Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 11 Of Octoberthon: Evil Dead!

As I mentioned yesterday, from now on all the movies will be new to me. And I'll also no longer be trying cider/beer/ale unless I manage to go back to that store. So to make this slightly more interesting, I'll post videos I've been doing at the end of my comments on the movies. I won't have videos everyday mind you but...let us see.

So tonight's movie is Evil Dead. Was supposed to be Army of Darkness but as that's actually Evil Dead 3 (I don't know anything about Evil Dead...obviously!), I changed it so I'll watch the first one. And since I'm super picky about watching movies in order...I'm not watching Army until I get the 2nd movie. So tomorrow will be another horror movie. Sorry about that.

While I watch these new to me movies...I'll write down some thoughts.

So right off the bat, I feel like this is almost a parody of horror films...like Cabin In The Woods, but it was supposed to be a horror movie...at least from what I've read/heard about it...it's just so...predictable it's funny! And what is with that scene where Cheryl gets felt up by...trees? Freaky.

I'll give the movie one thing...damn it's gory! It's a mix between realistic gore and cheesy b-movie gore...but it's still super unsettling. And the way the possessed people "die" damn that's...very grotesque.

I liked the movie, bit to gory for me so unless I'm in the mood for gore lol. But it's interesting enough that I want to get the second film and finish the series. I'm not happy with abrupt endings like the one in this movie though...I seriously dislike them. To me it seems like they ran out of money or ideas and couldn't end it normally. It's not going to become one of my favorites but I'm not going to toss it into the sell pile.

As for the video...it'll be a multiple haul video. Two days worth of pickups...it's super long unfortunately because I just wanted to get it out of the way. I explain why in the video.

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