Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 12 Of Octoberthon: No movie, but huge haul video!

Tonight I'm not going to watch anything...I'm actually not feeling that great so I might go to bed early. I went to the mall today and stopped at Daiso (Japanese dollar store), Target and Bath and Body Works. Got a ton of much that I had to redo the video several times because I was going over 20 minutes long. So the video goes through stuff rather fast unfortunately...had to do it that way because it was the only way to cut down some time.

Anyways I wasn't actually sure what I was going to watch tonight...I was debating about Corpse Bride because I'm not feeling good so I didn't want gore...I also didn't really want horror. But I'm just wiped right now so I'm not going to bother. Sorry about that...but I figure with my day off isn't that bad lol.

Hope you enjoy it!

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