Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The First Christmas Haul of 2016

So I've been lax on my uploading. My health hasn't been all that great so my mood is kinda in the gutter right now. Hell I haven't even decorated for Christmas besides putting up an advent calendar and some gel clings. I need to get on top of it but...meh? I wish I could jumpstart my mood but I have no idea how to do that.

Anyways I wanted to give you guys two videos since I haven't been posting that much. My first haul of the "season" and my big Target haul.

One other thing...Youtube (or maybe my phone?) has been acting up for me. My latest haul video (not these...these ones are older ones I've been sitting on) wouldn't upload through the Youtube app, I had to reshoot it because I thought the video was corrupted (and the lighting was AWFUL) but turns out something was just wrong with the app or my phone. I had to go back to the old way of uploading...through my Drive. Which takes forever! I have to upload it there, then download it, then re-upload it onto Youtube. That takes hours...then I have to edit it on Youtube...and finally my video is done.

This means less videos...because it just takes way to long to upload and do all of that. But I guess it's fine since I don't make many videos after Christmas...still what a pain. And Youtube offers no help...I can't even contact them, I have to ask help from the Youtube Community...meaning users. Which is BS. But what can you do? Google freaking owns half the god damned world by now...

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