear.

Anyways, onto this movie. Christine...not my favorite Stephen King movie (obviously) but it's mildly entertaining. Not really into cars, but at least it's a pretty original idea! A killer car...

One thing that annoys me about the movie is it's never really...EXPLAINED why Christine is like this. I mean the movie starts right off the assembly line and she's injured one man and killed another. Maybe the book explains it? But looking at a brief plot description...doesn't seem to. I've never read the book (it's on my list of one's to read) so who knows.

The music is nicely picked (at least the old songs Christine plays lol), and the acting ok. Some of the characters are blah. Like Arnie's mother ("noise pollution"), and Leigh. The male characters aren't that much better but Arnie is at least somewhat interesting to watch going through his changes.

Tonight is the last night I'll be drinking something new (unless I manage to get back to that beer shop) and as such I saved a possible good one...Wicked Cider CO Baked Apple Hard Cider. Recommended to me by the guy who recommended that Winterruption hard cider. Said it tastes JUST like an apple pie...let us see. I really hope so...I've been looking forward to this one for awhile now. At 6.9% alcohol might be the strongest I'll be trying...hope it doesn't burn. First sniff...oh wow that smells JUST like an apple pie, holy cow lol. Tons of apple smell, hint of cinnamon and spices. That's pretty amazing, oh I'm excited! First taste! Hm...spices...but...not really feeling the apple pie. Sadly it's got that...bitter taste that alcohol gets. Not as bad as any of the beer or the other bad ciders but...yeah not great. A few sips and I don't really want to sip anymore. much for that. I guess pear cider was the winner? I'll have to see what other ciders that brand makes.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 9 Of Octoberthon: Rose Red

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties (aka my copy is way WAY more scratched then I thought it was and won't even read...) tonight's movie of Rose Red will be replaced with Coraline. I kind of wimped out as I'm not feeling all that great so I didn't want a gory movie like a zombie flick. I also wanted to rewatch Coraline now that I've read the pick up on differences. Also side note, the book is pretty good!

I suppose the big difference is of course the character Wyborn. He was added for this movie. Not a huge fan of the character...I find him annoying lol. Another difference is the addition of the doll. Most of the plot is still the same, real parents pay no attention to Coraline, are always working and get annoyed when she tries to talk to them (gee what great parents). I really love this movie for it's characters, Miss Spink and Forcible, the Other parents...I just dislike Mr. Bobinsky...he gives off a creepy vibe lol.

The art style is pretty cool. Creepy at times, beautiful at others. I think it fits the book and story well. And the other mother...when she shows her true self...damn is she creepy! I really enjoy stop motion animation films and Coraline is one of my favorites.

Tonight is cider night! I'm trying Atlas Cider Hard Blackberry Cider. Sounds lovely and I'm hoping that with the added fruit it'll be the pear cider was. I'm kind of excited about this one, because of the blackberry, I love blackberry! So first sniff. Blackberry has a very strong alcohol smell to it...not good. And at burn. Well let's taste it. Hm...not great, but not horrible. Sort of has a blackberry taste they've gone off and...a lot of alcohol taste and burn. But not as bad as Original Sin or Trader Joe's...but nothing like the pear cider. I could drink it but...I won''s not my thing.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day 8 Of Octoberthon: The Shining!

I think The Shining might be my favorite horror film. In fact I love the film so much I ended up buying the book it's based off of and reading small feat since it's a Stephen King novel...and his books are hard to get through for me (his writing style is just not my cup of tea). It's also made by Stanley Kubrick, and everything he touched turned to gold. He's my favorite director (next to Tarantino!), and in this just oozes with his masterful touch. The symbolism, the way the movie is shot, the tense waiting, the music...god everything just FITS.

If I may, I'd like to compare The Shining to IT. While IT is full of disturbing imagery and makes you have a sense of dread through out the film, it's much your face. The Shining has disturbing imagery too and a sense of dread? Oh yeah that's covered. But it's much least in the beginning. As time goes on it gets worse. Sort of how Jack slowly gets worse as time goes on...losing it.

I'm not picking up on all of the symbolism mind you...I've read reviews that go into detail about his use of symbolism (like the Native American motifs in the hotel) but I won't do that here. I get the gist of it though. I also won't go on much longer about this. I'm not a reviewer...I'm just writing down some thoughts that enter my head as I watch the film. I don't think that's reviewing.

Anyways can we take a moment to really...just soak in the beginning of the film? If you haven't seen it yet or don't remember it...look it up on Youtube. It's so good. Slow camera work, music that gives you goosebumps, beautiful landscapes...and we watch this little car make it's way to the hotel. I just feel a sense of dread for the person in the car. We're not even past five minutes and already the film is making you feel dread and fear! That's how amazing Stanley Kubrick's work was.

Tonight is the last ale! Thank the gods! It's actually the only one I'll be regretting not liking...I had high hopes for it. It's Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale. I've heard good things about it but...honestly ya'll know what's going to happen (that might be the only time I use the term "ya'll"). It's going to be sour and bitter and I'll be lucky not to gag...we've been through this enough right? Anyways let's get this over with. First smell. This one smells more like...pumpkin then any of the others...has undertones of sourness though. It smells ok...ish. First...ugh taste lol...yep sour....bitter...ugh. No gagging though. Well, through this all I learned is out, cider is in. Also go for least amount of alcohol...though that cider I loved was 4% so...hmmm. Must experiment more with ciders.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 7 Of Octoberthon: IT!

Little known fact...clowns creep the fuck out of me. And what with creepy clown sightings in the news...this movie is fitting. Another movie in which we get to see the brilliance that is Tim Curry! Pennywise seriously creeps me out, he's just so...unsettling. This movie unnerves me, which is perfect for the Octoberthon.

I've seen this movie once before, several years ago it's all a bit fuzzy. But I know the general feeling I had. The "hallucinations" are disturbing to say the least, as well as Pennywise's voice. This movie really knows how to get under your skin. And at three hours's a hell of a ride.

Tonight's drink is Uinta Punk' N Pumpkin Ale. Place your bets now...will I like it?! Smell isn't AS bad as the other beers/ale that I've's still nasty smelling though. Still has a sour smell. I really REALLY don't want to take a sip...after last night what with almost gagging...but I said I'd try these fucking things. Ok first sip. Well...didn't gag. Still tastes disgusting. Sour, bitter...usual crap. But gagging. Step up from the last few ones. Just one more to go...then lovely cider again.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 6 Of Octoberthon: Rocky Horror Picture Show and Halloween Village Video!

What can I say about RHPS? It's funny, amazing, sad and weird. It's one of my top ten favorite movies of all time. I don't think I can really review it. Like the Ghostbuster movies, it's a classic...albeit a different sort of classic lol. I will say my favorite character is hands down Dr. Frank N Furter! Tim Curry in drag? Be still my beating heart! He pulls it off well...those legs! He's my spirit animal lol. I've watched the movie enough that I can actually sing along to the opening song...and that's another thing. Usually I hate musicals...but I love the songs in this movie! At least...most of them lol.

I'll be trying Anderson Valley Fall Hornin' Pumpkin Ale. As my partner explained to me the other night beer and ale are different (go figure) so maybe I'll like ale? I doubt it...but let us try. Well...the smell is still the same, gag me with a spoon sour smell. I know this is going to taste horrible. The smell alone makes my stomach churn. Ok...first taste. Sour, bitter...almost gagged. It's no different then the other ones. And I dread the next two nights...two more beers/ales...then thankfully it's back into the cider.

As promised in the title, I have a short video showing off my Halloween Village I made. I'm not talking in this video...I figured if I just set some music to it, it will give off a nice mood.

I was trying to go with a Halloweentown theme (hence the large pumpkin in the village square.). I shot two videos, one during the "day" and one at "night". I didn't have any normal lights and the village buildings have a tiny opening at the bottom, so tealights wouldn't really fit inside them, so you'll see some of the buildings aren't lit up and you can see the lights exposed...not the best set up but it's all I could manage right now.

Anyways to explain it. We start with the local inn and school. Next we go over to the town square where along with the large pumpkin, we have a gazebo (this town loves their gazebo...what with three of them!). On the outskirts of town we have the local witches hut, she has two large statues advertising her potion making business. Behind her hut we have the park/cemetery, a cheerful place to be sure. Up on the "hill" we have the residential areas. There's also some statues of the villages founders a Mummy and a Grim Reaper (since the figures are way out of proportion to the buildings and mini figures...I thought why not make them into statues.). And that's the tour. The characters all have their little backstory Mrs. and Mr. Zombie Mummy taking a nice stroll through the cemetery to visit some relatives. Or Wolf Man and Elephant Man meeting up at the park gazebo for a lovers picnic...

During the day...

And at night...

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 5 Of Octoberthon: Ghostbusters II and haul video!

Mixed feelings about Ghostbusters II honestly. I don't HATE it but it's just not as good as the first. That being said, I like the ending battle a lot more then the first movie...the Statue of Liberty walking around New York...that is a very cool scene, it just sticks with you. Like the first, I don't feel I can do it justice so I'm not going to even try reviewing it. It has it's moments...and is funny, but Ghostbusters was the better movie. But this is still a classic and one of my favorites!

Tonight I'll be having some Original Sin Hard Cider...oh how naughty lol. Hm, first smell not good. Reminds me of that Trader Joe's Cider I got...sour and alcohol smelling. First sip is...oh yeah Trader Joe's Cider...blah. Sour and alcohol. Bitter. Not good. Damn the beer guy totally screwed me so far save for last nights wonderful cider. That bites. I couldn't even drink more then a sip of's better then the beers but...not by much.

So since this is a rather short "review" of anything...I'll put in a haul video to make it worth your time.

I went to Winco and Best Buy the other day...just got a few things. Winco isn't exclusive to WA or the Pacific Northwest. It's actually just here out west. If you include Texas as the west that is. I thought Winco was more limited then that...whoops.

Well I hope you enjoy the video at least lol.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 4 Of Octoberthon: Ghostbusters!

And I'm not talking about no god damn feminist reboot! I'm talking about the original GOOD Ghostbusters damn it. Anyways...not much can be said about's classic, funny and cool. I'm not going to even try reviewing it...I wouldn't do it justice. It's simply one of my favorites.

Tonight I'll be trying Wyder's Hard Cider Dry Pear. I told the beer guy I wanted some ciders (that were sweet and not bitter or strong). And he showed me some that had different fruits in them like...cherry. Disliking cherry, I went for the pear since I do like pears. But looking at the beer he picked for me...I don't have much hope. I do however think there might be a SLIGHT chance of me liking this since I did find a hard cider I liked let's see! First smell is a good sign! Fruity! Really smell that pear, it has hints of apple as well. Oh my...that' That's good. First taste is yummy! Sweet, light, a little tart finish. I taste a lot of apples, not any pear though...interesting. I also find it odd that the taste vanishes as soon as you aftertaste...usually that's where you get flavors...but...nothing stays. Not sure if that's a sign of a good cider or not? I mean for me it's burn at all. Feels like I'm drinking apple juice...seriously! No alcohol at all. Yet it says 4% Gave my mom a sip and she did NOT like it...funny. But yeah, LOVE IT! I'll actually end up finishing a bottle for once!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 3 Of Octoberthon: Hocus Pocus!

Oh Hocus Halloweentown, it was my tradition that I watch these on Disney around Halloween time. I think I like Hocus Pocus more then has less...cheese.

Can I take a moment and just gush on how good Bette Midler is as Winifred? My god she is amazing. She's the star here...if there was nothing else to this movie...she alone would make it amazing but it's already a good movie lol...she just makes it that much better! Her sisters are Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah) and Kathy Najimy (Mary). They're called the Sanderson Sisters. Three witches from the 1600s. I dislike Mary (she comes off as way to stupid) and Sarah is just...meh. Annoying and not much else...pretty but annoying. No the star really is Winifred.

So to sum up the plot...a boy in 1693 has to try and save his sister (who was lured into the Sanderson Sisters house to be drained of her life force to make the witches young). He fails and is turned into a forward to today (1993) and we meet the "star" of the movie...Max (played by a nobody lol). He's the typical "I don't believe in this stuff" guy...trying to be "cool". Also typical is his whining. He doesn't like it in his new town (he moved from L.A. with his family) and just does his usual teenager crap. A funny thing, when he gets home from school and him mom asks him how was school, he replies it "sucked". And the dad says "Hey watch your language." really?! I mean I know it's Disney and they have to be kid friendly but sucked is not a bad word ffs. Anyways the plot is...fairly's a copy of what already happened. Brother needs to save sister...but this time the witches are in the "modern" world. It's Disney...can't expect mindblowing stuff. But it's still a funny movie.

Dani (Max's little sister) is the annoying one in this movie...even when I was a few years older then her back when I originally watched this I thought she was annoying. Like when she screams...jesus christ kid, calm the fuck down. She's a real spoiled brat in this movie. And combined with Max being the usual dumb teen...I have to wonder..what the fuck did the parents do?! Are they not teaching their kids to...oh idk? BE NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS?! Ugh...

Besides Dani...the movie is good. Winifred makes up for Dani lol. Binx the cat is pretty cool too.

Tonight I'm trying Samuel Adams 20 Pounds of Pumpkin beer. Sounds nice...I'm just dreading this honestly. But here we go. Oh stinks. I'm...not going to like this. Ok first sip. Oh god...just like the last one. Tastes 100% the same. Sour and bitter...well...damn. I have three more beers...thank god the rest is cider...I guess this shows me I'm not a beer fan. Good god I can't fathom how ANYONE likes beer.

Day 2 Of Octoberthon: Halloweentown II!

So Halloweentown II...not as good as the original of course but still entertaining. It expands on Halloweentown...the actual town in the movie...I mean. It adds more characters and places. The kid actors are still meh, Aggie is still amazing though. Marnie is now 15...that special age where now she's into boys. Unfortunately this makes her stupid and makes her mess per usual for these stories of the bad guys/boys being good looking to make women/girls fall for them and do stupid crap. I think this is where it messed up. Disney was always trying to be "hip" or "cool" and to be "with it". I think they tried harder in the 90s then they do now. But because of that everything gets...dated...and kinda cheesy. The first movie was cheesy but not so dated because they weren't really pushing the whole "hip" agenda...they were just focused on telling a story...which they should have stuck with for this one. Technically speaking this movie is from 2001 but it still has that 90s feel.

You can kind of see it when she's on her computer at the start...they put in technology to be "cool" (sort of what Zenon did). Anyways the first face palm moment is when Marnie shows "Kal" her grandmothers room...aka guy she just met 2 minutes ago to show off her MAGIC USING grandmothers room...great plan. Just...epic face palm right here. Because she has to go goo-goo eyes over Kal. I just...bah...I feel this sort of thing is just lazy writing. But one thing I really do like is the graying of Halloween town and everyone in it...creative. I wasn't as impressed with it back when I first saw it because I was just happy another Halloweentown movie came I wasn't really paying attention to the details. But now that I have some time and pay more attention to stuff...yeah it's a good effect.

Another instance of Disney trying to be "cool"...when Marnie talks about computer programs having back doors and hackers. It just screams of "Oh look we can be hip too kids! Disney isn't just for little kids anymore! It's for teens too!!". Makes me roll my eyes. One thing that isn't the movies fault but maybe the fault of Disney putting it on the DVD is it still has the "fade to black" bits in it where commercials would play when it was aired on TV. Seeing that on a DVD is a bit annoying...interestingly enough the first Halloweentown didn't have that issue...wonder why?

I guess it's still entertaining but just not as good as the original. Then again sequels rarely are. Another issue I have with the movie (besides being "cool") is that Halloweentown just feels small. The actual town part. If you compare it to the original's super tiny. Lower budget maybe? A shame since I loved how cool the town was.

Tonight I'll be trying Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy (recommended to me by the beer guy at the place I bought this at because shandy's are...easier to drink?). The bottle says it's a wheat ale brewed with lemon peel...of all things? I don't think lemon and pumpkin go together but whatever. The first smell...I get alcohol but I also smell like a savory pumpkin smell...weird. It doesn't smell nice but at least it doesn't stink like most beer! Let's give it a sip...cold. Oh god...ugh!!! I took a tiny sip...good lord. I do not want to take another! No just least the cider I could drink a few sips...this...fuck that. Super bitter, sour and ugh...this taste in my mouth is awful. How do people drink beer?! Well I can safely say I'll never drink that again.

Sorry on the lateness of the post (20 minutes past midnight) but I'm pretty tired so I put the movie off for awhile.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 1 Of Octoberthon: Halloweentown!

Ah's been years since I've last seen it and as soon as the theme kicked in I was flooded with nostalgic memories. The child actors are...cringe worthy (Marnie Cromwell is the worst here), but I love Aggie! She was always my favorite character in this movie. The grandmother I always wanted lol. Rewatching this movie made me remember my favorite bits. Like when Aggie is showing the kids the Halloweentown book. I WANTED that book so bad as a kid. Or the scene where she fills up the talisman. I wanted that talisman!

The two people I disliked in this movie were the mother (Gwen) and the brother (Dylan). The mother because I thought she was overprotective and unfair (reminded me of my own mother sometimes) and the brother because he's just an annoying brat lol.

I also remembered how much I liked Benny (Skeleton cab driver). And how much I was scared of him as a kid when he went "evil". Even now it's still a little unnerving to watch that scene. He was more scary then the real villain!

Rewatching this movie was a lot of fun, and made me remember past Halloweens and Octobers as a kid. Lots of fun memories...even though the acting is sub-par and the plot is cheesy (hey it's a Disney Channel movie...what can you expect?) it's still a very fun movie because of all the memories it brings up for me. It'll continue to be one of my favorites.

To go along with this movie, I'm drinking Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. It has a strong alcohol smell upon opening the can. The taste is alcohol and sour. But the aftertaste is faintly of apples...not a fan in the slightest. It's not sweet or nice at all. Just sour and alcohol. Guess I should have known with a name like Angry Orchard! I also tried it after it warmed up a bit (because from what I read...alcohol can taste different when its cold/room temp)...but it's still gross.