Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day 8 Of Octoberthon: The Shining!

I think The Shining might be my favorite horror film. In fact I love the film so much I ended up buying the book it's based off of and reading small feat since it's a Stephen King novel...and his books are hard to get through for me (his writing style is just not my cup of tea). It's also made by Stanley Kubrick, and everything he touched turned to gold. He's my favorite director (next to Tarantino!), and in this just oozes with his masterful touch. The symbolism, the way the movie is shot, the tense waiting, the music...god everything just FITS.

If I may, I'd like to compare The Shining to IT. While IT is full of disturbing imagery and makes you have a sense of dread through out the film, it's much your face. The Shining has disturbing imagery too and a sense of dread? Oh yeah that's covered. But it's much least in the beginning. As time goes on it gets worse. Sort of how Jack slowly gets worse as time goes on...losing it.

I'm not picking up on all of the symbolism mind you...I've read reviews that go into detail about his use of symbolism (like the Native American motifs in the hotel) but I won't do that here. I get the gist of it though. I also won't go on much longer about this. I'm not a reviewer...I'm just writing down some thoughts that enter my head as I watch the film. I don't think that's reviewing.

Anyways can we take a moment to really...just soak in the beginning of the film? If you haven't seen it yet or don't remember it...look it up on Youtube. It's so good. Slow camera work, music that gives you goosebumps, beautiful landscapes...and we watch this little car make it's way to the hotel. I just feel a sense of dread for the person in the car. We're not even past five minutes and already the film is making you feel dread and fear! That's how amazing Stanley Kubrick's work was.

Tonight is the last ale! Thank the gods! It's actually the only one I'll be regretting not liking...I had high hopes for it. It's Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale. I've heard good things about it but...honestly ya'll know what's going to happen (that might be the only time I use the term "ya'll"). It's going to be sour and bitter and I'll be lucky not to gag...we've been through this enough right? Anyways let's get this over with. First smell. This one smells more like...pumpkin then any of the others...has undertones of sourness though. It smells ok...ish. First...ugh taste lol...yep sour....bitter...ugh. No gagging though. Well, through this all I learned is out, cider is in. Also go for least amount of alcohol...though that cider I loved was 4% so...hmmm. Must experiment more with ciders.

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