Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 15 Of Octoberthon: Friday The 13th Part 3!

So part 3 of Friday The's 3D. I actually can't stand/watch 3D. I get migraines every time I try. Luckily it still comes with a 2D option on the DVD. I'll be watching that version tonight.

Like part 2, this movie also gives us a quick recap of what happened last time. After the recap, they open with the credits and one of the best opening theme songs, Hot Ice. I just love how unhorror it is lol.

Ugh...why did they have to show that guy in the bathroom with those sound effects...that's just nasty.

I can already see this movie isn't going to take real advantage to the 3D...watching it in 2D you can obviously see where they put the 3D effects. So far they haven't been that great...a pole, a bat and a joint. I see why not a lot of people liked this one. The 3D must have been a gimmick back in the day.

I'm guessing that Ginny isn't coming back in this movie, given that we seem to be focusing on a girl named Chris. And if I was her (given that something happened to her...something that makes her very suspicious and jumpy), I would have dropped her friends off at that house and drove right the heck out of there, after that weirdo bum guy showed them that eye. I guess that's my big issue in these slasher one has any god damn sense, because if they did...we wouldn't have slasher films in the first place because they'd all be using their brains and getting the heck out of dodge as soon as spooky crap started happening.

And GOD do I hate Shelley...

So Chris reveals why she's so jumpy...Jason attacked her. But her story makes no sense. She blacked out when he attacked her...then woke up in her bed? How?! Jason kills everyone he comes across right?

Well at least I know where Jason gets his mask...

Man these movies don't really clear anything up do they? They just add more questions. Like what happened to Paul and Ginny? Why did Jason let Chris live two years ago? Why did Chris (who's NEVER seen Jason's mother) hallucinate Jason's mother at the end? And is Jason actually dead?

I figure I can say no to the last one...since how else is there more movies in the series with him dead? But guess what...that makes another the flying fuck is he alive?

Mixed emotions on this one, the characters seem to be getting dumber and the plot seems to be getting more convoluted with each movie. I'm not looking forward to the 4th movie as much as I was the 2nd and 3rd.

Oh and the 4th is titled "The Final Chapter"...but I know there are more Jason movies so...the fuck is up with that.

Anyways tomorrow is our supposed break in the storms around here, so I hope to get out and do a few things before the storms roll back in. I'll have to get a lot done though...the con is in 13 days and I haven't started on my costume at all!

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