Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 10 Of Octoberthon: Christine!

I was going to start off by saying this would be my last "review" but I just realized looking at my list, that until I hit the Halloween movies, this is the last movie I've all the rest are new to me. Which means I should write down my thoughts for these new movies...oh dear.

Anyways, onto this movie. Christine...not my favorite Stephen King movie (obviously) but it's mildly entertaining. Not really into cars, but at least it's a pretty original idea! A killer car...

One thing that annoys me about the movie is it's never really...EXPLAINED why Christine is like this. I mean the movie starts right off the assembly line and she's injured one man and killed another. Maybe the book explains it? But looking at a brief plot description...doesn't seem to. I've never read the book (it's on my list of one's to read) so who knows.

The music is nicely picked (at least the old songs Christine plays lol), and the acting ok. Some of the characters are blah. Like Arnie's mother ("noise pollution"), and Leigh. The male characters aren't that much better but Arnie is at least somewhat interesting to watch going through his changes.

Tonight is the last night I'll be drinking something new (unless I manage to get back to that beer shop) and as such I saved a possible good one...Wicked Cider CO Baked Apple Hard Cider. Recommended to me by the guy who recommended that Winterruption hard cider. Said it tastes JUST like an apple pie...let us see. I really hope so...I've been looking forward to this one for awhile now. At 6.9% alcohol might be the strongest I'll be trying...hope it doesn't burn. First sniff...oh wow that smells JUST like an apple pie, holy cow lol. Tons of apple smell, hint of cinnamon and spices. That's pretty amazing, oh I'm excited! First taste! Hm...spices...but...not really feeling the apple pie. Sadly it's got that...bitter taste that alcohol gets. Not as bad as any of the beer or the other bad ciders but...yeah not great. A few sips and I don't really want to sip anymore. much for that. I guess pear cider was the winner? I'll have to see what other ciders that brand makes.

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