Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 18 Of Octoberthon: Nightmare On Elm Street 2 and Cider Review!

So we follow a new cast of kids this time. A boy named Jesse and his family move into Nancy's old house (since she and her mother are dead/missing?) and Jesse starts having nightmares (can't be the house...since other kids from the first movie were getting the nightmares as well).

Haha, the coach is an asshole. Reminds me of a gym teacher I once had...real prick.

What the hell is up with the birds? And the heat...? Is it because Freddy is in the boiler room during the nightmares? Or is it supposed to be like hell? And the dad...once again are we going to have issues with the parents being assholes in this movie? Why the hell was he accusing Jesse of killing the birds?

Hm...so Freddy wants Jesse to kill for him...even goes so far as to take over his body and kills the coach? Or was that a dream? This movie like the last one has parts of it where you think it's a dream but it's not...or maybe it is...makes you question what you're watching. But why does Freddy want Jesse?

So weird shit keeps happening, and Jesse's father is "Nothing is wrong with this house"...really? Yep parents are going to be an issue here too.

Like the last movie it ends with it seemingly alright but then it's actually a nightmare...but is it? Since Freddy "took over" Jesse's body...was it real...or was it a nightmare. Man this is confusing lol.

They had some nice special effects for the melting Freddy face...gross and creepy. I was ok with this movie...like the last one it's a bit confusing as to what is real and what isn't...but that's the point of the movies...blurring the line between reality and fantasy. Does a good job of it.

Tonight I'll be trying Woodchuck Hard Cider Fall Harvest. Their words "Just Like Apple Pie"...sure. Well let's see if that's the case. I have a feeling it's not and I won't like it as much as the pear one. I think I like that one because pear is so sweet on it's own...added to apples...the sweetness overpowers any alcohol in the drink for me. It smells slightly sweet but it has that...tang to the smell...that just makes me dread it because that's the same sort of tang the beers and ciders had...the sourness. I think I also smell cinnamon. For the taste now. Hm...not what I was expecting. It's not sour per say. But I get an...odd taste. Banana actually. And I have NO idea why I would get banana off of a apple cider! That's just freaky. I'm sort of getting apple and maybe some cinnamon, but yeah really banana. Which is a shame....I HATE banana. I mean other then that it's great. No burn, slight warmth...not bitter or sour. Just...seriously why banana?! I also smelled it again, I smell caramel now? What the heck is up with this cider...it's changing? Man this is one weird cider, I don't...hate it. Which is odd since banana, but it's not my favorite. I also get an aftertaste...but of apple...huh.

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