Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 6 Of Octoberthon: Rocky Horror Picture Show and Halloween Village Video!

What can I say about RHPS? It's funny, amazing, sad and weird. It's one of my top ten favorite movies of all time. I don't think I can really review it. Like the Ghostbuster movies, it's a classic...albeit a different sort of classic lol. I will say my favorite character is hands down Dr. Frank N Furter! Tim Curry in drag? Be still my beating heart! He pulls it off well...those legs! He's my spirit animal lol. I've watched the movie enough that I can actually sing along to the opening song...and that's another thing. Usually I hate musicals...but I love the songs in this movie! At least...most of them lol.

I'll be trying Anderson Valley Fall Hornin' Pumpkin Ale. As my partner explained to me the other night beer and ale are different (go figure) so maybe I'll like ale? I doubt it...but let us try. Well...the smell is still the same, gag me with a spoon sour smell. I know this is going to taste horrible. The smell alone makes my stomach churn. Ok...first taste. Sour, bitter...almost gagged. It's no different then the other ones. And I dread the next two nights...two more beers/ales...then thankfully it's back into the cider.

As promised in the title, I have a short video showing off my Halloween Village I made. I'm not talking in this video...I figured if I just set some music to it, it will give off a nice mood.

I was trying to go with a Halloweentown theme (hence the large pumpkin in the village square.). I shot two videos, one during the "day" and one at "night". I didn't have any normal lights and the village buildings have a tiny opening at the bottom, so tealights wouldn't really fit inside them, so you'll see some of the buildings aren't lit up and you can see the lights exposed...not the best set up but it's all I could manage right now.

Anyways to explain it. We start with the local inn and school. Next we go over to the town square where along with the large pumpkin, we have a gazebo (this town loves their gazebo...what with three of them!). On the outskirts of town we have the local witches hut, she has two large statues advertising her potion making business. Behind her hut we have the park/cemetery, a cheerful place to be sure. Up on the "hill" we have the residential areas. There's also some statues of the villages founders a Mummy and a Grim Reaper (since the figures are way out of proportion to the buildings and mini figures...I thought why not make them into statues.). And that's the tour. The characters all have their little backstory Mrs. and Mr. Zombie Mummy taking a nice stroll through the cemetery to visit some relatives. Or Wolf Man and Elephant Man meeting up at the park gazebo for a lovers picnic...

During the day...

And at night...

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