Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 9 Of Octoberthon: Rose Red

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties (aka my copy is way WAY more scratched then I thought it was and won't even read...) tonight's movie of Rose Red will be replaced with Coraline. I kind of wimped out as I'm not feeling all that great so I didn't want a gory movie like a zombie flick. I also wanted to rewatch Coraline now that I've read the pick up on differences. Also side note, the book is pretty good!

I suppose the big difference is of course the character Wyborn. He was added for this movie. Not a huge fan of the character...I find him annoying lol. Another difference is the addition of the doll. Most of the plot is still the same, real parents pay no attention to Coraline, are always working and get annoyed when she tries to talk to them (gee what great parents). I really love this movie for it's characters, Miss Spink and Forcible, the Other parents...I just dislike Mr. Bobinsky...he gives off a creepy vibe lol.

The art style is pretty cool. Creepy at times, beautiful at others. I think it fits the book and story well. And the other mother...when she shows her true self...damn is she creepy! I really enjoy stop motion animation films and Coraline is one of my favorites.

Tonight is cider night! I'm trying Atlas Cider Hard Blackberry Cider. Sounds lovely and I'm hoping that with the added fruit it'll be the pear cider was. I'm kind of excited about this one, because of the blackberry, I love blackberry! So first sniff. Blackberry has a very strong alcohol smell to it...not good. And at burn. Well let's taste it. Hm...not great, but not horrible. Sort of has a blackberry taste they've gone off and...a lot of alcohol taste and burn. But not as bad as Original Sin or Trader Joe's...but nothing like the pear cider. I could drink it but...I won''s not my thing.

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