Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 14 Of Octoberthon: Friday The 13th Part 2!

Feeling rather tired tonight so I'm sorry this is a bit late. I had to rest for a little while (yet I still feel out of it).

Tonight I was part 2 of the Friday The 13th series! I have to admit I am a little excited to continue the series! I know Alice was the only one to make it out of Camp Crystal Lake alive. And that she murdered the killer of that movie, Jason's mother at the end. So I have to wonder...who's the killer for the other movies...much less this one? I know at some point Jason is...alive? in the movies but idk when and idk how. To the movie.

First blood is Alice haha...what the hell is up with her death? I mean I don't know anything about how an ice pick can go through someones skull but it looked pretty fucking easy to me, which I don't think is have to get through bone to get to the brain. Kind of lame to me. And the killer is supposed to be Jason? How...

Also WTF Sandra, you want to go to a place that's had people killed for going there?! Dumb bitch. So Jason isn't picky about who he his mother didn't kill that crazy doom guy in the first movie...Jason kills him here though. And even the cop. Though I can see why he killed the cop, cop was way to nosy.

I have to wonder what the hell these women are wearing...Terry seems to be wearing a sweater that was cut like JUST below her breasts...oh and bra. I know it's for "sex appeal" but it just looks weird and overtly slutty to me.

Oh and poor Mark, out of all the characters I liked him and Ginny the most. They just seem more sensible and realistic...not overtly slutty or focused on sex (though Mark was going to get it on with that Vickie girl).

I'm wondering why Ginny didn't help Paul. She's not exactly a typical dumb I think it's within her character to fight back. But again she's not the typical dumb blond...she tries to use her learning in psychology to fool him into thinking she's his mother by wearing her sweater...good plan, but to bad she didn't move the head on the alter.

One thing I never get about these films is WHY DON'T THE CHARACTERS CHOP THE KILLERS HEAD OFF?! That way there is NO way they can come back. Just because you think you killed them, doesn't mean you did! Unless you actually cut their freaking head off...they are alive. See Alice was smart, she cut that bitches head off in the first movie.

So of course Jason comes back...but I'm wondering about that ending...the fuck? Ginny is alive, the dog is alive, and I have to assume the people who stayed at the bar are alive as well. But what about Paul? Odd way to end this movie. Though it does make me look forward to the 3rd movie. I suppose that means the ending worked lol.

I didn't end up doing what I wanted to today, I did go to the store but not the one I was planning on going to. Unfortunately here in Washington we're getting some bad storms. Rain, 45 mph gusts...power outages...the whole works. Since we live inland, it's not as bad as the coast but it's still fairly bad. Bad enough that my parents aren't willing to drive in my plans are on halt...again. I'm running out of time to work on my costume and get stuff done. I have to wait till Sunday morning to get anything done...and I said morning...that means the storm is expected to come back for the afternoon of that day. So I'll get very little done.

Anyways I wanted to tell you that so if ever my power goes out...that will be why there was no post for a day. Also I took a picture of some stuff I got. No video since it was only three items lol.

As you can see I have Halloween on DVD FINALLY!!! Yes, I did buy it on needed enough stuff to qualify for free shipping least no shipping. The bottles I got at Fred Meyer today. It's that same brand I got at that health food store, but the drink was Caramel Apple Cider. This is Pumpkin Spice and Cider & Spice. They were two for $5 and I found them in the health food area. Interested to see what the Pumpkin Spice one is like.

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