Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 4 Of Octoberthon: Ghostbusters!

And I'm not talking about no god damn feminist reboot! I'm talking about the original GOOD Ghostbusters damn it. Anyways...not much can be said about Ghostbusters...it's classic, funny and cool. I'm not going to even try reviewing it...I wouldn't do it justice. It's simply one of my favorites.

Tonight I'll be trying Wyder's Hard Cider Dry Pear. I told the beer guy I wanted some ciders (that were sweet and not bitter or strong). And he showed me some that had different fruits in them like...cherry. Disliking cherry, I went for the pear since I do like pears. But looking at the beer he picked for me...I don't have much hope. I do however think there might be a SLIGHT chance of me liking this since I did find a hard cider I liked earlier...so let's see! First smell is a good sign! Fruity! Really smell that pear, it has hints of apple as well. Oh my...that's...wow. That's good. First taste is yummy! Sweet, light, a little tart finish. I taste a lot of apples, not any pear though...interesting. I also find it odd that the taste vanishes as soon as you swallow...no aftertaste...usually that's where you get flavors...but...nothing stays. Not sure if that's a sign of a good cider or not? I mean for me it's great...no burn at all. Feels like I'm drinking apple juice...seriously! No alcohol at all. Yet it says 4% alcohol...lol. Gave my mom a sip and she did NOT like it...funny. But yeah, LOVE IT! I'll actually end up finishing a bottle for once!

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