Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 17 Of Octoberthon: Nightmare On Elm Street!

When one series ends, another begins! So NOES...I know about Freddy. I know he haunts dreams, and all that but I've never seen any of the movies. Just one of those things you know? Never got around to it...or couldn't find the first movie to start the series off...I hate watching movies in the wrong order.

Hm...getting into it...maybe I have seen this movie, some of the stuff seems to be familiar.

Ok so...weird first Tina dies in her dream...and all sorts of weird shit happens to her body...the fuck? And why the hell did Rob jump out the window?

Tina's friend Nancy starts falling asleep in the bath, even AFTER her mother told her don't fall asleep in the bath because she might drown...the fuck...if you're that tired, you get out of the damn bath and go to bed. Idiot.

At least she's smart enough to take pills and drink coffee to stay awake...because that's how Freddy can hurt/kill you right? Only in the dreams?

Oh cute cameo by Evil Dead...Nancy's watching it to stay awake...

After Rob's funeral, Nancy tells her Father that the killer is still out there. She starts describing Freddy, when if you watch the parents...they both have weird looks. They know who Freddy is...yet her Father tells her Mother to take her home and keep her there till she gets over the "shock". And her Mother insists she's going to get Nancy some "help". So if they know Freddy...why the fuck are they acting like that.

Turns out Freddy was a child murderer. But he got let off because of an accident with a warrant. So a bunch of parents (including Nancy's Mother...possibly Father?) burned his hiding place down and killed him. And her Mother took and kept Freddy's knives (why?). So knowing all this...they still think it's all in her head...doesn't explain how she had his hat! Because until her Mother told her the story...she had no fucking idea who the fuck Freddy was! Talk about useless parents.

I love how Nancy fools her Mother into thinking she'll go to sleep, letting her mom take all the cups and coffee pot. And then jumps out of bed, pulling this freaking coffee maker out from under her bedside table! Even pulls a cup from under her pillow! Hahaha! That's good.

Man seriously what is with these parents...first her parents act like Nancy is insane, then Glen's Father thinks she's crazy and doesn't want them together, then Nancy's Mother stays up late drinking (blocking Nancy from leaving), then calling Glen's house and wanting to talk to Glen, his Father tells her to wait till tomorrow, hangs up on her and then leaves the phone off the hook (thus making it so she can't call them). The fuck...the parents are fucking weird.

And again...parents are the issue when Glen dies. Nancy's Mother is drunk off her ass, doesn't have the house key and has locked Nancy inside.

So Nancy makes up her mind and goes after Freddy...though not before laying some traps (and that 20 minute bullshit about her falling asleep and having her dad come save her? Yeah setting up all these traps and shit would take more then 10 minutes...).

Interesting ending...Nancy fights Freddy burning him...but he's still "alive" and he kills her Mother. But she believes what Glen told her about feeding monsters she "takes back" the power she gave Freddy...and everything goes back to normal...everyone is alive...then bam...just a nightmare again.

It makes me wonder what was real and what was a dream in the movie...and why is Freddy in people's dreams now? He died so now he haunts people's dreams? That doesn't seem...right? Why was he so special?

Oh and interesting side note, Glen was played by Johnny Depp! I had no idea that was him! He looks way different and sounds different in this what a baby face!

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