Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 16 Of Octoberthon: Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter and small haul video!

And now for the final Friday The 13th movie...that I own at least lol. So I was looking on Wikipedia, I guess Part 3 was supposed to be the end of Jason since he "died"...but it didn't have that FINAL in the was this one meant to end it all? But there are more Jason movies...I guess they wanted to milk a cash cow? Whenever I see things with FINAL in the title but there are more after that one (looking at you Final Fantasy) I just figure it's the people making them milking all the cash out of it that they can.

Anyways let's get into this.

So like the rest of the movies, quick recap at the start. Or in this case, just showing off the best murders lol.

Well right off the bat one of my questions from last night is answered...yes, Jason is alive. Figured since...well duh, more Jason movies!

What the heck is wrong with that kid Tommy? I get that it must be his first time seeing a girl almost naked but...that's like almost spazing he's having a fit.

Oh and only 25 minutes in and already Jason's killed three people...stepping up his game I guess?

Hm, Rob...that character seems...interesting. He asked Trish if there were any kids vacationing up there...and he's hunting a "bear". I'll be interested to see what's up with him. And something is seriously wrong with Tommy. He drags this guy he just met up to his bedroom to show him his masks...kid is fucking creepy if you ask me.

Haha, Jimmy's dance moves what the hell. Made me face palm!

Aw Jimmy got killed...well at least he had sex right? Also pretty sure the mom got killed too...which is a shame, didn't want that family hurt but when Jason is in town...anyone is game.

 Ah ha, so Rob was hunting Jason...thought so. He seemed way to fishy to just be a bear hunter. He also mentioned his sister...guess she was a victim of Jason.

So I think all the teens are dead, which leaves the dog, Trish, Rob and Tommy still alive. And both Trish and Rob are idiots. They run home in a panic to find Tommy alright with all the lights back on, then Rob says he's going to check next door, Trish instantly forgets worrying about Tommy and decides not only to follow Rob, leaving Tommy alone, but she also takes the family dog. Now maybe the dog wouldn't be of much use...but I think it idk MIGHT ATTACK SOMEONE TRYING TO KILL TOMMY?! Fucking idiots.

Well Rob is dead...and is the dog dead too? I hate when they kill animals. So as Rob is being killed he tells Trish to run...guess what she does? Stands there like a fucking moron, runs up the stairs...then turns around and RUNS BACK DOWNSTAIRS WHERE JASON IS. THE FLYING FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER?! Jesus...Trish has to be the stupidest character yet.

Interesting idea Tommy had making himself look like Jason as a kid. But what is with that ending? So...Jason is dead...RIGHT? I mean damn...he has to be lol. And Tommy looking into the camera like he going to be the next Jason because he's now insane? Or what?...

Weird set of movies. Again none of my questions but the one about Jason being alive (an obvious one) were answered...and more questions have been added. Not sure how I feel about these movies.

Anyways today I went out and did some shopping. Went to Spirit Halloween, Wal-Mart, Goodwill and that local beer some more of that pear cider and some other ciders to try. Made a video...the usual deal lol. I forgot a lot today though...forgot the Fallout Power Armor Helmet and forgot to get an eyebrow pencil (for darkening my brows...I'm a natural blond so...light eyebrows won't go with my black wig)! Oh well next time right? I have to go back near that area soon anyways.


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