Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 2 Of Octoberthon: Halloweentown II!

So Halloweentown II...not as good as the original of course but still entertaining. It expands on Halloweentown...the actual town in the movie...I mean. It adds more characters and places. The kid actors are still meh, Aggie is still amazing though. Marnie is now 15...that special age where now she's into boys. Unfortunately this makes her stupid and makes her mess per usual for these stories of the bad guys/boys being good looking to make women/girls fall for them and do stupid crap. I think this is where it messed up. Disney was always trying to be "hip" or "cool" and to be "with it". I think they tried harder in the 90s then they do now. But because of that everything gets...dated...and kinda cheesy. The first movie was cheesy but not so dated because they weren't really pushing the whole "hip" agenda...they were just focused on telling a story...which they should have stuck with for this one. Technically speaking this movie is from 2001 but it still has that 90s feel.

You can kind of see it when she's on her computer at the start...they put in technology to be "cool" (sort of what Zenon did). Anyways the first face palm moment is when Marnie shows "Kal" her grandmothers room...aka guy she just met 2 minutes ago to show off her MAGIC USING grandmothers room...great plan. Just...epic face palm right here. Because she has to go goo-goo eyes over Kal. I just...bah...I feel this sort of thing is just lazy writing. But one thing I really do like is the graying of Halloween town and everyone in it...creative. I wasn't as impressed with it back when I first saw it because I was just happy another Halloweentown movie came I wasn't really paying attention to the details. But now that I have some time and pay more attention to stuff...yeah it's a good effect.

Another instance of Disney trying to be "cool"...when Marnie talks about computer programs having back doors and hackers. It just screams of "Oh look we can be hip too kids! Disney isn't just for little kids anymore! It's for teens too!!". Makes me roll my eyes. One thing that isn't the movies fault but maybe the fault of Disney putting it on the DVD is it still has the "fade to black" bits in it where commercials would play when it was aired on TV. Seeing that on a DVD is a bit annoying...interestingly enough the first Halloweentown didn't have that issue...wonder why?

I guess it's still entertaining but just not as good as the original. Then again sequels rarely are. Another issue I have with the movie (besides being "cool") is that Halloweentown just feels small. The actual town part. If you compare it to the original's super tiny. Lower budget maybe? A shame since I loved how cool the town was.

Tonight I'll be trying Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy (recommended to me by the beer guy at the place I bought this at because shandy's are...easier to drink?). The bottle says it's a wheat ale brewed with lemon peel...of all things? I don't think lemon and pumpkin go together but whatever. The first smell...I get alcohol but I also smell like a savory pumpkin smell...weird. It doesn't smell nice but at least it doesn't stink like most beer! Let's give it a sip...cold. Oh god...ugh!!! I took a tiny sip...good lord. I do not want to take another! No just least the cider I could drink a few sips...this...fuck that. Super bitter, sour and ugh...this taste in my mouth is awful. How do people drink beer?! Well I can safely say I'll never drink that again.

Sorry on the lateness of the post (20 minutes past midnight) but I'm pretty tired so I put the movie off for awhile.

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