Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 1 Of Octoberthon: Halloweentown!

Ah's been years since I've last seen it and as soon as the theme kicked in I was flooded with nostalgic memories. The child actors are...cringe worthy (Marnie Cromwell is the worst here), but I love Aggie! She was always my favorite character in this movie. The grandmother I always wanted lol. Rewatching this movie made me remember my favorite bits. Like when Aggie is showing the kids the Halloweentown book. I WANTED that book so bad as a kid. Or the scene where she fills up the talisman. I wanted that talisman!

The two people I disliked in this movie were the mother (Gwen) and the brother (Dylan). The mother because I thought she was overprotective and unfair (reminded me of my own mother sometimes) and the brother because he's just an annoying brat lol.

I also remembered how much I liked Benny (Skeleton cab driver). And how much I was scared of him as a kid when he went "evil". Even now it's still a little unnerving to watch that scene. He was more scary then the real villain!

Rewatching this movie was a lot of fun, and made me remember past Halloweens and Octobers as a kid. Lots of fun memories...even though the acting is sub-par and the plot is cheesy (hey it's a Disney Channel movie...what can you expect?) it's still a very fun movie because of all the memories it brings up for me. It'll continue to be one of my favorites.

To go along with this movie, I'm drinking Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. It has a strong alcohol smell upon opening the can. The taste is alcohol and sour. But the aftertaste is faintly of apples...not a fan in the slightest. It's not sweet or nice at all. Just sour and alcohol. Guess I should have known with a name like Angry Orchard! I also tried it after it warmed up a bit (because from what I read...alcohol can taste different when its cold/room temp)...but it's still gross.

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