Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 7 Of Octoberthon: IT!

Little known fact...clowns creep the fuck out of me. And what with creepy clown sightings in the news...this movie is fitting. Another movie in which we get to see the brilliance that is Tim Curry! Pennywise seriously creeps me out, he's just so...unsettling. This movie unnerves me, which is perfect for the Octoberthon.

I've seen this movie once before, several years ago it's all a bit fuzzy. But I know the general feeling I had. The "hallucinations" are disturbing to say the least, as well as Pennywise's voice. This movie really knows how to get under your skin. And at three hours's a hell of a ride.

Tonight's drink is Uinta Punk' N Pumpkin Ale. Place your bets now...will I like it?! Smell isn't AS bad as the other beers/ale that I've's still nasty smelling though. Still has a sour smell. I really REALLY don't want to take a sip...after last night what with almost gagging...but I said I'd try these fucking things. Ok first sip. Well...didn't gag. Still tastes disgusting. Sour, bitter...usual crap. But gagging. Step up from the last few ones. Just one more to go...then lovely cider again.

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