Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Years

So another year has passed. One of the worst in my mind. Second only to the year I turned thirteen. That was the worst year. Hopefully 2017 will be better but with Trump in office...I have my doubts. Maybe celebrities will stop dying by the handful...

Anyways like last year I'm going to take a shot at making resolutions...maybe I'll stick to them?

Last years resolutions were this:

1. Eat healthier/lose weight
2. Exercise
3. Learn to drive
4. Work on getting GED
5. Learn how to "adult"

And I did none of them. I did actually make some slight progress on the exercise by buying a I can ride to the store or just around the lake...easier then walking. And because of my fear of driving...I think it might be the only way I'm going to get out of the house anytime soon.

So my resolutions for this new year? I'm going to have two different category's...important and not important.


1. Try to go on elimination diet to figure out what makes me sick (this means at least 2 months)
2. Ride my bike (probably going to wait till Spring at least...too cold otherwise)
3. GET A NEW COMPUTER (it's important enough to me damn it)
4. Learn how to "adult" (there's a group for Autistic people to learn life skills...I think I'm going to try my hand at joining them for this new year)

I'm going to give up on the GED and driving shit...I have 0 interest in that and I'm just not ready for it. I need to go on an elimination diet (literally eliminating EVERYTHING I eat and slowly adding them back in one by one till I figure out what makes me sick.) because I get horrible stomach pain after I eat. I need a new computer because the one I'm using is just not cutting it, it's super old and I can't play games on it. I'm a bit hopeful about the group...learning life skills is something I need to do.

Not important (but important enough that I want to try to do them):

1. Set up a dedicated retro gaming area and try to spend a few hours a week playing old games (I don't play my games and this is a bit annoying because I love the games so much!)
2. Invest in some good shelves for my collections (DVDs and games)
3. Put my crappy games into storage
4. Start selling on eBay (At least 1 game a week!)
5. Possibly get some UGCs or at least end labels for N64 carts

I've totally run out of room in my bedroom (where I keep all of my games and other collections) so I need more room. Right now my dad is turning my unused porch into an enclosed area I can use for stuff like my games and what not. I'm going to turn that room into a game room for my older games. So I'll have a comfortable place to sit down for a few hours and play. That will free up more space in my bedroom for storing my DVDs and such. And if I put my crappy games I never play and don't want to display into storage...that frees up more room for games! I really need to sell games on eBay to fund my collection this summer...hunting at yard sales and so on. And it would help pay for a new PC. The UGCs/end labels would just be if I have some extra money that I want to treat myself to something...I don't expect to get them this year.

It's pretty hard to stick to resolutions when you have no inner drive or...something. Stuff that normal people have to push them to complete goals and so on...I don't have that. I've never had that...kind of annoying.

Anyways I have two videos for you guys.

This was a haul from World Market.

And this was a haul from Daiso.

They're both in the shorter style, so hopefully people will watch them all the way through...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

And A Merry Christmas To All!

Since I'm sitting on quite a few videos now, here's another video. This is my last "long" styled one...the rest are going to be around 10 I can see if people enjoy that more or not. I'm thinking you will because I'll be less likely to ramble off or start ranting.

This is a mix of Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree and Cyber Monday items (shows you how long ago I shot this.). Oh and Loot Crate did finally send the Invader crate out...AFTER I filmed this lol...

And I meant to upload this before it hit 12...but I fell asleep.

My Hanukkah decorations...what few of them I have. This was shot on the first night of course...which is why I wanted to post it earlier lol. Happy second night of Hanukkah everyone, and a Merry Christmas to everyone else.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Hanukkah!

Now here's some Christmas themed hauls! lol...ah. I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah so I'm always looking out for Hanukkah themed items but sadly there is just NOTHING out there for us. The tiny amount of decorations that some stores have is laughable...usually an endcap of an aisle...IF that. It's a sad thing.

Anyways yes...I am going to post Christmas hauls on Hanukkah...only because there is nothing that I could find out there Hanukkah related.

Oh, I think I managed to figure out why my uploads were messing up...they were to long! So I'm going to make shorter videos...I also think that might keep people entertained more? Because the videos won't just drag on and I made multiple videos yesterday (about 4!), so I have a ton of videos to show off lol.

In this video I show off the only Hanukkah item I've found this year...

This one is just a typical Wal-Mart haul with some thrift store items as well.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The First Christmas Haul of 2016

So I've been lax on my uploading. My health hasn't been all that great so my mood is kinda in the gutter right now. Hell I haven't even decorated for Christmas besides putting up an advent calendar and some gel clings. I need to get on top of it but...meh? I wish I could jumpstart my mood but I have no idea how to do that.

Anyways I wanted to give you guys two videos since I haven't been posting that much. My first haul of the "season" and my big Target haul.

One other thing...Youtube (or maybe my phone?) has been acting up for me. My latest haul video (not these...these ones are older ones I've been sitting on) wouldn't upload through the Youtube app, I had to reshoot it because I thought the video was corrupted (and the lighting was AWFUL) but turns out something was just wrong with the app or my phone. I had to go back to the old way of uploading...through my Drive. Which takes forever! I have to upload it there, then download it, then re-upload it onto Youtube. That takes hours...then I have to edit it on Youtube...and finally my video is done.

This means less videos...because it just takes way to long to upload and do all of that. But I guess it's fine since I don't make many videos after Christmas...still what a pain. And Youtube offers no help...I can't even contact them, I have to ask help from the Youtube Community...meaning users. Which is BS. But what can you do? Google freaking owns half the god damned world by now...

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Last Halloween Haul Of 2016

Now Halloween was awhile ago but I guess I never published this video on here! So why not now? It's a haul from World Market, it was actually from one day before Halloween. The same day I went to the con. So there was some stuff on sale. I didn't get everything I wanted but...I got a lot of it.

I need to update this blog more, I have a backlog of about five videos. Whoops.

Oh and about the Halloween food reviews...I sort of lost the document I was working on. I have some Halloween candy left but...I can't redo the reviews. So I hope no one was looking forward to those, I kind of doubt anyone was.