Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 3 Of Octoberthon: Hocus Pocus!

Oh Hocus Halloweentown, it was my tradition that I watch these on Disney around Halloween time. I think I like Hocus Pocus more then has less...cheese.

Can I take a moment and just gush on how good Bette Midler is as Winifred? My god she is amazing. She's the star here...if there was nothing else to this movie...she alone would make it amazing but it's already a good movie lol...she just makes it that much better! Her sisters are Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah) and Kathy Najimy (Mary). They're called the Sanderson Sisters. Three witches from the 1600s. I dislike Mary (she comes off as way to stupid) and Sarah is just...meh. Annoying and not much else...pretty but annoying. No the star really is Winifred.

So to sum up the plot...a boy in 1693 has to try and save his sister (who was lured into the Sanderson Sisters house to be drained of her life force to make the witches young). He fails and is turned into a forward to today (1993) and we meet the "star" of the movie...Max (played by a nobody lol). He's the typical "I don't believe in this stuff" guy...trying to be "cool". Also typical is his whining. He doesn't like it in his new town (he moved from L.A. with his family) and just does his usual teenager crap. A funny thing, when he gets home from school and him mom asks him how was school, he replies it "sucked". And the dad says "Hey watch your language." really?! I mean I know it's Disney and they have to be kid friendly but sucked is not a bad word ffs. Anyways the plot is...fairly's a copy of what already happened. Brother needs to save sister...but this time the witches are in the "modern" world. It's Disney...can't expect mindblowing stuff. But it's still a funny movie.

Dani (Max's little sister) is the annoying one in this movie...even when I was a few years older then her back when I originally watched this I thought she was annoying. Like when she screams...jesus christ kid, calm the fuck down. She's a real spoiled brat in this movie. And combined with Max being the usual dumb teen...I have to wonder..what the fuck did the parents do?! Are they not teaching their kids to...oh idk? BE NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS?! Ugh...

Besides Dani...the movie is good. Winifred makes up for Dani lol. Binx the cat is pretty cool too.

Tonight I'm trying Samuel Adams 20 Pounds of Pumpkin beer. Sounds nice...I'm just dreading this honestly. But here we go. Oh stinks. I'm...not going to like this. Ok first sip. Oh god...just like the last one. Tastes 100% the same. Sour and bitter...well...damn. I have three more beers...thank god the rest is cider...I guess this shows me I'm not a beer fan. Good god I can't fathom how ANYONE likes beer.

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