Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 13 Of Octoberthon: Friday The 13th and Halloween Mood Table!

Years ago I saw Friday The 13th on TV, so it's not..."new" to me but it's been such a long time and this version I have is "uncut" so it might be different then the one I saw. I know the basic plot though..."cursed" camp, boy drowned, shit started on and so forth. Then they try to reopen it in 1980, only to have it happen all over again.

One thing I really remember is Steve he gives off a creepy vibe when him and Alice are putting up a gutter. I mean that's not just me right...?

I know typical slasher movies make women out to be...defenseless but every time I see the women in this movie freak out over stuff (like the snake in the cabin) or run...I just have to laugh. It's like over the top acting. Oh...and had no one heard of bras in 1980? Jeez...someones headlamps are on.

I guess this movie isn't really scary...creepy yes, just for the camerawork...they make it look like your watching these characters from the killers point of view. Nice touch that one. The throat slashing scenes make me...uncomfortable...I've always been...I guess scared of having something happen to my it really gets to me lol.

But like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th movies are considered classic horror films. So I think they're not really "scary". I still like watching them though for the mood they set.

I've been a little unsure of what to do every night now that I'm not reviewing drinks and movies I've comments are less now that I'm watching unknown movies. I can't keep putting videos up...I don't have that many items to show off. I'm going to include my Halloween this post since I'm done with it. I've been done with it but I was unsure if I wanted to reshoot the video if I got any more items...I didn't so...late upload lol. But after this, I have no more videos. I might shoot one tomorrow if I go to Wal-Mart or to Spirit. I have to pick up some stuff for my costume at Spirit and Wal-Mart is just for food...but I'll probably grab pumpkin spice something...if I don't have it yet.


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